The launch of the Coursera Career Academy

Coursera, one of the largest online education platforms in the world, has announced the launch of the Career Academy, a new vocational training academy aimed at preparing learners, including those without a university degree or previous work experience, for the work of the growing future. This is demanded day by day by specialized professional certificates from leading international companies such as Google, IBM and Meta.

Thanks to the Coursera Career Academy, higher education institutions, governments, and companies will be able to upgrade large numbers of students, workers, and employees, and re-qualify them very quickly for new professional careers.

This launch comes at a critical time for Egypt as the state continues its efforts to prepare its workforce to keep pace with the transition to the digital economy, as the Egyptian government has allocated more than £ 1.1 billion to to meet the growing demand for digital skills. , and more than 180,000 individuals received training in the framework of the “Our Future is Digital” initiative, launched by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, which is the state’s full commitment to the preparation of its human frameworks for the requirements of the digital future. .

Higher education institutions and various universities will be able to attract students to study there by offering internationally recognized certificates, mixed with various skills that will help graduates to get jobs that are in high demand every day. Many universities and various educational institutions, including the International University of El Alamein (AIU), are working to adopt Coursera’s Academy of Professions to give students the opportunity to develop the skills needed to join various job opportunities. , and gain practical experience in various functional areas that enhance their competitive experiences in the labor market.

Commenting on this, Ahmed Al-Kurdi, President of Al-Alamein International University, expressed his congratulations in a partnership with Coursera to start the Coursera Academy for Professions, which will contribute to the preparation of future leaders and human cadres working in able to meet the requirements of labor. to market locally, regionally and internationally.

Al-Kurdi added that thanks to this partnership, the university will be able to align its educational efforts with the demands of the rapidly changing labor market, by offering our students recognized certificates from leading international companies, and providing practical education through effective tools that simulates reality so that students can explore career paths that are available to obtain the training they qualify to obtain it.

Learners registered with Coursera Career Academy can obtain the following:

● Specialized certificates from world-leading companies such as Google, IBM and Meta to qualify for 18 different positions, such as data analyst, user experience designer (UX designer), application developer and online marketer Social Media. These certificates are designed for those who have no previous experience. The certificate is obtained after an average training period of 6 to 8 months (3-10 hours per week), and all training stages are online.

● Practical experiences through “Guided Projects” to develop the necessary skills in less than two hours, enabling students to achieve excellence when applying for and while working. Through practical learning and interactive assessments, learners acquire basic skills by working with effective tools that simulate reality in many areas related to daily life, for example, a data analyst can train and practice SQL and Python programming language. Python and Tableau, while a user experience designer can create projects using platforms such as Figma and Adobe Creative Cloud.

● Explore the right career path with an overview of general career paths, skills requirements and average salary compared to other jobs. Learners also have the flexibility to learn, at their own pace, and receive training entirely through the internet and cell phones.

Anthony Tattersall, Vice President of Coursera for Europe, Middle East and Africa, said obtaining a range of accredited certificates, which prepares learners for future careers and provides clear paths to jobs that keep pace with the digital transformation era, is the way to bridge the gaps between skills and meet the needs of the labor market on the one hand, and work on economic development on the other.

Tattersall continued, “The Coursera Career Academy will be able to help more learners train for the skills of high demand and well-paid jobs, enabling the next generation of Egyptian cadres to thrive in the digital workforce.”

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