International stars oversee Saudi women’s golf training

Al-Sorour: We strive for greater interaction with our free initiatives

Saudi Gulf announced the continuation of the Ladies First Club initiative presented by Aramco for the second consecutive year, coinciding with the Kingdom’s presentation at the Royal Greens course in King Abdullah Economic City for the Saudi Aramco Women’s International Golf Championships hosted by the Public Investment Fund ”and the“ Aramco Championship Series ”for the difference.”

The two Aramco international tournaments return after the previous two editions achieved great success worldwide, as the Saudi tour concludes a worldwide series that started from London in the United Kingdom, by Sotogrande in Spain and New York in the United States , with the participation of the world’s elite golfers, with a total prize money of two million dollars.

The “Ladies First Club” initiative saw a huge turnout in its first issue, with 1,200 women registering in the Kingdom in just four days, all of whom were granted free membership to participate in the Golf Initiative , which is in line with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 by increasing the number of athletes.

This year’s issue returns with special features, as all members of the Ladies’ Club will be invited first to take part in the season of sports stars to document their experience of learning golf in an event based on a new concept called the “Ladies First Journey”. and each member will use the Sony ZV – 1 camera to document her moments in the Ladies First Club, in addition to her journey to learn the sport, and her participation in all amateur tournaments.

During the Saudi Aramco International Championship, the most renowned international female golfers will provide training rounds for club members, including short, medium and long strokes, in addition to providing instruction on the course directly. They will receive various gifts and additional information about the future programs and events of the Ladies First Club.

Majed Al-Sorour, CEO of Golf Saudi Arabia, said: “The interaction with the Ladies First Club initiative presented by Aramco last year was exceptional, but we are striving for more this year, and we are inspired by the biggest Sports Week for Women in the Kingdom, and we want to see more of them play golf Through these free initiatives.

He added: “This sport has a clear power that can positively affect the lifestyle, health and safety of individuals. And the participation of the best international players in the home country will once again reflect the number of future opportunities available to women in the Kingdom. ”

The attention of golf lovers and fans around the world will follow the Saudi Aramco Women’s International Championship from November 4 to 7, then the team championship from November 10 to 12. The two tournaments fall under the umbrella of the European Women’s Golf Tournament.

Charlie Hall returns to Saudi Arabia for the second year in a row, following her participation in the New York tour, during which she gave an excellent performance that culminated in winning the individual award. In the last tour in Saudi Arabia. Arabia. I took part in last year’s edition and the stadium was great and I can not wait to be back there. ”

The 25-year-old added, “The Aramco team championship series is not only important for professional players, because it’s a great opportunity for amateurs to take part in the tournament, and it’s also fun to watch for fans.”

Organized with Charlie Hall, the Danish Emily Christine Pedersen, who achieved great success in the Kingdom last year, won the Saudi Aramco Women’s International Golf Championship hosted by the Public Investment Fund, and her team also won the Saudi International Women’s Championships for teams won (the previous name of the series of Aramco team championships ”Pedersen managed to achieve the best individual result.

Pedersen said: “I had a wonderful experience in the kingdom last year, everyone was so kind, and I enjoyed the atmosphere and being on the grounds of Royal Greens for 10 days. I have fond memories so it will be special to come back again. ”

She added: “The Saudi Aramco Women’s International Golf Championship hosted by the Public Investment Fund seemed like an important moment for women’s golf. This is what the Aramco series of team championships has built on this year to further develop the sport of golf. We have completed three championships in the series so far and I am sure we will finish it well in Jeddah. ”

With Hall and Pedersen, some of the world’s most talented golfers will take part in the Aramco International Championships, including the English Annabelle Dimock, the Swedish Anna Nordqvist, the Australian Mingji Lee and the English Georgia Hall.

Hosting the world’s biggest events is one of the most prominent strategic pillars of “Gulf Saudi Arabia”, which aims to inspire its next generation and place it in the ranks of the leading countries in this sport.

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