The Brotherhood acknowledges that they have “serious injuries” and was inspired by the speech of ISIS

On the method of the literature of ISIS, Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations to connect today’s events with historical events, to claim that the group follows in the footsteps of the first Muslims on the path of trial and patience in adversity, and in new allegations that they were engaged in a religious struggle to defend Islam and the nation.

The Brotherhood (Acting General Guide Ibrahim Mounir’s Front) maneuvered in a lengthy statement to the organization’s ranks on the occasion of the group’s 94th anniversary, in an attempt to gather its diaspora after splitting it into two groups. has, and to arrange his papers also, and to avoid the impact of the beatings to which it is subjected on the psyche and morals of its members.

On the occasion of the founding of the Brotherhood 94 years ago, Ibrahim Mounir, the acting general guide, who lives in London, acknowledged the crises facing the organization, and addressed his address to the group, saying: ” On this occasion, I want to be honest with you, as Imam Al-Banna taught us. The last years are serious injuries, they will not break us, as long as we keep our calling, and you do not keep busy with the victory of Islam, because it is victorious with you or others, but take care of your steadfastness on it.

Munir also called on “following the guidance of the greatest prophet, may God bless him and give him peace, in difficult times, such as in the Battle of Hunayn, to reaffirm our pride in belonging to the Brotherhood’s call, especially in these days. ”

And he added in his message, which was entitled: (Proud of the Method and a Renewal of the Covenant): little to lose their confidence in themselves and disbelief in their path, due to failures, intensifying sacrifices or shocks in some leaderships. “.

Addressing the group’s critics from within, in an attempt to neutralize them, or to lure them to the side of his forehead, he said: multiply will accept this admonition. : How can the pure new generation carry an invitation of which they are not proud, and it has not succeeded in anything as it is portrayed to them? Due to the large number of criticisms directed at it rightly and unjustly?

And he continues: “Do not shoot bullets at your feet or call arrows at you … We must refrain from self-immolation and also free ourselves from self-ignition, for both are reprehensible.”

In collaboration with the unprecedented fragmentation of the terrorist organization, and its division between two fronts, a “third entity” emerged from the organization, which attacked Mahmoud Hussein, the group’s former secretary general (Istanbul), and Ibrahim Munir. has, and appealed to the group’s youth to a third path, away from those he described as “corrupt and traitors.”

The head of the Brotherhood has been hit for several months by a sharp rift between Ibrahim Munir’s front and Mahmoud Hussein’s front, both fighting over money, power and influence.

A maneuver to restore confidence

Observers have said that the manner in which Ibrahim Mounir’s statement was drafted shows that he is keen to show the Brotherhood as a group defending Islam in the face of its opponents and enemies, unlike what is actually the case, that it is just a functional terrorist group that pays. conflicts and wars on behalf of greedy foreign powers and has nothing to do with Islam and its tolerant principles.

The statement and its drafting method – according to observers – using linguistic and graphic maneuvers and religious and historical projections demonstrate the need of the Broederbond leadership to restore members’ confidence in their organization and leadership, and encourage them to be strong return to organizational work according to guidelines on how to deal with the reality of defeat and crisis and with the group’s critics.

Commenting on the long message of the organization’s acting guide, Hisham Al-Najjar, a political analyst and expert at the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, emphasized that Munir and the leaders of the international organization were eager to try to rearrange the group’s cards, gather its diaspora and create trust in the souls of those around them and the desperate within them due to failure, division, conflict, prisons and escape. “.

He also indicated that the statement seeks to mitigate the impact of the crisis the group is experiencing, and to address its significant impact on the psyche and morale of its members, their beliefs and the extent of their association with the group as a idea and an organization.

Inspired by extremist speech

In his reading of the contents of the statement and its timing, Al-Najjar said in an exclusive interview with Al-Ain Al-Akhbar: Munir follows the method of ISIS, and the literature of Al-Qaeda and the Islamic Group to link today’s events with historical events so that it seems as if the organization’s crisis and fate today is one of the episodes of the trials and tribulations to which it has been exposed. Muslims in the past have faced the conspiracies of the unbelievers .

Al-Najjar emphasizes: The statement contains the usual maneuvers and deceptions of the leaders of extremist and terrorist groups, as they resort to these cunning and malicious methods to continue to deceive their followers, after engaging in conflicts and confrontations with their countries and governments.

And he continued: “The leaders then deliberately evade responsibility and return to the ball to protect their leadership positions, claiming that they are engaged in a religious struggle to defend Islam and the Islamic nation, and that they are in a stage of trial, and that victory will inevitably come. “

He also pointed out that “the phrases used by the acting guide have repercussions on the group’s current crisis, by restoring the literature of Hassan al-Banna, and some of his phrases with the aim of influencing the youth, and make them forget their present reality and what its leaders have caused to its members and their families.

“The expert in the affairs of Islamic movements believed that Munir addresses the group’s members with a religious discourse, away from the details of politics, the causes of failure and the real crisis, and is also far from exposed to the mistakes of the leaders. “

“The acting guide calls on the members to overcome these shocks and not to flare themselves, and to overcome the stage of defeat and defeat, claiming that the group follows in the footsteps of the ancients on the road of trial and patience in adversity., “according to Al-Najjar, who further said that the statement could be seen as” a work program that includes very special goals. ” The current critical stage the organization is going through.

The conflict arose between the “London Front” led by Ibrahim Munir, and the Istanbul Front, on the other hand, led by Mahmoud Hussein, after the latter recently set up a “committee to guide the work.” announced “and the election of the leader, Mustafa Tolba, as his representative, as the group’s guide for a period of 6 months.

In its response, the Muslim Brotherhood (Munir’s Front) issued a statement entitled “They are not of us and we are not of them,” in which it announced the dismissal of Mustafa Tolba, in addition to the dismissal of the leaders of the former Secretary-General’s Front, including Medhat Al-Haddad, Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab, Hammam Ali Youssef, Rajab Al-Banna, and Mamdouh.Congratulations.

A statement by Munir’s Front, recently published by the group’s “Brotherhood Sight” website, said: “He is not of us and we are not of him, everyone who left the line, and everyone who contributed to dividing the group, and falsely repeating slander. “

With the establishment of the Istanbul Front for a “committee to carry out the work of the guide,” the group wrote the last chapter of its end, as two official organizations are inaugurated for the first time, each with a official spokesman, and a Shura office, the first in London and the other in Istanbul.

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