The hadith of Muhammad bin Salman and the reaction of the Brotherhood .. The truth and the historical lie

The Brotherhood claims that the group’s history is a “witness to the confrontation of takfir and extremism,” and swings “direct dialogue” “to show the truth of its views in word and deed.”

This Brotherhood claim, which contradicts the facts, facts and history, was put forward by the terrorist organization in response to an “official statement” on the statements of Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, yesterday, to the newspaper The Atlantic, which The organization said it was a “surprise” for him!

Prince Mohammed bin Salman confirmed in statements to the American newspaper yesterday that “the Brotherhood is playing a big and big role in creating all this extremism, and some of them are seen as a bridge that leads you to extremism, and when you talk to them, they do not seem to be extremists, but they take you to extremism. ”

In the organization’s statement, Osama Suleiman, the official spokesperson of the Brotherhood (the Ibrahim Mounir Front), claimed that “the historically consistent fact that the Brotherhood is moderate and has always stood against terrorism, unbelievers and extremism.”

“(The group) has played a prominent role in preserving the capabilities of people and protecting societies and youth from extremism and extremism, even in the darkest moments in which it is over, and this is evidenced by its confrontation with the temptation of reconciliation since the 1960s, “he added.

Mounir’s leading statement was not satisfied with this, but rather emphasized the group’s readiness for direct dialogue and said: “With its total rejection of every deviation from the true religion, the Brotherhood will remain on its promise, ready for direct dialogue and fears removed. until everyone realizes the truth of his views in word and deed. ”

However, the terrorist organization did not explain in its statement how it would work to remove what it recognized as “commerce” towards the Brotherhood.

Moreover, the history on which the terrorist organization is based to indicate its peacefulness and its rejection of violence is the same as evidence of many facts of the Brotherhood’s practice of violence and terrorism and incitement to it.

Two faces of the brothers

Hisham Al-Najjar, an expert in the affairs of political Islam movements, said in an exclusive interview with Al-Ain Al-Akhbariya that “the Brotherhood has had two sides throughout its history: Takfir and terrorist groups at the scene.

Al-Najjar stressed that “the Brotherhood is the most dangerous group ever compared to terrorist organizations such as ISIS and al-Qaeda because it deliberately conceals its violent takfiri approach under a soft political discourse and practices of phased and gradual penetration. societies and bodies. so that it can dominate the joints of the state and achieve its ultimate goal, which is monopolization of power. “

He added, “The opposite of ISIS, for example, which does not start with these maneuvers and deceptions, but rather openly applies methods of violence and reconciliation from the first moment without any doubt.”

He also stressed that “the Brotherhood uses all other groups of violence and blasphemy to its own advantage, and it is considered its military wing, with its dominance over its opponents and rivals.”

He explained, “The group has a declared political arm that misleads the community, which al-Banna (Hassan al-Banna, founder of the organization) called the exhibition, in addition to a secret military wing he called the workshop. . “

Based on this, the Egyptian political expert believes that Ibrahim Mounir’s statement seeks to activate the Brotherhood’s deception mechanisms, and maneuvers with the arm of the political group in an attempt to return it to the political scene in the Arab region, with the concealment of the secret wings and all the disasters of violence and terrorism committed and perpetrated by the group around the world.

open maneuver

It is noteworthy that the Brotherhood, founded in 1928, is considered the most prominent terrorist organization hiding behind religion in the modern era, and it has a network of organizations and associations around the world.

Al-Najjar attributed Munir’s advocacy of “preparation for direct dialogue” to “attempts to tarnish the reputation on the one hand, and to establish Munir’s front as a front leading the group as it seeks to oppose the opposing front of To marginalize Mahmoud Hussein on the other hand. “

The head of the Brotherhood has been hit for several months now by a sharp rift between the front of Ibrahim Munir, the acting general guide, who lives in London, and the front of Mahmoud Hussein, the group’s former secretary general (Istanbul). ), who both fight over money, power and influence.

In turn, Ahmed Ban, an expert on the affairs of political Islam movements, said in an exclusive interview with Al-Ain News that “Mounir’s Front” realizes that the alienation with Saudi Arabia after Egypt is coming to an end. the group means, and it is very important that it gets closer to Saudi Arabia.

He warned that “the Brotherhood seems ready for direct dialogue to dispel Riyadh’s fears.”

Long history of violence

Whoever follows the movement of the Broederbond from its founding in the late twenties to today, sees that violence is an integral part of the organization’s strategy to achieve power, and what can change is the form of this violence against opponents of the group’s approach.

For more than 9 decades, the age of the terrorist group, its history in Egypt has not been without crime and terrorism, which culminated in the aftermath of the June 30, 2013 revolution.

The group carried out large-scale assassinations that terrified the Egyptians and shook the country’s security and stability, and the facts of their greatest crimes in the 1940s date back to March 22, 1948, when the Brotherhood’s Abdul Rahman Al-Sanad, chief of the secret service, two Broederbond members, Hassan Abdel Hafez and Mahmoud Zeinhom, assigned the task of assassinating Judge Ahmed Al-Khazindar, who investigated cases of terrorist operations and the bombing of movie theaters, for which Broederbond members were convicted.

Al-Khazindar was not the only one hit by the Brotherhood’s bullets, but also the Egyptian Prime Minister Mahmoud Fahmy Al-Naqrashi, who 20 days after his historic decision to dissolve the Brotherhood in all its branches in the country and seized was targeted. his money and property, and the arrest of the group’s symbols on December 8, 1948, in a clear indication that violence is the group’s only way to confront its opponents.

The terrorist organization has also been trying for decades to plunge the country into chaos and has used many forms of violence to achieve its goals and gain power.

From the “Manshiyya incident” in 1954 during the reign of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser to the failed coup attempt against the late President Mohamed Anwar Sadat in April 1974 known as “military art.”

In the 1990s, the terrorist organization did not condemn the violent operations that raged at the time between the security and extremist groups, but rather went on to help these groups continue to confront the state and its security forces.

modern tower

With the increase in protests in the country at the beginning of 2011, Brotherhood violence increased, which began with the storming of prisons, the attacks on departments and the demolition of churches, in addition to the riots by the organization’s members against the security forces and opponents of their demonic ideology.

The Egyptians do not forget the bloody events in front of the Ittihadiya Palace, east of Cairo, which was committed by the terrorist organization on the afternoon of December 4, 2012 and continued until dawn the next day.

And from there to the “Rabaa” and “Al-Nahda” sit-ins in the summer of 2013, the storage of weapons, and then the confrontation with security and attempts to spread chaos in the country through military wings carried out by the organization formed, especially “Hasm” and “Liwa al-Thawra” and “Revolutionary Punishment,” which declared itself after 2013.

Although the terrorist Brotherhood functions as a political organization, it is intertwined in its ideology and movements on the ground with terrorist organizations from ISIS to al-Qaeda.

Sameh Ismail, an expert on Islamic movements, said in a previous interview with Al-Ain News that “the Brotherhood has tried to form an ideological discourse that uses all the data of the current situation to the benefit of the organization. used by a solid mass at the grassroots level, through a religious discourse that uses the text according to a political dimension in favor of the group, while addressing the political elites at home and abroad with a more flexible discourse.

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