“Other than that, they are not negotiating.” A “Sharp” attack by Basil on Gemayel

The head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gibran Bassil, confirmed that “on Sunday, May 15, the Free Patriotic Movement will draw a sign of victory, with loyal votes, and the ballot boxes will tell all the delusions and haters that the movement remains in the northern Matn and all the districts, and what is broken and you can not get rid of it, because there is no power that breaks the will of the people. “.

At a popular meeting in Al-Matn, Basil said: “You are not shaken by a wave of rumors and lies, nor are you shaken by your intellectual and political foundations by a storm of hatred and slander, and you buy nor are hordes of imported money, and my hand is more dangerous than any illegal weapon, because it is not only illegal, but also by changing the identity of the country and by paralyzing people’s identity. ”

And he added: “Who hears some people who think they are going to war on May 15 because they are already going to a war to abolish the movement, they have been planning and working for it since October 17 |

Bassil said: “We are going to the elections, with people’s pain and fear for the future in our hearts, and we have a clear roadmap in our hands to save, develop the system, rebuild the economy and money through go to the polls, go to the polls, fill their hearts with hatred and fill their eyes with lies, and hold money hooks in their hands to cut our heads. “

He stressed that “this struggle is a personal struggle for each of the present, not in defense of specific people, but in defense of each of his person and his condition, his history, his ideas, his dignity, his exposure to him and the attempt to crush and erase him. ”

And he continued, “The response of each of the present is that he will defend his condition and existence on May 15, and no one will hide or sit at home, the best contributing to the success of their scheme. Honor to God, how they all came together, even with different regulations, and show them how they were with each other in the lands of the distribution.Against us, and they try to bully us in the land in which they are, to bully us Do you want to build the country with hatred and oppression against the people and the real sovereigns?

He stressed that “the 2022 elections are not just a routine date, they are the elections after the financial and economic collapse caused by the practices and choices of 1990. We have answers and solutions to all problems and many laws in which we have progressed. “

Basil went on to say: “As of July 2017, we have developed a monetary economic plan that proposes bold reforms, and if they had agreed to implement them, we would have avoided collapse.”

He pointed out that “Economy Minister Raed Khoury submitted a scientific study to the Council of Ministers in 2017, in which he warned of a total collapse, and the world overthrew the session. And Minister of Economy, “Mansour Bteish, warned by numbers in April 2019 about the huge financial gap in the Banque du Liban, and the system and the world informed him.”

And he added, “We wrote before and after the collapse, what should be done, but you, the political parties of discontent and the revolution of insults, what is your program? You did not write an idea, and not “a solution proposed, and all that we have offered is a proposal that you reject. And all that we asked of you is what you say after the election.”

He said: “This is an election about your existence and your fate, O Lebanese, not just about the existence of the movement, because we propose who wants to represent you in the institutions, who you at the who wants to represent you in our decision? ? Decide to preserve a role and a country for yourself? Who? Who wants to represent you in the decision? Those who abandoned the Orthodox law at the mere request of an emir, or those who attacked the powers of the president with the mere request of an ambassador? ”

Bassil attacked the head of the Lebanese Kataeb party, Sami Gemayel, saying: “Who wants to represent you in the decision? Who will transfer them from appeal to guardianship, from block to block, and from ‘ a group after a group according to their small interests and big assignments? Who do you want to represent you in the decision? With whom do they negotiate except with a number of two hundred dollars! Or they do not negotiate with the government unless the ministry ‘ is a portfolio, not a ministry of state!

He added, “They worked with us on a written agreement to elect General Aoun, and we agreed on everything. When we reached a formal point, namely General Aoun’s visit to President Gemayel in Bikfaya, Sami refused and insisted that the visit would be with him about Saifi, and that is how the agreement flew and they did not vote for General Aoun … They did not negotiate and wrote on the newspaper “Myriam Klink”.

He continued, “We entered into an agreement that they would enter the government with one ministerial seat, after a major quarrel between us and the forces that refused to enter them, and then Hariri gave them a ministry of state. gave, they did not accept. But they did not negotiate! … and said: “What a compromise!”.

And he added: “Who wants to represent you with the decision? Who is going to pick you up by country and tell them that you have left us, do not leave us! Or someone who is worried about what is upsetting my country? Or Jumblatt accepts him? Or what does he think of the party ?s desires? A party and he passed by them and he came to me today, is it not his case and comes with new clothes from the closet? “change name or the name of his party, people will forget his history! Who wants to represent you in the decision? You do not bargain! You bargain for your freedom and the independence of your decision, just to put down these ads!”

Bassil said: “O parties of embassies and dollar associations, your elections are not to deliver the best to the country, programs, solutions and rescue. Your elections are campaigns of hatred funded from abroad for the benefit of abroad. “When the president called you for a dialogue on the defense strategy, you refused and for how many days did they ask him for Che Guevara, what will you do with the party?” God? They said: “After the election we will sit down and have a conversation. Discover gunpowder! Your problem is not with the party or the weapon. Your problem is with Michel Aoun and the movement, and your struggle is a people, sit in your place. Your whole life is the same. “

And he added: “When the president invited you to a dialogue table to discuss administrative decentralization, you refused, and today you planted billboards in the roads that decentralization is your program and you are able to implement it. How do you implement it if they negotiate with the Lebanese and agree on a law for it? Are you talking about financial rescue … And when the president called you to discuss the recovery plan, you ran away because you had your secret obligations to the banking party and with the ruler is greater than if you beg to change the ruler or to change the ongoing financial and monetary policy since the nineties, we have not heard your sense to check or get money back or to disclose accounts and properties When he sees my many files, he says, “Your income is not long, according to Sharia. We want to make good! We eat dinner, we eat lunch, we sympathize … That’s the type of your representatives and ministers. “

He added: “What do you know about all this? Everything you know. Post an ad about transparency and see a picture of the ships, because you are nothing better than the electricity jokes and some of the median jokes on television! Can you answer one of you who knows how to talk about electricity? You bought one at Beit Saba He told a lie to the media on account of Nada Boustany in Switzerland, and in the other he apologized to her in the media asked after she filed a lawsuit against him in court? Another person from Beit Dagher made a lie to the ministry that he did not bargain!

He pointed out that “we have an electricity plan and a transport plan … We have a waste plan, breakers and sanders, displaced persons, communication plan, water, sewer, oil, gas, pipes, refineries and storage. What do you have? ? On television we have political action. We have laws, plans and projects. For you, politics is propaganda and theater, and at the first crisis you resign from responsibility and become more and more people’s pain, not as if you have been ruling for 40 years. “Suddenly you have become a civil society and Ngo is ready to be arrested by embassies to win a second phase.”

Bassil claimed, “Despite all your obstacles, we will fill the dam next year, because its packaging will end soon. We are 8 million cubic meters in our spots, compared to 80 m3 in your pool!

He pointed out that “MP Ibrahim Kanaan has worked at the head of the Finance Committee on the laws of lifting bank secrecy, capital controls, the collection of looted funds, the collection of transferred funds, the disclosure of accounts and property, the Financial Court. Crimes, budgets, audit accounts in finance and the Accounting Bureau, and many others. “

As for Representative Elias Bou Saab, he said: “Elias Bou Saab has set the example of the successful Mayor, the most successful Minister of Education in the modern history of Lebanon, and the humanitarian representative who has served his region and its people in Corona. , in the hospital, in schools, curricula, electronic education, roads and waste. “

And about MP Adi Maalouf he said: “What do you want to say about Adi? Adi says about all of us! With his father, his uncle, his family and his companions. With his history, his present and his future A good, loving , loyal, human, true warrior He has his way and his future, because he represents all these values, and I tell you that his way and his way complement his future before him, and I know what his future will be!

Bassil concluded by saying: “We are the ones who will recover the money from the land. We are the ones who will pursue and fire the governor of Lebanon and the Central Bank. Anyone who thinks who loses his dignity as money for his existence, will find that he loses both together. Do not lose your voice, your dignity and your livelihood at the same time! “

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