Red Hat partners deliver hybrid cloud innovations from the data center …

(MENAFN- mslgroup) Red Hat Corporation, the world’s leading provider of open source software solutions, today announced support for the industry’s largest commercial open source ecosystem for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, the latest version of the global platform for the leading Linux enterprise platform. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 serves as a shared and trusted hybrid cloud innovation platform, enabling partners to build and deploy any application across physical, virtual, private and public clouds, and support customers with greater flexibility, consistency and reliability , with exponential growth in IT.

Innovation in an open world

The broader technology ecosystem from independent software vendors to cloud and hardware vendors has long adopted Red Hat Enterprise Linux as an incubator for innovation, thanks to its range of options and deeper capabilities across customers’ hybrid IT environments. More than 5,000 partner applications are offered, certified by hundreds of independent software vendors (ISVs), which contribute to the development of an integrated ecosystem that, according to the International Data Center (IDC), will generate more than $ 100 billion in revenue in 2022 to achieve $ 138 billion by the year 2026.[1]

Red Hat’s integrated partner ecosystem continues to drive value flow with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, designed as the backbone of Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud portfolio, performing core manufacturing operations spanning a full range of cloud environments. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 will be available in large cloud markets, providing the flexibility that customers require so they can access certified partner applications, in a range of areas such as AI / ML, DevOps, networking and other related areas, anywhere and any time. time they need to use Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9

In addition to cloud computing, Red Hat now certifies edge computing systems through the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform, which improves the platform’s reliability for customers assured of rigorous testing with specific partner technologies for use in edge computing scenarios. Partners such as Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Lenovo and OnLogic provide certified technologies and expertise to support development operations through Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Supporting Quotes

Stephanie Cheras, Senior Vice President, Successful Partner Ecosystem, Red Hat: “The evolution of Red Hat Enterprise Linux to the Linux-certified platform for hybrid cloud innovation has fueled the growth of a strong partner ecosystem, evolving in parallel to to provide opportunities. deeper business for customers everywhere. We work closely with our partners to deliver the hybrid cloud solutions that customers need to achieve better results on the consistent, underlying foundation of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform. ”

Rajesh Bhuhani, Vice President, PowerEdge, Core Computing and High Performance Computing, Dell Technologies: “Red Hat Enterprise Linux is Certified and Certified to Work on Dell PowerEdge Servers. For over 20 years, we have been supporting and providing customers with proven pillars of IT innovation. “Digital business requires an intelligent and adaptable IT infrastructure, and Dell and Red Hat will continue to work together to provide the hardware, platform, and tools our customers need to run businesses.”

Eric Horsman, Global Director, Strategic Alliances, Dynatrace: “Dynatrace believes in leading the way in industry standards, and we are grateful for this exceptional collaboration with Red Hat, as part of the integrated Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 ecosystem. We see looking forward to expanding the scope of broad and close oversight capabilities. “Dynatrace platform operations, ongoing runtime application security and advanced AIOps capabilities of Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud wallet help customers accelerate innovation on a scale.”

Christa Satterthwaite, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Computing, Hewlett Packard Enterprise: “We work with Red Hat to deliver proven solutions to support customers in any hybrid cloud environment, including edge computing, where data can be processed from source be, which allows for faster insights. We work with hundreds of certified Linux professionals and HPE servers, now certified by Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, to provide a smart, reliable and high-performance foundation for IT, to scale their businesses to the network level, to optimize values to a whole new level.

Brian Connors, Vice President and General Manager, Software Development and Business, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group: “As organizations continue to embrace hybrid cloud strategies, customers need to embrace hardware and software solutions designed to deliver distributed IT workloads across evolving clouds “The benefits offered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 are to support customers’ future growth path with greater confidence and flexibility, while being able to respond to evolving IT requirements.”

Robert Oberhofer, Senior Director, Technology Partnerships, MongoDB: “Linux and Cybernetes platforms have proven to support our customers with modernizing IT environments and driving business success in both cloud and hybrid environments. We’re pleased to see the latest version of MongoDB on Red Hat. Enterprise Linux 9 To continue to support customers in their cloud computing. ”

Lee Caswell, Senior Vice President, Product and Solution Marketing, Nutanix: “Ongoing partnerships between Nutanix and Red Hat promote customer reliability, as partnerships like these facilitate the deployment and management of private, public and hosted cloud environments. The combination of Nutanix Cloud Platforms with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 and the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform will accelerate our deployment processes and deliver a consistent cloud industry model. ”


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