Al Hilal Innovative Enterprises merges with Hatch and Post in the first merger of two start-up incubators in the region

  • Crescent Enterprises, the corporate business incubator for Crescent Enterprises, has announced its merger with Hatch and Post, a business incubator specializing in building start-up companies that combine technological innovation and sustainable impact and transform companies into transformers into companies that transform is capable of investment, development and expansion, from Based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
  • Will see the partnership, working under the new name Hatch & Boost Ventures The acceleration and growth of seven new businesses in the portfolio this year, spanning agricultural technology, sustainable mobility, fintech and food technology, among other sectors.
  • The new entity plans to expand further across the region in the coming years, particularly in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Press release

As part of the first merger of two start-up incubators in the region, Crescent Enterprises, the corporate incubator of Crescent Enterprises, merged its start-up portfolio with Hatch and Post, a business incubator dedicated to building beginners who pursue technological innovation with sustainable combine impact, and roll it out in Markets to transform into companies viable for investment, development and expansion, from its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

This merger between Hatch and Post and Crescent Enterprises aims to promote the growth of beginners based on solid foundations of social goals, environmental performance and management standards to make a positive impact in the Middle East and North Africa region , and to create unique models for building, growing and scaling these businesses.

The partnership, called Hatch and Post Ventures, will develop seven start-ups this year that span agricultural technology, sustainable mobility, femtec, food technology and fintech, among others. The combined portfolio currently includes the following companies: Agricultural Technology Solutions Company World of Farming“World of FarmingAion, the company for sustainable mobility solutions“ION”And the digital forum for home tables “Break Mail”“BreekBrood.”And the unique cafe brand “Kava and Chai.”“Kava and Chai”and “Ri: “RE” Female care platform, application “TipiT” enabling people to send digital codes for various purposes, and “North“Shamal” Specializing in creating and manufacturing the next generation of garments that are adapted to meet the requirements of industrial work. Every year, Hatch & Post Ventures will create and expand the businesses of five new start-ups built on a solid foundation of social goals and sustainable impact..

Badr Jaafar, CEO of Crescent Enterprises, said: “One of the most effective ways to address social, economic and environmental challenges across our region is to nurture entrepreneurs who find solutions to these challenges through innovation, and this is something that Crescent always believed. We have been trying to achieve this for more than two decades through our various platforms. Last year, the UAE was first in the region in terms of venture capital with record investments of AED 4.3 billion in start-ups, a trend that is on an upward trajectory .We also see a shift to companies aligning their financial goals with their environmental and social impact, and through this partnership we strive to be at the forefront of these positive trends.“.

He states that in less than two years, Hatch & Post has built and grown its start-ups with a model that is solely focused on solving the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. With its unique focus on ESG, Hatch & Post’s approach bridges gaps in the start-up development process and removes the risks of investing in early-stage start-ups aimed at creating sustainable social change using a range of resources. Reducing the cost of working capital . by increasing efficiency and economies of scale.

Faris Mesmar, CEO and Managing Partner of Hatch and Post, said: “Today, our greatest opportunity lies in considering positive impact and profit as essential factors for the success of any start-up business. To include our portfolio of start-ups at Crescent Enterprises is a wonderful opportunity.We are able to drive ESG practices forward in the region by strengthening our ability to launch and scale sustainable projects to contribute to the development of zero carbon sectors.It’s a great achievement for us and a testament to the effectiveness of the successful model we have established. ” He continued, “We share investment objectives with Crescent Enterprises and together we have what it takes to organize the creation and structuring of start – ups in the region. We look forward to working together to give our start-ups a competitive advantage that will enable them to meet some of the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges.“.

Since its inception in 2018, Crescent Enterprises has been committed to creating businesses that address the thorny problems of local communities, develop them in their early stages, expand and make a profit and measurable impact. The platform addresses each project through the various stages of development, from early concept development to strategic growth and expansion, and focuses on laying solid foundations that enable these projects to grow resiliently and stimulate innovation and development in products and services. ..

Samer Choucair, Crescent Director of Innovative Ventures, said: “We are delighted to work with Hatch and Post to advance our shared commitment to the scale of positive impact start-ups across the region. Hatch and Post’s commitment to practice-based business innovation is now in line with sustainable alignment.with our values, and by joining forces, we will enable exceptional local entrepreneurs to build stronger and more impactful companies that contribute to the prosperity of future economies.We look forward to working together working with Hatch and Post to turn next-generation businesses into highly profitable businesses.. “

It is noteworthy that the organizers of these two incubators have always been committed to integrating the sustainable development goals of the United Nations into all of their methodologies and operations. In line with the aspirations of the United Arab Emirates to become a global center for sustainable economic development, Crescent Enterprises is working with innovative and targeted entrepreneurs to create the infrastructure and environment needed for new businesses to thrive, in turn the economic competitiveness of the region. The announcement of the merger with Hatch & Post, to create Hatch & Post Ventures, is another step in realizing this vision..

UAE-based Hatch and Post Ventures plans to expand in the region over the coming years, specifically in markets such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt..

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