Women’s neglect of themselves .. Causes and treatment method

Usually, many men complain about the problem that their wives neglect them after a period of marriage and also the way they have treated them before. Although a woman is characterized as sensitive, emotional and loving towards her husband, she becomes more negligent towards him.

Reasons why women neglect themselves

The responsibility on the woman makes her neglect herself

1- According to Marriage, the declaration of women’s neglect of themselves can be attributed to the great responsibility placed on her after marriage, and her neglect of herself becomes a strong possibility. Unlike before the marriage, we find that she was very self-centered because there were no priorities other than herself, but after the marriage, the woman finds herself divided between various responsibilities and does not get time to look after her appearance. Stress and tension are also some of the psychological factors that greatly influence women’s interest in their appearance and beauty.
2- This neglect may be due to the familiarity of each party with the other, or due to the problems that occur between them, which causes the woman to neglect herself. There is also a group of women who find that the dissatisfaction of their husbands, no matter how much they care for themselves, is an excuse for neglect in their appearance.

A woman’s obligations in the home cause her to neglect herself

3- The man plays an important role in the woman’s interest in her beauty by dividing the responsibility between them, which makes her feel comfortable and increases her time to take care of herself. Unlike a woman whose husband neglects her and places the responsibility on her shoulders, which affects her psyche and causes her to neglect herself.
A kind word has a great impact, so God, the Almighty, has made it a charity, and a man’s emotional speech with his wife is enough to resolve any differences and renew trust between them.

Marital stubbornness causes women to neglect themselves

4- Marital silence is one of the most important things that leads to the marriage relationship being killed slowly. The husband’s failure to talk to his wife about various issues, especially family, will make boredom dominate their relationship, which will push your wife to to neglect everything; Because it can not give in a relationship based only on responsibilities and duties.
Generally, a woman’s lack of interest in her appearance and her neglect of herself is considered a matter that greatly affects her psyche before it affects her married life. The principle in a woman is that she cares for herself for her sake before anyone else. A woman must be beautiful to herself, and this helps to highlight her self-confidence and self-esteem. Not appreciating herself as it should affect her life in many ways so that she is constantly being compared to others.Respect and appreciation for herself in front of anyone else.

Ways a woman takes care of herself

hair care

Every woman dreams of having a beautiful appearance and enjoying good health, and strives to maintain her elegance. Sayidaty website offers you a set of tips and advice to enjoy a beautiful appearance and good health, including:

1- Drink lots of water

Increasing drinking water is an essential element for a woman’s beauty and health, and water increases the freshness of the skin and limits weight gain.

2- Get a balanced sleep

Sleep hours should be continuous from 8 to 9 hours, as interrupted sleep causes fatigue in the brain and eyes and dark circles beneath them.

3- Do sports

Exercise is the best way to prevent disease and slow down signs of aging, such as wrinkles and other things.

4- Use castor oil

By applying castor oil on the lashes, it constantly strengthens, lengthens their length and prevents lashes from falling out as they age.

5- Almond oil for hair

It is preferable to apply it continuously on the hair, to increase the density and shine of the hair and reduce its split and dryness.

6- Reduction of oils and fats in food

Women should reduce oils and fats and replace them with vegetables and fruits, and stop eating in the evening and before bedtime.

7- Attention during pregnancy

If a woman is pregnant, she should take care of her food and provide nutrition to the fetus. It is also recommended to space out the periods of pregnancy as the body suffers from severe fatigue and loses a lot of vitamins and calcium for the fetus to feed. Therefore, the periods of pregnancy of the next should be spaced so that the woman regains her health, and so that the continued pregnancy does not harm her health.

A woman’s interest in her husband

1- Appreciate the man’s work and fatigue

Show submission and respect to the man

Many men like to get a little appreciation and gratitude from their wives after a long working day. It is possible to thank the man for his work and support his family, and to ensure all the requirements, or you can send an SMS on his phone while he is at work and say thank you very much and I appreciate it.

2- Expression of feelings

It is possible to say a lot of the word “I love you and I miss you” to the man, as it is preferable to say this word face to face while looking into the man’s eyes to pick it up note, and many words of gratitude and thanks and the offering of simple gifts, as these things make the man feel great appreciation, respect and love.

3- Kill the daily routine

Share life details

It is important to break the daily routine between each period by visiting friends, pursuing some favorite hobbies or participating in any external activity and not being disturbed by the man who goes out with his friends between each period and period no, it is important to leave a space of freedom for the man.

4- Surprise the man

The emotional surprise of the man he does not expect is the way to take care of him, he can prepare a romantic dinner, or leave a simple note on his computer or cell phone by the word I love you forever to write, it brings him much happiness and comfort.

5- Praise the man

The wife can send a lot of compliments to her husband, especially while sitting with the family and in front of everyone and making him feel that he is the best man in the world. It is also important to be excited and happy when the man suggests something, such as going out to eat or walking and thanking him for it.

6- smile

The permanent smile leaves a wonderful impression on the man.The woman should smile in a simple way to attract the attention of her husband and increase his love for her, and always make him aware that he is not disturbed as much as possible and that all problems and issues can be solved very easily. The wife can also make her husband feel her tenderness and tenderness with the tone of her voice, especially when arguing about something or disagreeing with opinion as it reduces the appearance of many problems.

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