Businessman Mohamed Mansour receives an honorary doctorate from the University of North Carolina

• Businessman Mohamed Mansour received an honorary doctorate in the humanities, the highest degree offered by the university, for his major role in charity work

• He had the opportunity to deliver a high-level speech in the presence of more than 15,000 people at the beginning of the university’s academic year for 2022.

Mohamed Mansour, the world-renowned Egyptian businessman and philanthropist, was awarded an honorary doctorate in human letters from the University of North Carolina in the United States, the highest honor the university can bestow, in recognition of decades of charity work in Egypt and the world, during a ceremony held in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Mansour delivered an important speech at the university’s graduation ceremony, in the presence of more than 15,000 people, including the class of 2022 alumni, students’ families and friends, as well as faculty, academics and university staff.

During his speech, Mohamed Mansour emphasized the importance of seizing opportunities and making the most of “second chances” in life, with his personal experiences in Egypt and North Carolina and how to tackle early mistakes with confidence. .

Commenting on the ceremony and his receipt of an honorary doctorate, Mohamed Mansour said: “It is a great honor to be invited again to receive an honorary doctorate and to give a speech in front of my handsome young graduates of the year who ready to start their careers. He empowered me with the ingredients that allowed me to move forward towards building successful global businesses and contributing to the development of society. “

Mansour added, “When I arrived in Egypt full of dreams at the end of 1963, Raleigh was a much smaller city than it is today, and North Carolina was a suitable environment for youth development. I graduated in 1968 and “returned to my country in 1973. where I had a second chance to rebuild. In my native Egypt.”

Commenting on the honor of Mohamed Mansour by the University of North Carolina, the university’s president, dr. Randolph Woodson said: “Honorary doctorates are awarded only to prominent personalities who have achieved outstanding and sustainable achievements around the world, in particular the provision of education, creativity, leadership and humanitarian or public services.”

Woodson added, “Mohamed Mansour clearly embodies these qualities as he has spent his long life succeeding as a businessman, proposing humanitarian projects and initiatives as a prominent supporter of charity work in various countries, and we are pleased to welcome Mr Mansour again, after many years of arriving in the state as a university student originally. ” .

In the same context, dr. David Hincks, dean of Wilson College of Spinning and Weaving, said: “We are proud that Mr Mansour is one of the college’s graduates, and we have seen his abundant humanity and his awareness of the importance of achieving. goals, as he has achieved a series of great successes as an entrepreneur, in addition to his full commitment to his established humanitarian principles. “

It is noteworthy that businessman Mohamed Mansour is one of the first Egyptians to receive an honorary doctorate from an American university, and he studied in North Carolina from 1964 to 1968, specializing in spinning and weaving technology at the age of twenty. Mr. Lotfi Mansour, mr. Mansour’s father sought. One of the largest exporters of cotton at the time, he and his brothers went to North Carolina State University because it was and still is known for providing specialized study programs in spinning and weaving. , and then Muhammad Al-Mansour earned a master’s degree in business administration from Auburn University in Alabama before returning to Egypt in 1973.

Mohamed Mansour’s career is full of achievements, especially development and charity work

Mohamed Mansour is one of the most prominent and pioneering businessmen in the region and the world, and is also known for his leadership and passion for providing charitable and humanitarian work in his various fields. Mr. Mohamed Mansour is the chairman of the Mansour Group, a global group specialized in many sectors, the most important of which are automobiles, financial services, retail, industrial equipment, advanced technology and logistics services, among others, and he is also the Chairman of the Board ManCapital LLC A London-based family investment firm that provides long-term capital and strategic support to companies and institutions in a range of sectors.

Mansour has a proven track record of charity projects in Egypt and abroad. At the local level, he founded and headed the Foundation Lead Foundationa pioneering non-profit organization he founded nearly 20 years ago to empower and provide financing to small businesses owned by underprivileged women in Egypt and able to support more than 4 million women in Egypt, and also has large donations made in Egypt and Africa to help those affected by the corona epidemic.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi called Mr. Mansour was appointed by Presidential Decree in May 2021 to join the Grand Egyptian Museum’s Board of Trustees, which includes leading leaders and experts in business, politics, culture and the arts, and chaired by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

Mansour served as Minister of Transportation in Egypt from 2006 to 2009, and also held the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian American Business Council, in addition to chairing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, as well as the Secretary-General of the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies. Previously, he was elected to the position of President of Credit Agricole Egypt and was a member of the Bank’s International Advisory Board, in addition to being a former member of the Advisory Board of the Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchanges, the Social Fund for Development and the Board of Trustees of the American University of Cairo

Internationally advises Mr. Mansour a number of prestigious and globally important organizations. In the UK, he was appointed to the newly formed Investment Board in 2021, which advises the UK government on its internal investment strategy.

Mansour serves on the advisory board of the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies.CCAS) at Georgetown University, and is also a member of the Harvard Kennedy School Deans Council in the United States, in addition to being a member of the Harvard Kennedy School Advisory Board SDA Bocconi of management in Italy and served on the advisory board of the George Washington School of Business and the international advisory board of The Coca-Cola Company.

Mansour earned a bachelor’s degree in textile technology from North Carolina State University, USA in 1968, and a master’s degree in business administration from Auburn University, USA in 1971, and worked as a professor at Auburn University until 1973.

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