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Specialists describe the donation file as unreported, spreading information about the existence of billions of suspended riyals, some of which are in dispute in the judiciary. Although there is no official statistical figure that determines the size of the donation’s wealth, some specialists have estimated it in the billions. It requires organization and a compass, while other specialists have unanimously agreed on the importance of counting the donated. funds and building a general information base about them.

According to specialists in endowment issues, they described them as the most complex and dangerous property welfare issues due to the commitment to old contracts and instruments and their transformation into qualitative, economic and social provisions that are non-negotiable and applied with poor management and control over the work of overseers decades ago.

Integrity .. Do you interfere?

Gifting thefts took many forms, differing in methods, but they essentially agreed as theft or usurpation of donations without a legal or legal basis. This was stated by the Professor of Law at the Institute of Public Administration and the International Arbitrator, Dr. Muhammad Al-Maqsudi, demands that the General Authority for Endowment Funds do its job entrusted to him in the system, and he should not be satisfied with the present, but should help the competent government agencies to make any unknown or plundered donations on and the need for the participation of the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority In the file of search for donations looted in the past due to its great powers and capabilities, especially since crimes of assault on public money are not within the time limit does not fall.

The authorities inherited thousands of files

The corridors of the judiciary have filed multi-billion barter lawsuits between donation overseers, donation heirs, beneficiaries and overlapping parties. Many of these cases have involved cases of manipulation of donations of billions in billions over donations of property distributed throughout the Kingdom, and specialists rely on the ability of the General Authority for Endowment Funds, established years ago, to settle the matter. Although the government has inherited a large burden of files related to donations.

According to followers, the development of donations in the Kingdom has undergone several stages, as the donation is one of the resources to strengthen the role of donations in economic and social development and social solidarity. To organize, preserve, develop and develop donations in a manner that meets the conditions of donations and strengthens their role in economic and social development and social solidarity, in accordance with the objectives of Islamic Sharia and regulations, in addition to the support and acumen of the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Judicial Council to support donation projects; The Ministry has appointed judges for donations in the courts to assist in speeding up endowment proceedings and to serve the detainees in the context of supporting endowment projects and facilitating related procedures such as documentation, ratification and co-operation with the General Authority for Endowment funds in order to achieve all that will support the body through the formation of a committee to legalize the buying and selling procedures and the transfer of donations by replacing them, designing its procedures and with the Saudi Residents Authority of the Ministry of Coordinate trade in order to speed up the process of selling, buying, exchanging and benefiting from donations, which have greatly helped to support donations and encourage the rich to start ending their donation procedures and encourage those who stand. to expedite charitable work Organizations that guarantee the management and control of these businesses; To ensure that it is on track and achieves the goals set for it.

Sixth generation qualifying entry!

Attorney Maged Qaroub has revealed that maturity cases are among the most complex and dangerous real estate welfare cases, as they are linked to old contracts and instruments and their transformation into qualitative, economic and social provisions that are non-negotiable and enforceable, with poor management and control over the work of overseers, especially with the entry of some beneficiaries into the sixth generation. He said: One of the most important and dangerous obstacles in distribution cases is the failure to comply with precedents, judicial principles and fatwas that govern and organize cases. Considering that the hokr contracts are perpetual without any consideration of the terms and conditions in the hokr contract, and this causes great harm to the hokr and the endowment, in addition to not terminating or revoking the hokr contract by failing or violate any of its terms. a condition to pay the rent year after year, as well as not to terminate it due to the death of the ruins or a portion thereof or the death of the custodian.

Qaroub explained that the work is legally underway with the continuity of the hokr contract, regardless of the extent of the monopolist’s commitment to the terms of the contract or the condition of the monopolized eye and its rubble, even if they did not pay the rent for the hedged land. If the said wage is unfair, then the landlord becomes one of the owners of pennies and the beneficiary is one of the owners of billions unfair, explaining that it is fair and equitable to give his right to everyone who has a right, when all or some of the ruins are in the public interest, thus the one who has the right to compensate for his ruins, and the one who has the right to compensate for His land for unclear legal and economic reasons.

Qaroub added that one of the most serious issues is the authorization of the maturity over the maturity, without the consent of the owner, and yet obligation of the one who is negligent with the consequences of this negligence on the part of the monopolist, as he made a waqf over what he does not own and it is not fit for him to alienate it so.The land is a monopoly. Thus, to give preference to the monopolist’s interest over the monopolist caused the loss of many rights, as the monopolists trade the rubbish and keep the monopoly with tens and sometimes hundreds of millions, and they carry out successive emptying. Revocable as has been done with all. the deeds of property revoked by the state.

3 trillion riyals distributed

Lawyer Qaroub, explained the problems of the donation, including that the mahkir is not entitled to inquire about the instruments issued to the custodians, which led to many of the custodians withdrawing title deeds against the trusts under their hands has without the knowledge of the endowment, while the endowment’s properties and its limits in the municipality and the notary are limited. What is a clear and explicit attack on the donation grounds, similar to what happened on state property, which has made tens of billions for those who do not deserve it. that, which requires investigation by the regulatory and anti-corruption authorities.

Qaroub concluded by saying: The judicial treatment of the issue of donations and the transactions that take place on them requires a comprehensive and radical review of judicial principles with their security, social and economic dimensions for this wealth, which at no less than 3 trillion is estimated. The wealth of properties is concentrated in Makkah, Medina, Jeddah and some areas, especially in Qassim. .

Gifting on helpless cats and horses!

Professor of Law at the Institute of Public Administration and the International Arbitrator, Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Al-Maqsudi, presented a working document on combating donation theft and the retroactive effect on past crimes, saying: The purpose of the donation differed from spending on the poor, needy, orphans, widows, passers-by and the sick, to many important purposes such as defense Over the fatherland and spending on the Almora, to the scientific and educational aspects. The donations included issues that are considered she’s on today’s scale, such as donations to sick animals or old people such as cats, dogs and helpless horses. There are purposes that seem very simple, such as spending on vermin and insect hunters in the Great Mosque of Mecca or spending on needles and threads for the poor in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, and this may indicate the saturation of other aspects of the donation purposes. it may be more important.

Al-Maqsudi posed a question: How does the General Authority for Endowment Funds maintain endowment assets in an effective and retroactive manner? He responded by saying: There is no doubt that the government is striving to do this, and people in some areas of our country have used everything they have accumulated in their lives to buy real estate or agricultural land to buy it for to donate to charity. Agricultural land allocated to the Two Holy Mosques alone is 6281 hectares. In the Qatif region, the percentage of gifted lands in some periods reached 60% of the total agricultural land in it. The rest of the donations, old and modern, are measured by the area of ​​a country like ours, which is large in area. Therefore, everyone is afraid that the donations in any area will be lost due to weak souls.

Dispel misconceptions

The expert in the Islamic Fiqh Academy and Professor of Legal Studies at King Abdulaziz University, Dr Hassan Safar, said: The donation requires organized efforts to promote it, and a great and intense effort on the part of the media, the owners of wealth and those in charge of public fund management; To dispel misconceptions about it and promote this important project, which can be the first treatment for the problem of poverty and the most powerful tool for achieving development, providing social services in an organized way, and increasing from supporting the status of donation work and strengthening it to economic and social development.

The heirs demand the return of 23 properties

In a set of court rulings, the Ministry of Justice has codified a number of endowment cases that have been considered by the Saudi courts, as some of the heirs of a businessman have filed a lawsuit against the supervisor of their father’s donation, which consisted of 23 properties worth more than one and a half billion riyal, and the cancellation of the deed of donation and the repayment of the endowed funds claimed to them and the rest of the heirs under the pretext that the donation on the most of the money came and that the donation had its jurisdiction in the case of the donation, and that the origin of the donation was issued by the court in the south of the kingdom, and most of the real estate is located in the Makkah region, and the parking lot was inhabited before his death in Mecca, and the proceeds of the donation are allocated to spending on charities in general, building mosques and helping youths. permanent and temporary health centers, safe medical equipment, patient care, dialysis, translation and printing, service of the Koran, sponsor orphans, free slaves and other charitable acts.

From the archives of the courts, a Saudi court has started a lawsuit against a trustee on charges of financial corruption amounting to more than one billion riyal.

In another case, a number of brothers requested the cancellation of their father’s donation because they were disadvantaged because the donation was for children and male offspring, not for females.

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