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The announcement of the infection of two American celebrities with Covid-19, last night, once again shed light on the path of the global epidemic, more than two years after the outbreak of the new Corona virus. The two personalities are billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and president Joe Biden’s administration adviser on local affairs, Susan Rice, who has held senior positions under former president Barack Obama. This coincided with the demand of a number of former heads of state and Nobel laureates that the United States undertake to allocate $ 5 billion to fight the Corona virus around the world. In particular, they called on President Biden to show greater leadership in his responses to the disaster, as he prepares to gather world leaders in a summit dedicated to this end today (Thursday). Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said he wants “America to acknowledge that the epidemic is nowhere to be found until it is almost everywhere.” Brown, a former leader of the British Labor Party, is leading the effort to find enough funding to fight the global pandemic. However, President Biden admitted last night that members of Congress, Democrats and Republicans had told him that they could not approve the allocation of funds to combat Corona, at the same time he asked them to enter into a major agreement around Ukraine to help confront the Russian invasion. Biden apparently acknowledged that it was inevitable to pursue each financing transaction separately. Biden has asked Congress to allocate $ 22.5 billion to combat the global epidemic, including $ 5 billion to combat the global pandemic. However, Congress has expressed its willingness to approve appropriations that do not exceed 10 billion, and do not include any amount for the global struggle. This means that efforts to provide poor and low-income countries with tests and drugs devised to treat HIV infection are currently suspended. This is despite the fact that efforts to vaccinate the world population and intensify investigations have not made much progress. It is reminiscent of the obstacle faced almost 20 years ago in the efforts to combat the acquired immunodeficiency virus (AIDS). Brown, who has been appointed by the World Health Organization as an ambassador for global health funding, said he would encourage rich countries to pledge funds. He sent a letter in this regard to President Biden, which was also signed by Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, former Irish President Mary Robinson and former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark. Global health leaders say they are concerned about the sentiment of a number of state leaders that they are fighting the Covid, at a time when crises such as the war against Ukraine and the reform of the imbalances in the health systems in their countries are attacking them . Biden is expected to demand the summit today (Thursday) to pledge two billion dollars to buy medicine to treat Covid-19, and an additional billion dollars to buy medical oxygen for poor and low-income countries.

In a related context; A report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said yesterday that the number of gun and gun killings had reached its highest level in the United States during 2020, the first year of the global health crisis. The number of firearm killings there has increased by 35%. “This is a historic increase,” said Dr. Debra Houry, deputy director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and director of the National Center for Injury Prevention, said. This is the highest rate of firearm killings in 25 years. ” The report indicated that as the Covid-19 virus spread across America, more than 45,000 people died from guns. The report confirms that the bloody violence has swept the cities of America from coast to coast amid the global epidemic. The details of the report revealed that more than half of those deaths were suicides. This means that the actual number of people killed by firearms in America in 2020 increased by 15% compared to what it was during 2019.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has announced that he has decided to isolate himself healthily after being confirmed to be infected with the virus, despite receiving two doses of the vaccine in addition to the third booster dose. Gates, 66, said his symptoms were mild. Gates has donated millions of dollars to fight the global pandemic. Last week, he published a book entitled “How to Prevent the Next Global Epidemic”? The COVID-19 celebrities in America were also joined by White House domestic policy adviser Susan Rice. She said she was infected despite receiving two doses of the vaccine and the third booster dose. And she revealed that she met President Joe Biden last Wednesday, but she wore a snout during the meeting. Officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said they did not consider Biden a ‘close contact’ when Rice met him. And the U.S. State Department announced last Wednesday that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had been confirmed infected with the virus. Blinken said he had mild symptoms and had not seen Biden for several days.

The leader of the British opposition Labor Party, Sir Keir Starmer, announced on Tuesday night that he would resign from his position if the British police came to the conclusion that he had violated the regulations on the fight against the Corona virus, after taking a photo. of him in an Indian restaurant, during an election rally in the city of Durham (Northern England) last year. Although Starmer’s promise is a dangerous gamble; This increases pressure on Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has been fined for violating regulations by hosting his birthday party during Britain’s health crisis. Johnson refused to resign. Starmer, a former British prosecutor, said he was confident he had not broken any order. He added: But if the police decide to fine me, I will do the right thing by retiring. Johnson’s birthday celebration during confinement was called a “gate party,” while the Sir Keir Starmer photo incident is called a “beer gate.” The scandal stalled Starmer, whose party did well in last week’s local council election. The “Beergate” scandal has dominated the British newspapers in recent weeks. However, police announced last Friday that they had received a new charge against the labor leader, forcing them to reopen the investigation into the allegations against him. Starmer called on Johnson and Conservative Finance Minister Rishi Sunak to resign after being fined for the Gate Party scandal. Angela Rayner, deputy leader of Labor, announced (Monday) that she would resign if police decided to impose a fine on her for attending the same meeting with Starmer in Drum City.

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