Al Sharq publishes government scholarship specializations

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has, in accordance with the plan of the Public Service and State Development Bureau, identified 114 academic majors available for Qataris (Bachelor – Diploma) within the government bursary program for the year 2022-2023, through which bursary applications will be from 20 May until 30 September.

Al-Sharq has obtained a copy of the list of academic majors available under the Public Service Commission Plan for the academic year 2022-2023, and it has 91 academic majors (bachelor) available for Qataris, and 23 majors for a diploma , included. to limited majors inside and outside Qatar for postgraduate studies, such as for non-Qataris Two specializations have been identified in related medical sciences, and the specializations of the College of Education for scholarships.

A source confirmed to Al-Sharq that there is no change in the lists of universities accredited for external scholarships and to study at private expense. Acceptance requirements will be announced later.
The State of Qatar is keen to provide an educational climate responsive to its aspirations and advanced policies in the higher education sector, and to link graduates to the needs of the labor market, to ensure an effective contribution to building the nation and its promotion to the ranks of the world at all levels and sectors. In pursuit of this goal, the state has launched a government scholarship program for students who want to study at the state expense for undergraduate (diploma), undergraduate and graduate levels, and this study is either internal, i.e. within the State Qatar or outside the state of Qatar, based on a set of policies and strategies that The bursary process is organized from the registration in the student’s electronic system, the conclusion of the bursary student’s contract, and ending with the graduation certificate.

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education also directs, guides and directs students in collaboration with the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs, which is involved in the preparation of general bursary policy and coordinates with government agencies to submit bursary plans. prepare in light of their needs, and then send it to the Ministry of Education. The ministry also grants bursary students many privileges, such as bearing the tuition fees for the bursary’s children, the ability for a married bursary student to take his family to the mission’s headquarters, and the payment of a monthly family grant to the bursary as he married, and other privileges.
The following are the specializations available for scholarship:

* First: Bachelors (for Qataris):

– Medicine and related medicine: human medicine – nursing – medical radiology – pharmacy – dentistry – physical therapy – dentistry – occupational health and environmental safety – speech therapy – occupational therapy – public health – anesthesia – genetics – obstetrics – nephrology.

Education (ambition): secondary education (mathematics) – secondary education (English language) – secondary education (Arabic language) – primary education (mathematics and sciences) – secondary education (Islamic studies) – primary education (Arabic studies), primary education ( English Language) – Secondary Education (Social Studies) – Physical Education – Art Education – Secondary Education (Chemistry), Secondary Education (Biology) – Secondary Education (Physics), Primary Education (Early Childhood), Special Education (Severe and Severe Disability) – Special Education (Early Childhood) – Special Education (Special Education in School).

– computer:
Computer Science – Computer Engineering – Computer Science (Teacher) – Cyber ​​Security – Science in Information Systems – Geographic Information Systems – Information Technology – Network Engineering – Data and Cyber ​​Security – Applied Science in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence – Computer Science (Computer Science).

Engineering: Civil Engineering – Electrical Engineering – Mechanical Engineering – Architectural Engineering – Environmental Engineering – Science in Communication Engineering and Applied Networks – Communication and Electronic Engineering – Electrical Engineering and Engineering Engineering – Electrical Engineering – Electrical Engineering engineering.

Other specialties:
Statistics – Data Science – Biostatistics – Veterinary Science – Agricultural Engineering – Agricultural Sciences – Agricultural Economics – Tourism and Hospitality Management – International Hospitality Management – Event Management – Medical Vitality – Quantity Surveying – Food Processing Technology – Biological Sciences – Chemistry Environmental Science Biomedical Science Translation (Italian – Hebrew – Russian – Turkish – Persian – Japanese) Aviation Management, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – Transportation Logistics – Aviation and Airport Management – Naval Engineering – International Safety Management Sciences of Fire – International Engineering Sciences.

Second: Diploma (for Qataris):

– Assistant medicine – Nursing – Medical radiology – Health care administration – Pharmacy – Occupational health and environmental safety – Dental health – Ambulance and advanced health care – Respiratory therapy – Dental technician – Podiatry – Anesthesia technician.

Computers: geographic information systems – information systems (hardware), information systems (software)

Engineering: Communication and Networks Engineering Technology – Mechanical Technician – Electrical Engineering Technology.

Other specializations: biomedical, biological sciences, aviation management, meteorology, biometeorology, aircraft maintenance engineering.

Third: Postgraduate Studies (for Qataris): Limited majors inside and outside Qatar

Fourth: Bachelor’s degree (for non-Cathars): Allied Medical Sciences majors – College of Education majors.

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