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Doha- The Corona pandemic has changed the pace of daily life, habits and social behavior around the world, but it has had benefits and contributed to the creation of new positives and behaviors that would not have occurred without the emergence of this virus, and this was evident in the radical transformations of sectors such as technology and retail, as well as acceleration. Innovating at a record pace across many industries, companies are building innovative digital solutions to connect with each other, serve their customers and stay profitable.

Despite the grim situation due to the repercussions of the pandemic, this humanitarian crisis highlighted several positive aspects, and contributed to the creation of successful alternatives in various sectors, which were explored through a session entitled “Reimagining Business Models in the Post-Pandemic Era “on the sidelines of the work of the 20th edition of the Doha Forum, This year’s theme is” Transformation into a new era “.

With some sectors gradually returning to personal models, the session discussed the most prominent structural changes in various sectors, how companies in different parts of the world are adapting to the rapid adoption of digitization, as well as the implications for future investment trends worldwide.

Al-Suwaidi believes that a successful investment model to start a business should be based on passion for the idea (Al-Jazeera)

successful investment

The director of the Qatar Investment Authority office in America, Muhammad Al-Suwaidi, believes that the pandemic has affected the economies of the world, and then on various investments, which have become an urgent need for models with safety standards and credibility to attract capital. and investors.

Al-Suwaidi explained that the Qatari investment authority is keen in its work to be credible and able to predict the paths of capital, in addition to choosing the entities or people with whom it works as partners or investors, who him power and access to a high level of ability to transform into pandemic over work by many leading entrepreneurs.

The capital partnership exists, and there must be entrepreneurs around the world, especially as there are business models that change over time, and this role is played by the Qatar Investment Authority as a sovereign fund, focusing on long-term investment, and to run businesses. follow. models with their developments. , according to the Swedish.

Al-Suwaidi emphasized that the government is empowering and motivating companies’ models and developing their internal expertise, in addition to supporting shareholders, providing advice and counseling to them, in addition to investing in some areas such as healthcare and education. .

He believed that the successful investment model to start a business should be based on passion for the idea, confidence in its application paths, not to be affected by stumbling, and try to include partners who are convinced of the ability to implement the idea and the consequences, in addition to implementing the appropriate system.

Barman says the 500-year-old restaurant business model has completely changed after the pandemic - Al Jazeera Net
Barman: The 500-year-old restaurant business model has completely changed after the Corona pandemic (Al-Jazeera)

As for the CEO of the Indian company “Rabel Foods”, Jaydeep Barman, he believed that the business model of the restaurant trade did not change for more than 500 years as the work continued in the same way, namely to clear important sites Acquire. in overcrowded places or beautiful places, but this model completely changed in the 20 Over the past year, explains that the most important change took place after the pandemic.

Barman told Al Jazeera Net that during the pandemic there was a major change in the restaurant business model as many started working online using modern technology characterized by its cheapness and speed, which made us, as a company, new models on the ground.

During the pandemic, the percentage of global online shopping reached 85%, compared to 15% going to shopping websites, on which the company built through its various business models.

Barman believed that the online restaurant business model after the pandemic would have a larger percentage than before, as it could reach 20%, given the return to go to restaurants again after the repercussions of the pandemic faded.

In turn, Airtel Africa CEO Segun Ogonsanya confirmed that the Corona pandemic has improved digital technology on the African continent as the company was eager to create a new type of technology industry, in particular in the countries of Nigeria, Kinba and Onda.

He explained that these industries have affected different sectors such as food and other sectors, making it possible to strengthen the ties between investors and consumers in various industries, as a basis has been laid for building this mechanism.

Gillinger explains that there are many business models associated with the use of artificial intelligence technology that have emerged after the pandemic - Al Jazeera Net
Gillinger: There are many business models related to the use of artificial intelligence technology that have emerged after the pandemic (Al-Jazeera)

Ogunsanya said his company “worked to help people get out of poverty, educate children and women, and medical care, and his goal was not to get money, but to alleviate poverty, social work to provide for the needy, a large segment of society and create an advanced model that enjoys prosperity. “

new business ideas

Participant and CEO of the Entrepreneurship Foundation Hand Gillinger said that after the pandemic, many new business models and business ideas for entrepreneurs appeared related to the use of artificial intelligence technology.

Gillinger told Al Jazeera Net that after the pandemic, during which appeared 3 scenes promoted by entrepreneurs, which are brands in the way that affect customers, and remote work, as well as the importance of this issue in life.

During the Corona pandemic, the proportion of global online shopping reached 85% compared to 15% going to shopping sites

and according to For Gillinger, it has increased The use of artificial intelligence technology by 58% after the pandemic, especially in light of the choice of more than 60 or 70 algorithms related to the desire and behavior of consumers to act in the purchase and the prices they and their desires fit.

And she believes that after the pandemic, business models will turn more to technology and artificial intelligence capable of improving secure communications and providing customers with risk-free platforms, applications and communications, especially since the data requested from customers is not personal is not, but rather interactive. .

The CEO of Bigols, Biju Ravindran, explained that his experience is based on presenting a business model on education after the pandemic, as he saw that if the pandemic had taken place decades ago, the world education would have been cut off, but things changed today and everyone has moved on to distance education.

He stressed that his company’s model has started to develop and keep pace with change in recent years, as it has worked to instill students’ determination to learn, and has made 5,000 videos to make the educational process interactive with students. through movies and games instead of books.

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