Morocco newspaper | Secrets and mirrors: “The revolt of good morals will not happen”

Tunisia has recently relived the impact of an exciting series of leaks, and this is not the first time audio recordings have been published on virtual space websites.

Over the widest range of phone calls between famous artists, media and politicians, including intrigue, revelation of secrets or revelation of romantic relationships, but the recent leaks were unprecedented and shook public opinion more than all their predecessors because it was related to phone calls attributed becomes to the director of the office of the former head of state, who was his right arm and “Al-Fatiqa.” The spokeswoman in the palace, as it is said about her, and the subject of those leaked calls was to talk about the details of the president’s private life and his state of health and the reactions of some of his positions in special cases, with what was considered is that what is mentioned in the hadith ascribed to her is a revelation of state secrets and an infringement on his prestige, and that some of them offend. The interests of the country are in a relationship with the outside world and cause real embarrassment to the state, and that those leaks at home can further rot the situation and cause fears and doubts about something that is boiling for the country from behind the scenes.

The exaggerated seriousness is sometimes due to the fact that this woman was one of the most important decision-makers in the country, and she was attached to the President in all forums and activities of the “National Security Council” until his meetings with national and foreign personalities, to his official visits abroad, and therefore she possesses many state secrets that can Some unknown parties have exploited them to deepen and destabilize the crisis, and that these leaks in this particular time can not only settle accounts and agitation.

From another angle, these stories explode in this way, bringing the question to the surface about the relationship of politics with morals and the criteria accepted in appointments to sensitive positions in the state, and it puts those around senior officials, especially in the presidency, able to have a stronger influence even than the influence of members of a government and to interfere in sensitive matters and issues that go beyond the limits of their work,
For someone to say, “May God be harmful and beneficial.” This incident may be the shock the political arena needs to convince everyone of the need to abandon such dangerous games and stop beating them under the belt. A party that tried to take advantage of the incident and benefit from it in every way, the president’s supporters and supporters exploited it to escalate their campaigns against the opposition and urged the president to hold them accountable and take strict measures in this regard. to end his political presence immediately. accusations from his opponents of corruption, bribery and high treason, and he reinforced this by borrowing the famous slogan of the three noes, “No peace, no recognition, no negotiation” to reaffirm his determination to those he and his enemies and consider the enemies, eliminate them. of the people and his refusal to take any step back.

The opposition of all kinds did not care for those leaks of the gate of jealousy over “good morals.” The Tunisian political mind after the “revolution” was based on the idea of ​​exclusivity and the monopoly of power was shattered, so exploiting all available means to inflict the strongest damage on the opponent becomes a normal thing, as Niccol Machiavelli says in His book, The Prince, “If a person must be harmed, the harm must be severe, as he is not afraid of his revenge. from afar.” For this purpose, “electronic fly” cells were sent to create scandals, distort opponents, destroy their morale, paralyze their ability to respond, and alter the balance of power in their favor.
Because political action left its fields and frameworks, and bedrooms, pubs, cafes and houses became part of listening from behind walls and spying on people’s private lives.

On the face of it, everyone complains and condemns this kind of low-level political action, but in reality, the majority seeks to benefit from it without being directly involved in it. as Nietzsche says, “that morals are a trick devised by the weak to laugh at the strong, so there is no morality of grace and benevolence in them when they are strong, especially when they have gained their power by illegal methods, then they do not hesitate to use All “weapons” to maintain their profits and positions.

Therefore, it is an illusion to believe that these parties can agree on their own to stop these practices and that this will not be done through ethical treatment without strengthening the existing arsenal of laws with real deterrents and the rule of law. outside political employment. because neither of these parties is ready at the moment to adhere to the controls “Good morals”, especially in light of the blockage of the horizon and the lack of solutions to offer to people.

Therefore, it is very likely that “the revolt of good morals will not happen” and that things will get worse with the approach of a series of control battles expected in the coming days, and there will be a tightening of the packs and the gap between the parties will deepen, and therefore many of them will turn to “electronic flies” to weave scandals and hatch their leaks, photos and “videos” more From thinking and seeking dialogue.

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