Al-Nazer abandoned the double standards and the issue of road and port closures, and others

February 7, 2022
Khartoum: Radio Dabanga

Abdul Ghani Barish Fyouf

Written by: Abdul Ghani Barish Fyouf

When people are measured by two measures, and they are weighed on two scales, they undoubtedly fall into the category of (the Mutaffifin), who if they measure people over people they will be satisfied, and if they measure or weigh them, they lose .

Dear reader..

When the Beja Optical Council and the Independent Amaudiyas of East Sudan closed the ports of the Red Sea State, the Khartoum-Port Sudan Road and the railway line, in protest against what it says is a development marginalization imposed by the eastern regions suffered. We have not described this step (betrayal and conspiracy), as many writers have dealt with this subject with some political tension and excitement, as it is, according to their allegations, first the civilian part of the transitional government led by Abdullah Hamdok target. . Rather, we have told ourselves in our articles on the subject that the issue of East Sudan is not just a developmental and demanding one, but rather a political one that requires radical solutions and not temporary patchwork solutions.

So, we did not condemn the closure of the East’s movement of roads and ports, and we did not describe the viewer who left (with remains and head), and we said, so the center suffers as a result of the closure , just as the people of the East have suffered as a result of the center’s neglect of their cause and problems since the alleged independence.

The nights and days go by, and the people of the North and the People’s Resistance Committees in the triangular capital turn to the application of the same policy as the people of East Sudan to achieve their demands, by closing roads and bridges as a means of peaceful resistance to confronting the violence and terrorism of the wells.
It is noteworthy that the North supported Al-Natir Turk, the leader of the Eastern Movement, until one of his demands was met, by canceling the “East Road”. But the strange thing here is that Al-Nazir Turk did not support the demands of the people of the North, but considered the closure of the streets and barriers to bring the government to a fall, as a very big security threat .
He added: “For example, you are running the current government on another party that does not want to overthrow the government.” He appealed to political forces and resistance committees, and all concerned about the country’s interests, to review it. positions, saying: “Because we see that the closure if it continues in the cities, even if it leads to the cessation of work that is going on.” In East Sudan, it has become an obstacle in the matter of the talks that are taking place between us and the government. I think the East will return to be closed again.

Therefore, with this negative attitude towards the closure of the roads and streets of the people of the North to claim their legal rights, the spectator has left matters with double standards in favor of the revolutionary forces that reap in every popular protest, pure, honorable and free youthful souls ..
With this attitude, the spectator also left, in the eyes of the resistance committees and the living revolutionary forces, inclined and inclined before the proof and his praise .. But what is propensity !!
Prone, in his correct political sense, is crawling on the ground to reach the lords’ feet and kiss them and to ask for forgiveness, forgiveness, some money, power, and so on !!
To be receptive in Sudan, Al-Burhan and Hemeita.
It means to be completely without will.
It means to be a good listener to the conditions dictated by “Al-Burhan Himyati” .. What are those commands and conditions ????????
First, the establishment of a de facto policy (coup).
Second: Recognition of Al-Burhan as president and Hamiti as his deputy.
Third: The demonization of the resistance committees and the living revolutionary forces.
Fourth: The demonization of the political forces that were partners with the Janjaweed soldiers, according to the torn constitutional document.

Here, dear reader, we ask !! Is there more exhaustion than that when the leader of the East Sudan movement repeats what the pitfalls say?

The people of North Sudan have legal rights, just like the people of East Sudan, Darfur, the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile, as marginalization and social exclusion, which means preventing and depriving individuals of full access to the various rights, opportunities and available resources, is the common feature between them. As long as this is the reality in the aforementioned areas, the leader of the Eastern Movement / Al-Nazir was left, supposed to stand with these oppressed people to achieve their legal demands by all means and means, not with the revolutionaries to stand. which has nothing but the rule of Sudan, even over the bodies of young people and Canadians.

Finally, we can say that the solution to Sudan’s problems does not lie in its fragmentation, because fragmentation of these problems only increases complexity and aggravation. Rather, these problems need to be resolved in a comprehensive and radical solution that does not affect any region of Sudan. As for the disappointed Sudanese leaders trapped in the impasse of the coup while waiting for orders and instructions from Al-Burhan and his Hamidah, they should know that the peaceful Sudanese resistance committees, which have withdrawn admiration and trust from the international community . with their peace and great success in leading the Sudanese people’s struggle for freedom and change since the coup of October 25, 2021, it will continue without fear of the military machine of the wellheads to defeat the coup and bring about the necessary change bring, and the leaders who conspire with the pitfalls will occupy their places in the trash of history.

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