New city authorities target prudent budgets during the next financial year

A number of heads of new urban city agencies accept a cautious view of the budgets of the next financial year, amid ministerial demands to set priorities for the volume of investments to be pumped, in conjunction with the state’s plan to spend in the rationalize current stage in the light of the changes the world is witnessing as a result of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

Al-Mal contacted a number of heads of city agencies to find out about their investment plans, challenges and goals related to the new financial year, which were largely compatible with the completion of utilities, including roads, electricity and gas supply, for the projects. which they have already started to implement, or have obtained final approval in advance, start working on.

In Capital Gardens City, engineer Adel Abdel Aziz, head of the city government, said the total budget for the current financial year is around £ 15 billion, spread over a number of projects that have been implemented or are being implemented so far. within the city, which he described as promising.

He explained – in statements to Al-Mal – that a number of housing projects of various segments are being implemented, in addition to projects that will provide services to the city’s residents and pioneers, and stressed that the implementation of 1 124 residential buildings with a total of 30,000 housing units were completed under the initiative of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi Housing for All Egyptians for low-income people.

He stressed that the total amount invested in housing projects covered by the presidential initiative was about £ 7.3 billion, pointing out that the agency is closer to completing the allocation of units for the benefit of its beneficiaries .

He pointed out that the coming period will witness the completion of the implementation of a number of residential buildings built on an area of ​​530 hectares for the benefit of low-income people, which is also included in the presidential initiative “Housing for All”. Egyptians “, with a total investment of more than 8 billion pounds, in addition to the implementation of hundreds of units for the benefit of middle-income people over an approximate area of ​​600 hectares.

With regard to the Agency’s budget for the next financial year, Abdel Aziz emphasized that the Agency has so far not finished determining the volume of financial claims during the next financial year, especially as the necessary projects to be implemented are being studied. , and projects with a dollar component have been postponed in response to the state’s demand to rationalize spending during the current stage.

Capital Gardens is located east of Badr City, and it is one of the new promising cities, characterized by the presence of a number of large investments in it, covering an area of ​​about 29 thousand hectares.

In New Assiut, Engineer Jihan Ammar, head of the city government, said she had seen for years how large budgets were being pumped up for the purpose of carrying out utility and maintenance work, as well as the process of coordinating sites.

She added – in statements to Al-Mal – that the city government plans to annex a number of areas during the next phase, including the service center area south and central east of the city, within the framework of the state’s plan to move into new cities and expand the housing block within the new city of Assyut.

She pointed out that in recent times the agency has been identifying projects that need to be implemented urgently in order to provide all services to the city’s residents, and stressed that the step of implementing the establishment of a new water station at the top of the agency’s priorities during the next financial year.

She emphasized that the agency had not received any communication on reducing the volume of targeted investments during the next financial year, and that the government was eager to meet all the agency’s requirements in order to implement all projects involving the residents. of the new city of Assiut.

She pointed out that in the recent period the city has witnessed the presence of many large real estate companies that have come to implement large projects within “New Assiut”, due to the city’s good investment reputation among most investors, in light of the service projects implemented by the state that encourage investment.

Ammar believes that the supply of natural gas to residential units is in the interests of the state to attract more residents and attract more investors, and emphasizes that this process will be one of the projects for which the agency demands to provide a budget . .

The value of the total investment in the city is about 4.5 billion pounds, spread over 4 different sectors, including 1.7 billion pounds directed to the housing sector, 552 million pounds allocated to the service sector, 2.2 billion pounds to the utility sector , and £ 32.9 million to the agricultural sector.

“New Assiut” witnessed the operation of the first phase of Wadi Degla Club, which is the first branch of the club at the level of the regional region of the city. The club includes an integrated swimming pool complex and soccer fields, in addition to a running track.

The club also includes squash courts, judo, karate and gymnastics halls, a multi-game complex, a gym equipped with the latest sports equipment, children’s games and sitting and waiting areas.

In the city of Sunrise; The City Development Authority is aiming to increase its budget to £ 7 billion over the next year, to implement a number of housing, electricity and road projects, in addition to leisure, education and health projects.

Engineer Abdel Latif Bishara, head of the city government, said the new budget the government is seeking to allocate will be in favor of the process of adding the new extension added to El Shorouk City, noting that the current year’s budget amounts to almost one billion pounds.

He confirmed – in statements to Al-Mal – that the agency had recently completed the preparation of the strategic plan for the new expansion recently added to the city, and it had been sent to the New Urban Communities Authority for approval. and the start of the launch of infrastructure projects that fully serve the city.

He explained that the agency is currently working on increasing the efficiency of a number of roads and conducting the required tests for the gas network, as well as coordinating the sites located from the first to the sixth region to find a suitable environment for investment within the city and in response to the demands of the residents of these areas.

He pointed out that the device has completed the process of attaching 36 plots with different areas and a variety of activities in preparation for its sale through the Urban Communities Authority website.

Bishara had earlier said that the total investment of the education sector in El-Shorouk was £ 150 million, and that the agency was building a basic education school in the eighth district of the city and two kindergartens in the fifth district in the eighth district implement. district.

He added that the Nile International School has been completed with investments of EGP 75 million, covering an area of ​​20,000 square meters. Urban Communities Authority.

Al-Shorouk City was established in accordance with Republican Resolution No. 326 of 1995 with an area of ​​10,088 hectares, and in 2015 Cabinet Decision No. a total area of ​​16,110.3 hectares, and Presidential Decree No.

Engineer Abdel-Raouf El-Gheity, head of the Transit Authority, in turn said that the agency is still studying the new year’s budget, identifying priority projects in the implementation of the state’s regulations to spend. rationalize, and postpone projects. which has a dollar component during the current stage.

He stressed – in statements to “Al-Mal” – that the budget for the next financial year will be less than the budget for the current financial year, noting that the agency has instructions that the housing projects he is working on must be completed. complete, as well as the completion of service projects according to the specified timetable.

On the city’s proposals during the current period, “Al-Ghaiti” confirmed that the government, through its website, announced the latest offer of a piece of land for urban activities in the city of Obour, on a surface of 37082 square meters has been allocated. meters, at a price of one meter, which recorded 2555 pounds, with a total value of about 95 million pounds.

Obour City is one of the second generation cities, located in the Qalyubia governor, and administratively affiliated with the New Urban Communities Authority. It was established by Prime Minister Decision No. .

Al-Obour is characterized by a high distribution of efficiency. It is an integrated city with industrial areas close to residential areas. It also has several levels of residential areas, including the villa district, the youth district, and another lower-level district, but all the neighborhoods are connected by one link, which is good street planning. It has the main market in the governors of Greater Cairo, which is the transit market.

The Board of Directors of the New Urban Communities Authority met in a meeting chaired by dr. Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utility and Urban Communities, revised a report on the Government’s performance during the fiscal year 2021/2020 (during the period). from 7-1-2020: 6-30-2021), in the housing, utilities and services sectors, and other various development projects in new cities, in addition to a number of national projects in a number of governorships, where the total amount spent during the 2020/2021 financial year amounted to £ 119 billion.

Al-Jazzar said that in the “Housing for All Egyptians” project, the housing axis for low-income people, the implementation of 67 124 housing units has been completed, and the implementation of 93 576 housing units is underway, and the implementation of 30 180 housing. units started in some cities, and in the medium housing project (Dar Misr – JANNA). ), the implementation of 18,864 housing units has been completed, and the implementation of 29,320 housing units is underway.of the new cities.

He continued: “The implementation of 179 service buildings has been completed, 173 service buildings are being completed, and 50 service buildings have been started. Capacity of 3.2 million m 3 / day.

And he continues: “In addition to the replacement and renewal works for some drinking water pumping stations in the new cities, water networks with a length of about 1685 km have been expanded, and the implementation, expansion and addition of tertiary treatment units are underway. for 15 sewage treatment plants with a capacity of 774 thousand m3 / day. “

He added that, in addition to the replacement and renewal works for some sewage pumping stations in the new cities, sewage networks with a length of about 1900 km have been expanded, in addition to the completion, implementation, design and presentation of many power stations and their networks, as well as communication lines. , as well as the extension of 340 km of road networks to the main axis km, and the extension of secondary road networks with a length of 610 km.

Al-Shorouk plans to increase funding to £ 7 billion for the implementation of the facilities

◗❙ “Al-Obour”: It will be less than its counterpart in 2021-2022

Capital Gardens: a priority for the necessary projects … and a postponement that has a dollar component

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