Brotherhood and human rights!

The Brotherhood terrorist organization used to trade in anything, and the first thing the Brotherhood traded with was the principles of human rights, which are far from their concepts.

Although the Broederbond violates human rights in the mornings and evenings, the first of which is its right to life in the first place, they look out for us in the outposts in which they are located and sing that they are an “oasis of rights and humanitarian support”. !

This is how the Broederbond presents itself to the simple, but on closer inspection you notice that they use this gentle rhetoric to recruit only new members, by exploiting the plight and poverty of these people, after portraying the organization to them has as a “utopian city”. ”, But soon their game is revealed and the people express themselves.

The Brotherhood’s human rights abuses have two sides, one side linked to a violation within the organizational framework, and another outside the organization, but the two are equal before the organization’s leaders, because there is no difference between members. of the organization and its opponents. and opponents, all are under the sword of Brotherhood violation, or as an idea affected Organization and its masters.

The Broederbond’s violation of human rights is related to their concepts of man and religion, which are concepts that are mainly described as “the Broederbond”, before it can be described as “interpretive religion.” Before the Broederbond’s misinterpretation and misinterpretation of the content of the religious text, there is no right for a person, the whole right to organize the group, as the interest of the Broederbond The group takes precedence over the individual’s interest in it , according to them understood. There is no place here to talk about human rights, if the person himself has been handed over to the grace and desires of the organization, his obsession with rule and the principle of absolute obedience .. But when the Brotherhood wants to win new victims to keep them in the organization to include its structure as tools of implementation just for what The Broederbond’s seniors want, they immediately return to the language of the same false slogans, which are aimed at provoking feelings and members in complete blindness to the Broederbond’s ranks including, of course, the so-called “human rights” as they understand it, even though these simple people fell into the clutches of Brotherhood recruitment, it was revealed to them that they were They are just firewood for the group’s fire, and they have no rights or rights other than what the group says and its secret organization.

Here I say it honestly, that the “Muslim Brotherhood” organization is one of the most extremist organizations, which does not originally believe in any human right. A machine of false interpretations of the Brotherhood to adapt any text according to their whims in order to establish obedience to a creature they call “the guide of the group” .. What man and what rights then, about which the Brotherhood sings ?!

The history of this group, past and present, has proved that it is the mother group for all streams of terrorism and violence, because it was the origin and roots of the idea of ​​violence, in addition to always being the human rights issue and its promotion. exploits the most, while being the most violating of these human concepts. Children participate in activities that violate the basics of childhood, either through recruitment or involving them in acts such as murder and bombing. The organization also uses children in correspondence so that leaders escape from security control, as well as using children as human shields as confrontations with the institutions of their countries rage, and what is the scene of the exploitation of children in a sit-in Rabaa, the armed man in Egypt in 2013, who founded the terrorist group in response to the Egyptian revolution against their organization on June 30, is the best proof of the Brotherhood’s true image, as the Brotherhood at the time exploited children between the ages of five and six . and clothe them with “shrouds,” only to try to win the sympathy of public opinion.At the expense of the corpses of these children.

Yes .. the Broederbond does it and then sings about human rights !!

The range of Brotherhood Exploitation is not limited to children, but extends to women within the organization. On the one hand, they have no right, they are seen as a body, and not a partner for men in this life according to every sensible mind. , and on the other hand, when the men of the organization are forced to hide, they turn to To their wives as a camouflage gimmick and escape from supervision, as well as the use of the female element in the transmission of messages and killing tools. Here the woman’s right was violated twice, once when they did not give her the right to live as a human being equal in rights and duties with men, and the second time when they exercised her in the practice of Brotherhood- terrorism.

As for the torture and killing of their opponents, it is not an embarrassment. The Brotherhood has great credit for these transgressions, which amounts to being called “above acts of terror.” From torturing a person to death and taking his life simply because he differed from the organization in opinion.

There is also a deliberate mix of political Islam organizations, of which the Brotherhood is the most important, between the concept of human rights and the concept of violence, as it has taken place since the founding of the Brotherhood almost a century ago. the Brotherhood, claiming to be a “religious reform movement”, has established an armed arm for political assassinations!

How can we believe this group when it raises arms with one hand and raises false banners with the other hiding behind a religion from which it is innocent ?!

In any case, the lies of the Brotherhood are no longer deceiving Arab peoples, who have become more aware of the danger of extremist organizations, which all arose from the womb of the Brotherhood, and from which the region nothing else seen as chaos during the last ten years … until the magic turned on the wizard that we saw this group crumble and fight with their wings over money and power among themselves.

This is the Brotherhood … a constant hunger for power, blood and money … and nothing else.

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