Why do comedians fear the dramatic mid-life stage? Ahmed Helmy is a model!

With each new comedy movie, the same question arises: Did the hero introduce something new? And the lazy answer is always yes; The audience laughed at the jokes and the jokes he had not presented before, and the answer is often deceptive; Because the hero just changed the character’s clothes, and repeated it several times in pursuit of the same success. The audience loves the stars who made him happy and embodied characters of excessive beauty, kindness and lightness who became part of his imaginary family. For example, can you believe that “Ahmed Helmy” is a dramatic character with almost the same circumstances during the past twenty years?

Rinse back and turn Ahmed Helmy!

Most of the characters presented by “Ahmed Helmy” from the beginning to his last movie (One Other) are similar in circumstances, with minor exceptions like the movie (On My Body), but the circumstances of his character in the rest of his films are in short: a single young man looking for a girl or woman, and no He is still at the beginning of his career or graduated a few years ago, and he is a cheerful, cynical and clumsy young man, who often has his problems with flair, or too idealistic human development theories.

Of these films, for example (Mido Problems – 2003) in which he embodies the role of a technician who installs a shower that his colleague loves, while loving an aristocratic girl who does not love him. Congratulations 2009) he repeated the role of a groom on his wedding day, and in (Bulbul Hiran 2010) he played the role of an interior designer who is confused between the love of an independent and daring girl and another romantic girl with a weak personality, and in the movie (Made in Egypt – 2014) he tries to win the heart of his neighbor who rejects him because he is a person who is lazy, and in (Rolling and Turning – 2016 ) we see him as a dedicated tour guide who frees an Italian girl while his family tries to spoil them. relationship with the help of an Egyptian girl who happens to be in the same chalet where the family lives, and finally in (One more – 2022) the hero tries to restore the old university love after years He has it as an employee of the prison service , and I wrote in detail in a previous article about the film itself.

The same circumstances and personal composition are present in the rest of the list of other Helmy films, which there is no room to list them all. In general, if the circumstances were logical and appropriate in the first several films, they lost their value with it. the passage of time and age, and all the films have become a striking subject such as (a day that repeats – a person turns into Dabdoub – a fat, greedy young man – a dress that restores passion), but the plot of the love story has hardly changed, as if it’s just an excuse for any additional female presence in the film.

Watch this movement!

Most of the stars are related to the stage of eternal youth in movies, even if they are older than fifty years, as in the case of “Ahmed Helmy”, and it is part of the theater’s legacy, which is a concept of the attractive hero establish. and the beautiful heroine; It requires them to be the same age as the category most interested in films, namely the youth audience, and some may cite similar examples from the classics of filmmaking, but filmmaking is an art that develops and matures at all levels, and films must get rid of this naive stereotyping, and others may say that it is good As long as the star’s characteristics and fitness qualify him to embody the personality of a young man in his twenties and thirties, a personality on which the age of stars, men and women, will freeze for almost thirty years.There is no problem with this argument formally in the case of “Helmy”; He retains the appearance of a young man in his thirties, and along with his last movie, he sings in a dance video clip, “Bass this movement” as if trying to prove that he is still a young man capable of youth dance. moves, but the crisis is not in the form and movements, gentlemen.

The artist deprives himself and his audience of embodying characters with other concerns than the concerns of the new graduate or the graduate who graduated 10 years ago. That’s why we have not yet seen a movie by Ahmed Helmy starting as a husband and father to a young man in high school and his college daughter, for example, or the story of a man with difficult professional ambitions in a job with ‘ a special nature, or a dramatic intrigue about marital apathy and the problems of raising children, or the difference between parents and newer generations; What Helmy and his colleagues are offering is another generation of personalities wrapped in topics that have an attractive form that can bring in revenue during the festive seasons, and some may see it as a success and a return, but in fact it is the sweetness of a soul for those who see and realize the facts of things.

Reclaim the same character!

“Ahmed Helmy” and his colleagues like “Mohamed Henedy” make a gap in film and drama by insisting that their characters are young or in a mysterious dramatic age, and that the main axis of the film’s story is that the hero loves a girl and tries to connect with her and go through the steps of acquaintance, engagement and marriage, this line The drama is strongly present in the movie (One Other) between “Ahmed Helmy” and “Ruby”, and it appears in various details in the movie (Al-Mans and the Nems – 2021) between “Mohamed Henedy” and “Mena Shalaby”, and also in the movie (Mohamed Hussein – 2019). Between “Mohamed Saad” and “Wizo”, and these are the last films presented by the most famous comedy stars of the third millennium, and here lies the crisis.

Attempts to break out of the stereotypical personality to which the star clings are difficult, and he may not be entirely successful; “Ahmed Helmy” presented the character of the husband and father of a forty-year-old skeptical family in the movie “On My Body”, and it was a good and different role despite the problems of the scenario, especially in the second half. “Mohamed Saad” tried to change and come out of the whole comedy situation, and the role of the political pen official in The King’s era made a difference in the movie “The Treasure.” The audience loved the change and applauded it, although the movie itself is incoherent and suffers from various technical issues, but these experiences were not complete and were not repeated due to fear and hesitation, and in accordance with the general saying ” You know better than you do not know! ” The stars return to recapture the characters they made in their early days and bring them success.

Hope to renew imagination!

The stars should review the history of film and the development of the personalities of the big stars. They can, for example, review how the trajectory of an iconic action star like “Farid Shawqi” has turned over time; He retained his stardom and played the role of father, employee and older brother.

As a matter of advice, nothing more, I hope the big comedy stars and their colleagues pay attention to the fact that change is part of creativity, and reconciliation of time is a necessity, and their literary role requires them to strive for renewal in essence, not appearance, and every current success of a movie that repeats the formats of the artificial youthful character is just a success caused by our love. For the artist, not love for what he presents, and love is nurtured by maturity, interest, renewal of feelings, stories and imagination, and the history of any artist actor is the skill in presenting diverse and lively characters and various dramatic colors, and not the repetition of the single form of the character in which age ceased at the stage of graduation, the search for work, courtship, and sarcasm. Certainly, there are other characters suitable for the ages of “Ahmed Helmy”, “Mohamed Saad”, “Mohamed Henedy” and others, and this is an opportunity to witness through them fresh, original and contemporary dramatic stories.

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