Emirates News Agency – Al Awar: Unemployment insurance is a safety net and raising Emiration rates opens new horizons for national powers

Within the media briefing of the “Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization”.

Unemployment insurance is a safety net and raising Emiration rates opens new horizons for national talents and competencies.

– Abdul Rahman Al Awar: Raising Emiratisation Rates and Approving the Unemployment Insurance System Improves the Business Environment in the Country and Promotes Empowerment of National Powers and Frameworks and Consolidates Partnerships with the Private Sector.

DUBAI, 12 May / WAM / His Excellency Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Manan Al Awar, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratization, confirmed that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, “May God preserve him” announced a decision to increase the target of Emiratisation rates and the federal law on Unemployment Insurance is a new station to improve the business environment in the UAE, which contributes to the promotion of national powers and frameworks, which partnerships with the private sector, which the attractiveness of the labor market in the country and its ability to attract local and international talent by increasing a package of incentives and safety nets that support growth healthy and sustainable economy.

This took place during a media briefing organized today by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization at its headquarters in Dubai on the new federal Unemployment Insurance Act, and the decision to set the current Emiratization rates at a rate of 2% annually For skilled jobs in private sector enterprises with 50 or more employees and to achieve an overall growth rate of 10% by 2026.

His Excellency explained that the next phase would testify to giving high priority to economic development and to enabling human capital to achieve the goal of “building the best and most active economy in the world,” which requires integrated solutions that respond to the needs and aspirations of community and individuals, strengthen and support local resources, ensure the flexibility of the economy, and consolidate the country’s position as the capital for talent, companies and investments.

He emphasized the wise leadership’s interest in strengthening the role of national cadres and empowering them at all levels and participating effectively and constructively in the country’s labor market, pointing out that increasing their role in the labor market will contribute to strengthen the capabilities of the national economy. and supporting the growth of the business of private sector companies, emphasizes the importance of their contribution to the introduction of economic sectors.New innovations, innovation and increased levels of stability in the labor market.

His Excellency Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awar said the decision to increase the percentage of Emiratisation annually in private sector companies has unprecedented benefits, including reducing the fees of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation by up to about 80% for private sector companies achieving qualitative performance in the recruitment and training of citizens in partnership with Compete program.

The briefing reviewed the opportunities provided by Cabinet’s approval to increase the current Emirati Target target by 2% annually for skilled jobs in private sector companies and enterprises that include 50 or more employees as part of the amendments to some provisions. of the Cabinet’s decision on initiatives and competitive programs for Emirati cadres “Nafis” that opens new horizons for qualified national cadres with expertise and skills within private sector companies.

His Excellency Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awar stressed that raising the target of Emiratisation rate by 2% annually until 2026 offers national talents and competencies, especially young people, new options in the labor market, within eager local, regional and global companies. to grow and expand their businesses in the region, based on an environmentally friendly environment Integrated and flexible business provided by the UAE.

His Excellency noted that the decision is in the interest of empowering the private sector as well and contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the “Nafis” program, for which the state leadership has allocated approximately 24 billion dirhams to 75,000 citizens in the private sector. employ during the next five years, explaining that the incentives provided to companies in the private sector support the acceleration of programs for the integration of Emirati frameworks into the labor market and provide them with the required national frameworks and competencies.

The briefing touched on the Cabinet’s adoption of a federal law on the unemployment insurance system through insurance packages, which aims to ensure the worker has an income during his downtime until alternative jobs are available.

His Excellency Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awar stressed that the unemployment insurance system provides a social protection umbrella and guarantees workers a decent life, in addition to attracting and maintaining the best international talents of creative people, prominent and skilled workers.

He said the UAE was eager for leadership at all levels, and today it proudly endorses the adoption of this innovative system of unemployment insurance, which increases the competitiveness of the labor market and increases its attractiveness for global talents through solutions that benefit all workers. include. the private or public sectors, which rely on innovative mechanisms.

His Excellency emphasized that the unique guarantees offered by the system, at the level of all workers in the country, enhance the UAE business environment and its ability to attract and retain the best international talent of skilled labor by reducing business risks on ‘ a way that promotes the launch of projects and attracts talents that can contribute to access to the economy.

Al-Awar added: “We were keen for the system to be characterized by flexibility that enables the worker to agree with the insurance service provider on additional benefits … while reducing systemic risks in the labor market for individuals and flexibility for companies. increases to cope with change and thus increases levels of competitiveness and supports stable living standards for families Even during downtime.

His Excellency indicated that the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization will play its crucial role in this system, based on its mission to protect labor rights and improve and promote the business environment. This will determine the mechanism for the establishment and operation of the system, its application. mechanisms, subscription fees and any requirements or procedures necessary to ensure their success and management.He said: “The ministry will monitor the work of insurance service providers to ensure the best results are achieved for both employees and companies.”

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awar noted that the new decisions, whether related to the unemployment insurance system or the increase in Emirati rates, support the UAE’s strategic economic security in the medium and long term by improving the economy’s ability to empower and skills. to lure around. the world and the introduction of new economic sectors that contribute to the diversification of sources of income, while the empowerment of national frameworks and the establishment of the foundations of a flexible business environment are compatible with global changes and transformations in the field of production and employment for ‘ a sustainable diversified economy.

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