Brotherhood struggle .. Istanbul-front “score” against Mounir with the feet of “students”

Day after day, the divisions deepen at the top of the Brotherhood’s hierarchy, in the face of the ongoing battle between two rival fronts over money and power.

In a new development in the conflict between Brotherhood leaders, the terrorist organization (former Mahmoud Hussein, the former secretary general of the Ankara group), issued a decision to appoint Ali Hamad as a media spokesman for the group abroad in addition to Talaat Fahmy, the current media spokesperson abroad, as well as media spokespersons at home. Hassan Saleh, Ahmed Assem and Iman Mahmoud.

The decision was signed by the committee responsible for the work of the guide and its spokesperson, Mustafa Tolba, who is being used by the Istanbul Front to register his goals in the conflict with the London Front, led by Ibrahim Munir.

The conflict broke out between the “London Front” led by Ibrahim Munir, the acting guide whose legitimacy is disputed, and the Istanbul Front, on the other hand, led by Mahmoud Hussein, the former secretary general of the Ankara group, after the latter recently announced the establishment of a “committee to carry out the work of the guide”, and the election of the leader Mustafa Tolba as his representative As a group guide for 6 months.

Hours after the announcement of the establishment of a “committee to carry out the activities of the guide,” the London Front confirmed that Ibrahim Munir is the acting guide and the representative of the organization’s institutions.

With the establishment of the Istanbul Front a “committee to carry out the work of the guide”, the group wrote the last chapter to its conclusion, as two official organizations are inaugurated for the first time, each with two official speakers , the first Shura office in London and the other in Istanbul.

Dedicate to division

Munir Adeeb, an expert on extremist movements and international terrorism, believes in an interview with “Al-Ain News” that what happened embodied and deepened the idea of ​​the dispute between the Hussein and Munir fronts, as each front offices established and institutions alternative to the institutions established by the other front.

He added: “Ibrahim Munir has appointed and installed himself as the acting guide of the Brotherhood, so it is natural for Hussein’s front to name another acting Brotherhood guide, Mustafa Tolba, within a committee that the organization’s business management.

Months after Munir announced the appointment of two new media spokespersons on behalf of the group, Osama Suleiman, a member of the General Shura Council, and Suhaib Abdel-Maqsoud, the former head of the Al-Azhar Student Union, announced the Hussein front announced the appointment of young Ali Hamad alongside Talaat Fahmy.

hear and obey

According to the information available to him, “Adeeb” said that the new post was offered to a large number of the Broederbond affiliated with Mahmoud Hussein’s front, but they apologized and refused the post, which the search for a person who accepts the job. in view of the situation of moving away from positions that may cost their owners positions that they may not be happy with in light of this split.

And he added: “This person (Ali Hamad), who works as a broadcaster on the Brotherhood (Watan)’s channel, accepted the position and was offered to him specifically because he belongs to the extremist current within the organization, and this stream has a tremendous ability to listen and obey, and therefore these tasks are assigned to him because he listens and obeys. ”

Adeeb did not rule out that the young Hamad, a member of the Maghagha Brotherhood in Upper Egypt, would give up his job as a journalist at Watan TV for his new position as a spokesperson for the group.

Adib said the appointment of a new speaker “reinforces the idea of ​​division, and confirms that we are facing two groups, not one.”

He stressed that Hussein’s front was not only limited to the appointment of media speakers, but was now based on the establishment of alternative offices for the offices that refused to declare allegiance and loyalty to it, and still support Ibrahim Munir’s front.

He explained: “The brothers from Malaysia, Qatar and some of the brothers from Turkey are still loyal to Munir, who is appealing to hold elections that may be false or false, as it (Hussain’s Front) is an association. wants to establish what this front expresses. ”

Point of no return

In his reading of the new development by appointing the Hussein Front as a new media spokesman, Hisham Al-Najjar, an expert on the affairs of political Islam movements, said in an exclusive interview with “Al-Ain News” said that “the section is a reality and it is continued every day.”

He noted in this regard that the two fronts have crossed the point of no return since the mutual isolation measures and are now in advanced stages, either by separating the two entities, or one of them succeeding in the other, and declaring himself a leader over the whole group.

Al-Najjar pointed out that such a measure could not have a major impact and change the balance of power between the two fronts, and warned that it represented a symbolic development.

And he indicated that the new formation has been announced under the leadership of Mustafa Tolba, who is now carrying out the tasks entrusted to him and making new appointments, meaning that a new accomplished fact will be inaugurated which will have the authority of the opposing front marginalize, in an attempt to make it part of the past and portray it as ineffective, and that there is authority and leadership. A new organizational structure and frameworks are being scaled up to carry out the tasks of management and representation of the organization.

The terrorist group has recently been living in a state of extreme internal confusion, amid a state of mutual accusations between the conflicting parties of high treason and suspicion of responsibilities.

The London Front, led by the group’s acting general guide, Ibrahim Munir, still controls the reins of affairs as it enjoys wide international influence.

While the other front under the protection of the former Secretary-General of the Brotherhood, Mahmoud Hussein, of Ankara tries to eliminate the former with a serious blow and remove Munir from his position, and draws his strength from the financial coverage which he enjoys while being one of the key spearheads controlling the financial reins of the international organization of the Brotherhood.

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