«Cinema of the People» .. an opportunity for cultural mobility for young people and support for the industry

The Ministry of Culture recently announced the launch of the “People’s Cinema” project in the governors of Egypt, which aims to bring contemporary and modern film works at symbolic prices within the reach of the categories of society and the simple Egyptian citizen by the palaces and houses of culture distributed in various governors of Egypt and affiliated with the General Authority for Palace Culture under the direction of director Hisham Atwa, and under the supervision of the artist Tamer Abdel Moneim, director general of film culture, and in accordance with the aims of the “People’s Cinema” project aims to support the film industry and maximize its illuminating role in promoting society, achieving the principle of cultural justice, and contributing to the opening of new horizons and markets for artistic investment in the film works.

People’s Cinema in 5 theaters in 4 governors

The launch of the first phase of the “People’s Cinema” project coincided with the blessed Eid al-Fitr – one of the most important film seasons in Egypt – in five theaters in 4 governors, namely Qena Culture Palace Cinema, Sadat Cinema, Shebin El -Come in Menoufia, and Anfoushi Cultural Palace. In Alexandria, the Great Sea Library in Giza as a first phase, which will be distributed by the Republic in the following phases

Ahmed Helmy, the star of the opening of the first phase of the People’s Cinema on the first day of Eid, with another

The artist, dr. Enas Abdel-Dayem, Minister of Culture, launched the “People’s Cinema” project, which aims to present contemporary film works, provided short fiction and documentaries produced by the Ministry of Culture, represented by the Academy for Arts, the National Center for Cinema and the General Administration of Film Culture, will be screened before the film is screened. , and contributes to the dissemination of community awareness as well as leading independent works.

The artist, Enas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture stated that the project emphasizes the state’s belief in the role of arts and culture and the influence of soft forces in the formation of public awareness, and comes within the paths of the Ministry of Culture to support the film. operates and maximizes its illuminating role, as it provides an opportunity to present the works of modern and purposeful creators that contribute to the advancement of society. And it opens new horizons and markets for artistic investment before filmworks, and she added that in attracting all segments of society, and in implementing the principle of cultural justice, which is one of the axes of the Ministry of Culture’s work, ticket prices for shows have been set at just £ 40.

Abdel Dayem pointed out the importance of this project to spread enlightenment and film culture and counter extremist ideology through serious and purposeful creative material. She described the project as a real and effective addition to the creative activities and opportunities offered in cultural sites are presented, explaining that the second phase includes 4 sites in other governors: Qasr The Culture of Desouq and Kafr El-Sheikh in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, Siwa Culture Palace cinema in Matrouh Governor, Hibs Cinema in the New Valley, Cinema of Sharm El-Sheikh Cultural Palace in South Sinai.

In turn, the artist Hisham Atwa, head of the General Authority for Cultural Palaces, declared that with the support of the Minister of Culture, all technical and technical equipment in the first four governors had been completed. agreed with the major distribution companies to present their latest artistic production, and it was Start with the movie (One again), starring Ahmed Helmy, written by Haitham Dabour, and directed by Muhammad Shaker Khudair

Atwa confirmed that the film department of the government, led by artist Tamer Abdel Moneim, is working hard to finalize the preparations of cultural sites in the governors so that the serious filmmaker can reach all parts of the country.

Fayza Hendaway: The reopening of cultural palaces is an opportunity to correct and shake extremist ideas

Commenting on this project, critic Fayza Hendawy said she believes it is a wonderful initiative for the people of rural and rural areas, giving them the opportunity to watch film creations in appropriate conditions and prices.

Hendawy added that this is a demand of those involved in culture, films and awareness, so that for years there will be theaters in the closed cultural palaces, and the youth of the governors should be allowed to perform poetry, acting and directing. attend workshops, to correct and shake old, extremist and extremist ideas. The real war on terrorism begins at the cultural palaces in the regions and towns, and not just from the capital.

And about the cost of a ticket to attend “The People’s Cinema” screenings, which cost £ 40 in exchange for a new commercial movie screening, Hendawy said that for any family of 4 people, this amount would be huge for her especially in light of the current high prices, but we have to apologize to those present.On the cultural palaces because they show new films that are still shown in commercial movie theaters, because there is a distributor and producer who want to acquire rights, and the state collects a tax on each ticket, and this forms a huge financial burden, and Hindawi suggested that non-new films be shown And films of interest in Egyptian films by great directors, documentaries, short and feature films that are of great interest and impact in cinema, and these films will not need expensive tickets.

Morris: The initiative is important for the rise in movie ticket prices

In turn, reviewer Magda Morris welcomed the “people’s cinema” initiative launched by the Ministry of Culture, especially as it reopened the closed theaters affiliated with the cultural palaces.

another movie

Morris explained that this initiative is important because cinema tickets, most of which are now in malls, are very expensive for the middle class, while showing films through cultural palaces at half the price of tickets in commercial malls will cinematic audiences in the governors served what was missed out.

Morris said the Ministry of Culture had started five sites in 4 governors, including two in Upper Egypt and two in Bahri, noting that the ministry had announced that it would seek to increase the number of movie theaters during the coming Eid al-Adha magnifies, and this is an important thing, because new movies live with the audience they watch and distribute in When there is revenue that allows the producer to produce other movies.

Morris added that this project is an important effort to publish many new theaters instead of the cinemas that have disappeared, such as the recently demolished Faten Hamama cinema, to restore theater audiences in the governors of Egypt, the audience that many of whom stopped watching cinemas in a large number of governors, to The importance of the restoration of closed cinemas in the governors of Cairo, Alexandria and others instead of the cost of establishing new cinemas.

Morris pointed out that in the past, going to the summer cinemas was considered a social ritual, and they would watch 3 movies one after the other, and this ritual that the Egyptian family missed had to be restored.

Al-Bashlawy: Cultural palaces are supposed to play an important role

Khayriya Al-Bashlawy added that cultural palaces play an important role in raising awareness and educating the public, a role we have been missing for years, so reopening that window for the movie is a good step in itself, and it should have been implemented long ago because it was supposed to play the cultural palaces An important role in the governorates.In the time of Saad Eddin Wahba, critics went to the cultural palaces to watch and discuss films, and the halls were then full.

Al-Bashlawy added that the audience of the governorate can watch movies via the Internet because it has become an essential thing in the country house, and the most important thing for the audience of the governorates, in her opinion, is not the new movie shows not. in the Palace of Culture with a discount ticket. We are suffering from a consciousness struggle, and the cultural palaces in the governors must have a plan drawn up by those involved in films and culture. Al-Bashlawi believes that what has happened is to add eyeliner. to a sick eye that needed to be treated.

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