Causes of baby suffocation during sleep

Baby suffocation during sleep, or what is known as “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome”; It is considered to be one of the things that the mother fears, and it is a condition similar to death, and it affects newborns, without obvious or known causes, and it often occurs during the first year of the baby’s life during sleep, in spite of his good health, and the matter is not underestimated; Cases are not individual, but form a percentage of the causes of infant death.
On the symptoms of this suffocation, its causes and methods of prevention and protection; The meeting was with pediatric consultant, dr. Hassan El-Shazly.

Baby choking during sleep

Physical and environmental causes of baby suffocation
  • There is not yet a clear or direct cause of baby suffocation during sleep, but some research has shown that it may be associated with a defect in the area of ​​the brain responsible for controlling breathing and sleep. with other risk factors, which increases the risk of infant suffocation.He suffers from this syndrome, which is a combination of environmental and physical factors.

Physical causes of baby choking

Low infant weight and its association with brain immaturity
  • Some babies may be born with a brain disorder or defect, problems that put them at greater risk of suffocation during sleep. The part of the brain that controls breathing and waking up is not mature enough to function properly.
  • Also the low weight of the baby in the case of premature birth; This can increase the possibility that the child’s brain is not fully mature, and therefore the brain is less in control of automatic processes, such as: breathing and heartbeat.
  • The relevant research also found that a large number of these children who died of suffocation during sleep; They got colds, which indicates a problem with breathing.

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The relationship between suffocation and the way of sleeping

The way the baby sleeps is part of the causes of suffocation
  • The way and form of the baby’s sleep is part of the factors that were a cause of sudden death, such as sleeping on the stomach – or lying on its side.
  • This method can contribute to an increased risk of suffocation and sudden death; Due to the difficult breathing, more than babies sleeping on their backs.
  • Sleeping or lying on a thin, soft quilt or bed can also block the baby’s airway; It approaches the risk of sudden death and sudden suffocation.
  • Also watch out for the baby sleeping in the parents’ bed, here the danger increases as long as the baby sleeps in the same bed with the parents or sisters, but the danger decreases and can disappear, if the baby sleeps in the same room with his parents, but in a bed for him alone.
  • A baby who is too hot while sleeping can also increase the baby’s risk of sudden death.

Having a family history of this syndrome

Breastfeeding is recommended

There are several other factors that can increase the risk of developing this syndrome, such as:

  • that the baby is male; Men are more likely to have this syndrome compared to women, or the baby’s age is between the second and fourth month.
  • In addition to a family history of death with this syndrome.
  • Passive smoking, premature birth of the child, or the age of the mother at the time of birth who is less than 20 years old.

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Symptoms of baby suffocation

  1. Blueness of the skin, lips, nose or fingertips.
  2. The calmness of the baby, lost glances and eyes; Where the eye is not in the eye socket.
  3. Baby high temperature, cramps and strange movements.

How to prevent sudden death

Make sure that the baby’s temperature does not rise

By following certain preventative methods, the risk of suffocation during sleep will be reduced, and among these methods:

  • It is preferable that the child sleeps on his back.
  • Use a stable sleeping surface and keep blankets and stuffed animals away from the crib.
  • Make sure your child or his room does not overheat when he sleeps.
  • At that age, cigarette smoking should be completely avoided, around the child.
  • Breastfeeding is preferred.
  • The baby is placed in the same parent’s room for the first year of life, but not in the same bed.
  • vaccination of the child, use of a pacifier; To suck excess saliva into the mouth.

Steps to avoid choking babies during sleep

The correct sleep of the baby is linked to safe breathing
  • Many do not know that there is a large percentage of children who suffocate at night while sleeping, and these rates are not simple; Therefore, mothers and fathers should take precautions to prevent choking on the baby.
  • There are some cases of suffocation without the slightest pathological cause, while others occur because the baby has a complete convulsion, or due to gastric acid reflux; Which leads to severe cough, and then suffocation, in addition to the wrong methods of sleeping for the baby, such as sleeping on the face; Where breathing stops as a result, perhaps for clothing or a heavy blanket.
  • It is necessary to ensure the correct way of sleeping the baby, in comfortable forms; This makes it possible to ensure breathing methods and to treat flatulence and flatulence in some children, as well as sinus infections, as well as to prevent the baby from sleeping during breastfeeding. This is so that the remnants of milk do not accumulate in his mouth, therefore he hides himself and suffocates.
  • and to deal quickly with cases of suffocation and respiratory arrest; Parents should put the child to sleep on his stomach, carry him from his stomach and waist and quickly transfer him to the nearest equipped hospital; To deal with the matter quickly, and to do repeated suction sessions for it as decided by the doctor until it is completely cured.

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