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Khawla Ali (Dubai)

A child has an innate talent with which he is born, and it can grow and develop or atrophy and disappear completely. In a study conducted by NASA for Space Sciences, the creativity rate for children at the age of 5 years is 98%, and drops to 30% when they reach the age of ten. In addition, the percentage of creativity as the individual progresses in age remains or decreases due to the influences that surround him, including the role of the mother and father in dealing with their gifted child to ensure his future, and him on learning success. . How do we develop children’s talents?

Features and characteristics
Moza Al Zaabi, owner of the Foundation for Developing Children’s Reading Talents, says the concept of talent lies in creative expression in various forms and forms, including speech, behavior and interaction with art, music and drawing.

She points out that the gifted child has certain characteristics and characteristics that distinguish him, such as the ability to think and express in an exceptional way, as he often looks for different solutions to solve problems, in addition to his use of imagination so that his dreams and goals expand in the pursuit of them. He is open-minded, bold, confident and likes to read and experiment.
Al Zaabi emphasizes that parents need to understand their child and his tendencies by befriending him and discovering his interests and hobbies, and work on refining them and enrolling him in training programs or using the weekends to attend workshops. and attend experiments. Diversity is important to discover talents, to break away from routine, to believe in children’s abilities and not to become discouraged.

Environmental impact
Fatima Al-Amiri, owner of an educational and development platform for children, points out that talent needs to be nurtured and nurtured in order to appear, and the stage of discovery usually comes after a series of experiences the child goes through.

Here the family’s responsibility begins by involving the child in sports, cultural or artistic activities, inside or outside the school, and patiently observing his skills during their actions. And it confirms that the surrounding environment has a huge impact on determining the child’s personality. Education in a stimulating environment increases his confidence, supports his talent and makes him more flexible to face challenges, and more likely to to learn and discover.

strength point
Fatima Al-Dhanhani, a social worker, explains that children at the age of 6 have talents as they tend to practice certain sports or arts skills. Teachers can observe a student performing tasks more efficiently and competently than another student of the same age, discover his strengths and work on developing them.

She says: I follow a few ways to identify the child’s talent, including paying attention to what attracts him while he is playing, and what he prefers when he is sitting alone, and from here he can identify his interests and him encourage by providing the tools or resources he needs. And she adds: When a child reaches a certain idea, parents should look at it with importance and care, and reward him for hard work, taking into account that he may make some mistakes when trying to develop.

freedom of speech
Fatima Al-Sayed Ahmed, a psychiatrist and guardian, confirms that she is fully convinced that the role of parents is not limited to providing basic needs and providing advice and guidance, and includes caring for the child ‘s personality and interests to him on the path of creativity.

She says: I focus on my daughter’s tendencies and leave her freedom of expression so that I know her desires and encourage her to pursue many hobbies and various activities while identifying the strengths in her character to strengthen them. I saw her strengths, such as fluency and the power of self-expression, I encouraged her to participate in school and district competitions, and she achieved advanced positions and I showed her how proud I am of her for her excellence. to sit. Fatima advises parents to spend enough time listening to their children discover their talents.

To have a role model
Sindia Muhammad Al-Zeyoudi, a guardian, talks about her experience with her children, and says: The role of the family revolves around providing a positive environment full of love and respect for the child’s mind with acceptance and openness around his to develop talent.

She emphasizes that if the family does not master its role, the talent will remain latent and will not be discovered, as the child must be regularly observed to identify his true skills at an early age. This is done through continuous communication with the school and specialized centers to develop children’s talents, pointing out that the role of parents is very important in providing positive models that mimic the child and to have positive attitudes towards learning, to set a good example for him. follow in their footsteps.

Hiyam Fahd Al-Hassani (12 years), in the seventh elementary school in the elite schools, says: My father was the one who discovered my talent, as well as my teachers at school, when they realized that I was exceptional in the arts . of drawing, programming and mental arithmetic. I developed my skills by attending workshops and training courses.The result of my attendance was that I got first places at state and school level.

In addition to winning several local and international awards, including the Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement, the Distinguished Student category twice, the Sharjah Educational Excellence Award for the Distinguished Student category, the Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan Award for Generations, the Distinguished Student Category, and the Sheikha Latifa Award for Child Creativity. And the awarding of ink for the Holy Quran. It has had a significant impact on the development and development of my personality, and on my social relationships with my teachers and schoolmates, as well as boosting my self-confidence.

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