“Reunion” in Algeria … Awaiting a “mysterious” project that raises controversy over the Brotherhood

From the official news agency, the harbingers of a new political project in Algeria began with a “presidential front page” under the title “Reunion”, which is still ambiguous in light of the fact that its details have not been announced so far is not.

This is the political project, which experts in separate statements to “Al-Ain News” considered “very important to strengthen the home front, but it requires legal controls” according to their statements, noting in the same context that it “symbols of the former regime to get back the stolen money and some opponents abroad. “

While the Algerian human rights defender Lahcen Touati, in a statement to “Al-Ain News”, “excluded, and revealed, any possibility that the political project includes the Rashad Brotherhood group” that it even for the Algerian President and rejected all the security services “as it is classified as a terrorist organization, due to the crimes it committed and which the Algerian security services recently revealed about their” link with the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda “.

In the case of the official presentation of the political project, it will be the fourth of its kind in the history of Algeria during the last three decades, after the “Law of Grace” in the era of former President Liamine Zeroual, and then the “Civil Harmony Law ”and the Charter for Peace and National Reconciliation” under former and late President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Algerian public opinion was divided, with its party front, between welcoming and anticipating and warning of what it saw as ambiguity about the project, while political activists demanded that it be based on “pacified steps and grounds for the hoped-for radical change.”

Since taking office in late 2019, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune has taken several calming steps, launching several popular activist movements over the past 30 months, calling political figures “a sign of calm” by the Algerian considered. authorities.

“Information Telegram”

The official news agency published an article, the content of which was reviewed by Al-Ain News, entitled “Abdel-Majid Tebboune, an inclusive president,” in which it stated that the president “elected by the Algerians striving for a new Algeria, is considered an inclusive president. “

The article set out “red lines” for the idea of ​​”reunification” and emphasized that “the hand of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, a president who has always been interested in the prevailing debate in society, is permanently extended to all but those who crossed the red lines and those who turned their backs on their land.Segregationists, on the contrary.

And the official news agency continued its article: “Those who were not involved in the effort or who feel marginalized should know that the new Algeria is opening its arms for them to turn a new page, as the word exclusion is not in the dictionary of the President of the Republic who uses all his wisdom to unite the people and parties that You have not agreed to in the past. ”

Algerian news agency article

political consultations

This week, the Algerian president began political consultations with various political actors.

He has received several leaders from the parties represented in Parliament, including Djilali Sofiane, head of the “New Generation” party.

Djilali told local media that he had discussed several files related to the country with Taboun, especially the state of the media, and the upcoming challenges and benefits that await Algeria.

While observers believe that the presidential consultations precede an expected government shuffle, and also to prepare the political class to form a special committee to reconsider the social support system, which has been decided to include parties and role players in civil society engage to enrich and resolve it.

The Algerian president receives the head of the New Generation Party

absorb the risk

In statements to Al-Ain News, Djilali Sofiane, head of the New Generation Party, warned that his party did not have accurate data on the project, but stressed its “importance and positive”.

He said: “I do not have accurate data, but it is known that the official news agency does not speak of its own free will. There may be a political will to go for greater harmony within the political class.”

He explained that “it is striking today that the political parties that have a relative majority within the elected institutions have no role today, and the political dimension has become completely absent, and the authority in Algeria can not communicate with society. if there is no communication link. between the political class as a whole and society. ”

In his conviction, “there is awareness among the authorities of this danger, especially in light of the global crisis we are experiencing, and we as Algerians need to strengthen the home front, and that is what we have said over and over again, and we have it has unfortunately not yet been achieved. ”

The head of the Algerian party stressed that “it is very important that all the living forces in the country cooperate with each other, and that there is discussion and dialogue, because the stakes are very high.

“What the news agency reported is very positive. We need to move towards a true national dialogue that integrates all political forces to reach new horizons.”

Submitted files

As for Amer Rakhila, a former member of the Constitutional Council and the Supreme Court of Algeria, he pointed out that the 3 circulating hypotheses “are files raised in the circles of the government, the media and the centers of power in Algeria.”

He explained in an interview with Al-Ain News, “The centers of power are what is called the popular movement whose activists, motivators and spokesmen have not adopted it without a known status, or those who see themselves as spokespersons for it., and we have never heard from them a position to strengthen the position of the government with regard to judicial prosecutions that included those who misappropriated money, public and politicians who betrayed the trust.

He added that “all the hypotheses put forward could possibly be the intended hypotheses under the title of national reunification, whether it be related to the accused of plundering public money or opponents who are outside the country, and the President of the Republic, according to the constitution, has the power to issue the so-called special amnesty for those against whom final judicial decisions have been issued, which is the amnesty. ” Whatever the crime committed against them, whether political or financial crime, including high treason, but the special amnesty does not include the civil lawsuit.

With regard to dissidents abroad, the human rights defender explained that “if they accept to return to society, the President of the Republic will limit them in their political activity,” although it is unlikely that this will be achieved, especially with regard to fugitives attached to the terrorist Brotherhood.

But he believes this can be achieved “with the officers, military personnel or media professionals who have left Algeria, and many of them will respond to this call because the constitutional legislature did not specify the nature of the violation which is a special amnesty.”

From the demonstrations of the popular movement in Algeria in 2019 - archive

No excuse for the Brotherhood

As for lawyer and human rights lawyer Hassan Touati, he ruled out in an interview with Al-Ain News that the reunification project “would be comprehensive for Brotherhood leaders belonging to the Rashad Brotherhood terror movement.”

He stressed that what these fugitive Brotherhood leaders, who are on Algeria’s terrorist lists, were promoting was “just lies.”

He added, “The reunification means that the gang of the former regime, the rival blocs, and not President Abdel Majid Tebboune or the security services can enter these faces, and their entry is currently not possible, and if they enter, their full legal responsibility. ”

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