“Depart from the text.. again.” An effective prescription for a departure in the direction of life

Asma Saad

Posted on: Friday, 13 May 2022 – 19:28 | Last updated: Friday, 13 May 2022 – 19:28

Interrelated texts ranging from theories of psychiatry to the rules of human relationships

An extensive mix of fluid ideas about psychology, angles of psychiatry and human relationships in a seamless narrative form, is the basis of Dr. Muhammad Taha’s book, entitled “Departing from the Text .. Again” recently published by Dar Al-Shorouk.
Jurisprudence, analyzes and personal visions, based on life experiences, this is how Dr. Mohamed Taha, professor of psychiatry at Minya University, defined his book and his rich author, who declared at the beginning of his pages to his reader: “Every word here carries wrong and right and is subject to criticism and refutation and has no purpose other than spreading psychological awareness. ”
♦ Language and Vocabulary
Dr Muhammad Taha relied on the use of easy language and simple vocabulary, which he strived to understand, comprehend and communicate as much as possible in order to deviate from the prevailing text regarding our human relationship and our view of life and what lies between man and his inner world.
The state of linguistic mastery, accuracy in presenting ideas and clarity of intentions were based on a not insignificant balance of Drs. Mohamed Taha, who in the past served as Vice President of the Egyptian Association for Group Psychotherapy, having previously completed a number. of books and scientific research published locally and internationally, including: Dangerous Relationships, Extinct Oriental Man, and Outside Text.
♦ Rich content
Dr. Muhammad Taha has developed a set of strong and solid rubrics on which his latest books are based, which clearly reflect to the reader the author’s most prominent goals and messages he wants to convey to the reader and the issues he gives. much care, attention and scientific approach based on a psychological approach.
“Fear of abandonment, your choice, return to life, food and love, suicide” are all titles on which dr. Mohamed Taha relied on to form the basis of the largest and most recent part of his newly produced book in 2022 within the context of the book that contained smaller content and was published for the first time in the year 2016.
Where the original part of the book, before 132 new chapters were added, included titles such as: “Dangerous relationships, half-life, you and your inner world, your life scenario, compulsive repetition, infinite situations, the false self.”
♦ snake recruitment
The book “Departing from the Text… Again” was characterized by the fact that it was written in simple colloquial language to convey a set of ideas that the reader should have felt could easily pass to his mind and to have the real debate in them. find what took place between him and the inner voice in his head without pretension or difficulty understanding and receiving.
Dr Muhammed Taha’s trust in the vernacular was similar to an approach with the book’s title, which is a departure from the text in terms of the expression of psychological theories and rules of human relations without it being within the framework of the academic language to post.
And he says in the introduction to the first edition of his next book: “We try to deviate from the text in different ways and in different ways for many hours … but there is always something missing and we practice it first. need is called “psychological awareness”.
We need to know more about ourselves, about our feelings, about our ways of thinking, about the motives for our actions, we need to know about our relationships of all kinds and patterns, which are distorted and harmful, and which are true and useful, we need to know about our actions and our short-lived and daily reactions with others, their origin Where are you going and where are you going?
It is very important in the journey of any one of us that he stands in front of the mirror, the psychological mirror, through which he can see himself, know it and learn from it, to get out of the old texts, and begin to to accept oneself and to love it, and to change it for the better, and it is a journey that is worth fatigue, patience and a little pain.
♦ Quality additions
Dr. Muhammad Taha was able to complete the first edition of his book by adding 12 new chapters to the book released in 2022. He began it with a broad title, “The Return to Life,” under which the first sub-heading falls under the name “The Voice,” which says, “We must plant different voices within us that deliver messages. And different feelings and thoughts, we fill ourselves and our inner world with it, their source is what and where we get it, their first and main source is your instinct .. the original version of yourself you were born with .. this version is valid to return once in a lifetime, no matter how much damage it does. ”
♦ clear goals
By moving and moving forward between the stations of the book, it will become clear to us the goals towards which Dr. Muhammad Taha aims as he intends to introduce the reader to the meaning of psychological boundaries while addressing the differences between the sense of the real self and the false one, and the logical reasons that motivate us to repeat a mistake and how to stand on the lessons learned from the situations incomplete.
The author provides us with an “effective prescription” to identify and distinguish our inner feelings from unreal feelings, and how we can play a set of roles that improve our life scenarios so that we are not surprised by the years we have lived “only half a life”.
As stated under the objectives of the parts the author added in the second chapter is to draw a map of how to recognize our latent selves and how to speak to the inner voices that we constantly blame and prevent them spoiling our lives, with a scientific overview supported by real-life examples of a set of decisions that can cost us to change the course of our lives forever.
Dr. Muhammad Taha also deals with the issue of suicide, in a graceful way, in which he explains the meaning, which seems unknown to some, that someone decides to end his life. fear of abandonment and loneliness and what these feelings can do to their owners.
The book “Departing from the text … again” has succeeded in achieving a goal that will be a course of great importance to many readers, sectors and broad segments of them who will be able to, with reading of the texts, “their choices and determine the factors that influence them, and most importantly, how to control the incalculable impulses of our decisions and the way we can thereby put an end to our needs that directly harm us can affect.
And we finally find ourselves with a strong feeling that the author of the book has demonstrated through the strong additions of his rich author that he was able to create an ideal mix and blend in which he developed the theories of psychiatry and the rules of psychology combined to achieve the best forms of balanced human relationships with others and healthy internal interactions with the self.
Dr. Mohamed Taha, is an author, thinker, professor and consultant of Egyptian psychiatry, born in Maghagha in the Minya governor. He is known for his simplified scientific publications on psychiatry, human relationships and other topics that help the reader understand himself and develop his awareness and personal tools, which help to change his life for the better.

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