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Before you rush into a store or order anything online; It is always better to wait and be realistic about what is important to you.

Since many of us adopt a lifestyle that places great emphasis on health; Many people have increased their demand for the purchase of devices that make their lives easier and simpler, and among these devices, the fitness tracker and the smartwatch, two devices that are becoming increasingly popular to the extent that some claim it is necessary, which one must have?

BDtechtalks has published a report by author Hank Robertson; He said that the number of competing brands in this field has increased in conjunction with the increase in the popularity of these devices; Apple and Samsung lead the smartwatch industry, while Fitbit and Garmin cater to people interested in “health and sports.”

The author points out that fitness monitors and smartwatches – which are usually paired with smartphones – help keep the user connected and at the same time monitor his daily activities and track his progress towards the goals he has set to achieve a balanced fitness on based on his age, needs and lifestyle.

Egter; According to the author, given the differences between these two portable devices; It is possible to get advice to choose what to buy, especially in terms of specifications, which is of great importance to us.

The author indicated that he has lived almost 4 years of this lifestyle, which has given him some experience that enables him to help choose what to buy.

An introduction is a must

The author explains that so far; Distinguishing between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch was very easy, as the fitness tracker is a simple bar with sensors connected to your smartphone to analyze data, while the smartwatch is a miniature version of your smartphone, giving you the save effort to pull it every time to check messages Text, email and other notifications. But; Little by little, with the advancement of technology and the intensification of competition between various companies, we have begun to see a convergence between these two devices, as the author said.

The author believes that as a result of this progress, more advanced fitness trackers have appeared, equipped with large screens, and also allow you to display your smartphone notifications, indicating that it is interesting that smartwatches are on the opposite side; It also uses fitness and health features to provide more services to its customers, emphasizing that the most popular fitness tracker today is not a tracker; Rather, it is the Apple Watch, which is the market leader, while fitness trackers, in addition to monitoring health and activity, their modern screens allow their users to have other features such as responding to messages.

The main difference between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker is the variety of features and capabilities they place in front of you (Getty Images)

What are your priorities?

The author notes that before he rushes to a store or orders anything online; It’s always better to wait and be realistic about what’s important to you, indicating that it’s important – based on his experience – to read at least 3 or 4 articles or watch about an hour of YouTube reviews. , as this is the first step in determining the type of fitness tracker or which smartwatch to buy; If you are constantly communicating on your phone throughout the day for various reasons, it is helpful to have a smartwatch that takes this burden off of you and makes it easier for you to use your phone, but as aspects of fitness and health more important to you, then you should look for fitness trackers that are usually more affordable than smartwatches.

The author explains that when he was interested in owning one of these two devices; When his friends asked him which one he preferred, he chose the Apple Watch 3, but its price made him hesitate. Then he decided after doing research on the Fitbit fitness tracker. A year later, he met a friend of his who was wearing the latest. Samsung Galaxy Watch, which sparked his passion that once again clashed with the price, but after a few years he became more mature and realized that one needs to focus on your personal needs, and bought a Garmin device that has something offers on both sides, a fitness tracker with some smartwatch features.

What to know

The author believes that the most important difference between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker is the variety of features and capabilities that lie ahead. in general; According to him, the smartwatch provides most of the features found in a fitness tracker, such as measuring your heart rate. in addition to; The smart features found in watches are more advanced than those found in fitness trackers, such as controlling music and making calls, and more companies are now introducing smart watches that make it possible to work completely independently of smartphones.

The author emphasizes that it is always important to make wise decisions; It should not be forgotten that some of the most advanced fitness trackers these days offer similar smart features and capabilities. Battery life is the advantage with which fitness trackers excel. Size is also an important factor to consider; A smartwatch is bigger than a fitness tracker.

Think of a budget

The author goes on to say that spending in this market, like many others, equates to getting more features in your watch, but price is not necessarily the most important indicator of quality and performance. To be inaccurate, I recommend if you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a very high-end smartwatch, it is very easy to find a decent fitness tracker at a reasonable price, ranging from $ 50 to $ 200 for the more premium models, while most of the smartwatches are priced. Affordable ones usually start at $ 200, while advanced models can go up to $ 600.

Fitness tracker helps to monitor daily activities, follow steps and calculate calories burned (Getty Images)

Did you choose a fitness tracker?

The author reveals some of the features of the fitness tracker; It helps to monitor daily activities, follow steps and calculate calories burned. Devices with more advanced features support certain types of sports or exercises, such as specific running exercises and outdoor cycling. GPS devices can work separately from the phone, allowing you to be left at home while enjoying a jog or a bike ride.

Pros and cons of a fitness tracker


Simple devices can be found at lower prices, and decent features are definitely available; Which is a great option for those with more limited budgets as it focuses on comfort so you can wear it all day without any hassle.


Fitness trackers sometimes differ in the variety they provide when it comes to other features of your phone, such as playing music and transmitting messages.

Or should you buy a smartwatch?

The author says if you want an extension for your smartphone that is more easily accessible on your wrist, then you should definitely buy a smartwatch. Smartphones are small computers and smartwatches are devices that control it.

The pros and cons of smartwatches


Watches with advanced smart features are especially great for keeping up with and responding to notifications, and the best sports watches available offer accurate fitness tracking.


Smart watches are often very expensive, which leads to people being reluctant to buy them and even the most enthusiastic among them.

Is there a device that does the best in it?

The author notes, however, that the distinction between smartwatches and fitness trackers has become more difficult; It is undeniable that there are still some differences between these two devices, emphasizing that determining exactly what is best for you and what you want for yourself is the most important and determining factor in choosing between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch.

In the end; The author recommended buying a smartwatch or fitness tracker, because owning such a device allows one to pay attention to health that is often neglected in our lifestyle.

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