“Egyptian-African Businessmen” organize an “Egyptian-Zambian” conference on trade and investment

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The Egyptian-African Businessmen ‘Association “EABA”, led by dr. Yousry El-Sharqawy, held an extensive virtual conference on Tuesday, entitled “Business and Trade Day in Zambia”.
A large number of businessmen in Egypt and Zambia participated in the conference, including the Minister of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Zambia “Chipuka Mulenga”, the representative of the association in the state of Zambia, “Danny Simumba”, and the CEO . of the Zambia Manufacturers Association, “Florence Mulia”.

Al-Sharqawi stressed that the association was improving investment and trade opportunities with Zambia as well as between all African countries, and emphasized Egypt’s continued zeal to enhance economic cooperation with the Republic of Zambia by taking real and clear steps to promote economic integration. achieve and encourage trade exchange. between the two countries.
He added that trade relations between Egypt and Zambia were witnessing a significant and remarkable development, emphasizing that there were several Egyptian companies operating in Zambia, and that a large number of companies had a desire to invest in and out of the Republic of Zambia. to knit.

It came during Dr. Yousry El Sharkawy’s welcoming speech to all the speakers, led by the Zambian Minister of Trade and Industry “Chibuka Mulenga” and the Ambassador of the Republic of Zambia in Cairo “Mag Jane Mulambo”.
El-Sharqawy also stressed that the Egyptian private sector is always looking forward to inviting the business community in Africa to re-examine and discuss what they can offer. To support intra-African investment and trade.

He stressed that this meeting is primarily aimed at presenting a number of theses and investment, commercial and economic opportunities in the Republic of Zambia. Al-Sharqawi concluded his welcoming speech by saying: “Our mission is to work with our African brothers, and we, as an Egyptian association, look forward to working in the financial and business community in Africa.”

Dr. Yousry Al-Sharqawi confirmed that the “Zambia Trade and Business Day” conference was held with systematic objectives as follows:
• Presenting the experiences of entrepreneurs in Zambia, and their success stories beyond borders.
• Networking, establishing profitable relationships and providing marketing services that can best serve Zambian business people to the Afro-European Businessmen’s Association and its members.
• Identify and attract potential foreign investors between Zambia and Egypt to implement profitable projects for all partners.
• Show the competitive advantages that have helped companies in Zambia export their products
• The presentation of the characteristics that companies in Zambia are looking for when liaising or contracting with suppliers from abroad.
• How to start the export business to and from Zambia?
• Presenting challenges in promoting trade and partnerships in joint ventures between Zambia, Egypt or other African countries and possible solutions to those challenges.
The word was conveyed to “Danny Simumba”, the representative of the African Egyptians in the Republic of Zambia; To welcome and introduce the speakers.During his speech, he thanked the president of the association for his encouragement of private Egyptian companies; To enter the Zambian market, and explore opportunities for cooperation with Zambian companies; For the benefit of both countries.

May Jane Mulambo, Zambia’s Ambassador to Egypt, stressed the need to find a suitable mechanism to assist African peoples in this difficult period facing the whole world as a result of the Russo – Ukrainian war. Industries there, including: minerals, water resources, and forests, which are a primary source of timber. faith.
Joseph Malizawa praised the importance of the African continental free trade area and emphasized that it offers the Republic of Zambia great export opportunities, emphasizing that it is a large African market that includes 54 countries, a population of more than 1.3 billion people and a purchases. power of about 3 trillion US dollars.

He noted that estimates in Zambia show that SMEs account for 97 per cent of all businesses in the country, 70 per cent of GDP and 88 per cent of employment, providing a significant share of income for the majority of Zambia’s working population.

He added that the small and medium enterprise sector in Zambia is one of the main sectors contributing to poverty reduction and job creation.
He stressed that the Zambian government will seek to facilitate the integration of small and medium-sized enterprises and cooperatives in the AfCFTA markets, by improving the sector’s ability to participate in regional and global value chains and promote skills development.

The “Zambia Trade and Business Day” conference came out with a large number of recommendations. At the end of the day, Dr Yousry El-Sharqawi expressed his congratulations on this occasion and stressed that it was time to explore the economic potential available in the two countries, and called on investors in Zambia and Egypt to hold other discussion sessions. to hold; To encourage the Egyptian-Zambian business community and to enhance the exchange of investment and trading opportunities among them.

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