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Most parents are very interested in the school marks that the child achieves in his school; They regard it as a sign of his progress, success and the extent of his understanding, making it even the only measure of his superiority and intelligence, while the characteristics of the creative child are quite different, and not limited to the trait of success. and excellence in high grades in school, there are mental and other social and emotional characteristics of the creative child, and most importantly if the parents do not notice creativity Their child and his uniqueness of his peers .. Then try to develop creativity, the child will remain the same without achieving any clear creativity. The meeting, human development expert and professor of curricula, Dr. Ahmed Shoman.

Spiritual qualities of a creative child

He has the ability to see the relationships between things
  • He has the ability to observe and discover relationships between objects and events.
  • He thinks of solving a single problem in more ways than one.
  • His imagination is wide .. he enjoys curiosity and curiosity.
  • Tends to take things apart and put them back together.
  • Flexible in his thinking .. a critical thinker.
  • He has a broad vocabulary that enables him to express his ideas easily.
  • He has the ability to meditate and observe.

Social and emotional characteristics of the creative child

He is very confident and likes to have fun
  • It is characterized by social intelligence and the ability to form relationships.
  • He has a lot of confidence .. He likes humor and fun.
  • He refuses to be dependent on others. He has the ability to criticize himself.
  • His behavior is sometimes defiant and not subject to commands.
  • He has the ability to take responsibility seriously.

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Characteristics and signs that indicate a child’s creativity

He has a strong desire to explore things
  • They enjoy advanced places during their studies, and cling to the first places during their academic life, but this rule has its opposite.
  • The creative child is very attentive to what is going on around him, and when he encounters a problem, he always finds innovative solutions, and he is quick of mind and behaves well.
  • He participates in decision-making and opportunity-taking, has an imprint in the work in which he participates, and has a social presence.
  • He is characterized by his desire for the new, as he is constantly looking for new, and he finds no effort to abandon old ideas and replace them with new ones.
  • Creative children often have a high level of intelligence, when they are subjected to intelligence measures, we find them more than other children.
  • It has also been found that children who have a high creative ability tend to play activities more than other normal children.
  • The creative child has a strong desire to explore the things around him, and to try to get to know them, and he asks a lot of questions.
  • The creative child tends to independence, sticks to his opinion and defends it, and refuses dependence, while changing his opinion if he sees fit.

Ways to develop your child’s creativity

  1. Some believe that intelligence is inherited by 80%, while others believe that it is acquired. .
  2. Giving the child the opportunity to speak and express himself and his thoughts, to name the things that attract his attention and his thinking, the first way to creativity is self-confidence and the ability to express and discuss ideas .
  3. To play with him in imaginative games, such as: imagining yourself and his favorite toy on a picnic or traveling, or picking up the right phone and pretending to talk to him while lifting his toy phone, or imitating the sounds of animals and then asking the child to make the sound of the animal in the picture.
  4. Stories have a magical effect on the development of imagination, as it stimulates the child’s mind and attracts his attention and attention, and the stories should be purposeful in inviting the child to deal with their events and heroes.

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Attention and focus on play jaw and composition
  1. Paying attention to drawing and providing his own materials and tools, as drawing is one of the effective ways to express what the child cannot verbally express, and it is also a way of psychological recovery by the oppressed download and get rid of what saddens him.
  2. Jaw-shaped toys and installation like blocks are very important things for the development of a child’s ability to innovate, and to develop his creative thinking, and from the same pieces he can reform them, and create new things that did not exist before. , so that ideas are generated.
  3. Jokes and riddles play a key role in expanding the child’s imagination and perceptions, and they form stimuli for the child to imagine and the ability to express verbally, leading to the development of his abilities to understand and comprehend, linguistic fluency and expression with face. expressions.
  4. Make sure that the child is involved in school activities, such as: school theater, sports competitions or art competitions, to better know his tendencies and the areas in which he can excel.

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