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Creating a happy life is not difficult, but each of the two parties must know how to make the other party happy and offer comfort, and one of the most important feelings of happiness in life is respect for the other’s opinion.Respect and affection between the two parties can always create a cheerful atmosphere full of joy and happiness. Dr. Amal Ibrahim, a family expert, tells my lady: The husband or wife should choose the times that suit them to discuss and exchange opinions, absorb the anger and rebuke of the other at a later time, so that the quarrel subsides. Which brings joy and pleasure to both of you.
Despite the multiplication of pressures of daily life on many of us, whether at home, work and family, which leaves us with enormous pressures that make us feel uncomfortable with life, and we look at it with a narrow and miserable look, there are different reasons that enable us to lead a happy life.

* Secrets of Happiness.

get rid of anxiety

– Do not worry about what will happen.

Many people spend a lot of energy and effort thinking about what is going to happen, and they spend their days worrying, whether it is because of the importance or the simplicity of the topic.

If you suffer from a lot of anxiety and think about what is going to happen, make a list of all the things you were worried about and reconsider it after a month or even a year and you will see that it did not happen, and nothing of what is written in it has come true.

It’s just about what bothers you.

It happens that some events disturb our mood and disturb us daily if you remember it. If you are one of those people, you should try to resolve the matter from the beginning and show no interest in it.

– Be good to yourself.

Some people are the worst enemies of themselves, where they punish themselves the hard way when they make a mistake, or they fail to do something the way they want, if you are one of those people, then you have to remember how to advise and treat any person about his appearance in a similar matter, and make It is a general rule in how you treat yourself.

Be nice to other people.

Remember that everyone you meet in your life faces something you do not know, even the person who apparently has everything of good looks, money and a perfect relationship, you should not look at the lives of others and it do not hate.

Work can make you unhappy.

What you do every day has a profound effect on your mental health, and many times people feel trapped in their careers, committed to it as they have a certain lifestyle and any change in their work can put them at risk, so take a risk , follow along, and live a less miserable life Stop and ask yourself if the benefits you get from your job outweigh the mental burden it brings.

– Stop changing others.

We waste a lot of our time and energy changing the people around us, and we have two choices, either we learn to accept the person as they are, or we place distance from what bothers us in others by reevaluating the relationship.

Do not say that you are doing well if you are not.

90% of all our problems come from our failure to communicate, learn how to express what you want and feel so that you are clear to the other party.

Learn to politely say “no”.

The word “no” is one of the best words in the language, learning to say it in a way that is both polite and assertive, it is one of the best tools to ensure happiness.

To use “no”, you need to start practicing it and learn how to say it consistently and simply. If someone invites you to a party and you do not want to go, smile and thank them for the invitation and say “No”, you owe them no explanation.

Learn to share aloud.

People carry a lot of feelings in them, and sometimes it really helps to have someone to share this load with.

Tell the people you like what’s on your mind

Love is the one thing that motivates and motivates us to much of what we do in our day. Tell someone you love them and you will make them feel that they are the happiest person in the world.

Tips for Marital Happiness:

Tell the people you love how you feel

All problems and disagreements that occur between the spouses should be resolved so that it is not long after and blunted feelings.

Do not rely on a partner in your life to compare him to another person, so as not to lead to his loss and his hatred for you.

Refrain from directing frustrating criticism at each of the parties for not spoiling the relationship.

Attention to outward appearance and personal hygiene can work on the strength of bond and respect between the two parties.

You need to pay attention to the opinions of the other party and advise him.

The man must participate in all matters without compromising his privacy.

To respect the man in his absence and not blame him in matters related to the pressures of life and life.

If the wife is able to help her husband financially with the expenses of the house, it is a noble act on her part, and the husband should appreciate it.

The woman’s participation in the preparation of the house and the preparation of food is one of the things that means nothing to men, but it is very valuable to the woman and she appreciates it highly when the man does it.

Ask the man’s permission if the woman wants to leave her house so he does not worry about her.

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