Honesty in love, trust, family and death

Honesty in love, trust, family and death

Reem and Wissam Brady with Anas Bukhash face the truth of life

Saturday – 13 Shawwal 1443 AH – 14 May 2022 AD Issue No. [

Anas Bukhash, media player, Wissam Brady, and his wife, model Reem Al-Saidi

Beirut: Fatima Abdullah

Anas Bukhash mediates a duo of trust: Lebanese journalist Wissam Braidi and his wife, Tunisian model Rym Al-Saidi. They appear in elegant black with the Emirati journalist in “ABTalks” (YouTube) interviews. One changes with the days, and looks forward to life with an eye that sees clearly. The program prepares questions about love between spouses, which bring out their feelings, thoughts and principles.
The uniqueness of the program in questions and management of the meeting. The presenter and his team run boats in the heart of the human soul, and they are not happy with the banks. What makes the spouses reveal are the questions that are addressed to the soul. They are confronted with their own interrelated existence. The assembly throws them before the stormy possibilities, and by their decision they are anchored on the land. The question opens their lives wide open, indifferent to details and unwilling to invade privacy. Life is land and building, constants, attitudes and priorities.
What if Wissam Brady loses his memory? What would his wife tell him to activate the pictures? A question does not pass without eliciting a sigh, and some questions are eager to soothe tears. The two guests go deep into explaining the concept of love. Their days before an exam are forbidden to fail. Since he introduced her to her, she replied, “Yes,” and they both realized that marriage is a responsibility, “I doubt if I will lose my memory with you, and if that happens, I will love you again in instead of once, a hundred. ”
Sometimes some mock the discussion of love, its conditions and its vocabulary. Wissam and Reem Brady sail in it, and they summarize his philosophy. The relationship may seem “perfect” for the needs of the camera, if its stars did not base it on the pillar of consciousness. Three main stations reassured the man that his choice was in order: the first when he saw her and the heartbeat was escalating, the second when she gave birth to their eldest daughter, and the third when she gave birth to the youngest. In the latter, it was confirmed that his bet was correct, on the day she was placed alone in Milan, and he was bound by worries in Beirut. Then the certainty of choosing the right woman, his partner, doubled.
Anas Bukhash is among them, he spreads questions to be asked by one of them to the other, and he digs up the bags inside. The Brady duo did not present themselves as “love birds”, as even the birds are sometimes destined to be quiet. People were not deceived by marriage on the basis of poems and the land with roses. By presenting themselves as a cable of understanding, the decision was made for the responsible engagement. They have often used the phrase “let’s leave love aside”, but that alone is not enough to continue. What keeps them going is trust, so they share life: “We live one life.”
Anas Bukhash wants confessions related to transparency and emotional openness. Wissam Brady refuses to be a strong man all the time, always in front of him is a solid woman. People are moments of weakness and stations of frustration. For him, the power between a man and a woman also means that they drop their masks and that human weakness manifests unashamedly in the other. They combine: “We do not judge each other. Our strength is in declaring our weakness and then rising again. ”
Listen carefully to experiences that are worth your time and increase your grades. And the experience of Reem and Wissam Brady from life lessons. Trust does not happen all at once. It’s a rock upon a rock, and other accumulating situations. Usually some men are deliberately stingy in their feelings, so the Lebanese media suggests a different model: “If Reem and the two daughters do not make me happy, I can not go to work the next day. Man is like an electronic car, he has to have a charger to keep him alive. ”
They did not marry to have children, but to build a future. The best compliment for a woman is when her husband says she made him the person he wanted to be. And Wissam Brady told Reem Saidi that. His comparison is simple: “Love equals happiness, and toxic relationships are not called love.” His losses increased in Lebanon, and at the age of forty he decided to start over in the Emirates. At the beginning of the acquaintance, he decided for her: “It is impossible for me to leave my country and leave my family.” Then he found that he was packing and pulling his stuff. “The two girls I play with every day do not just make me think of myself. It is for them that I leave to dwell on the moon. ”
Reem Al-Saidi did not think she would marry a Lebanese man and share life with him in his homeland. She had beautiful plans, such as traveling to Los Angeles and expanding into the fashion world. Her phone rang, and it was a call from Brady’s “Dancing with the Stars” program. She said: Why not, let it be a two-month break in Lebanon. Here he plucked her from her plans, and together they drew different plans. They believe in the signs of heaven: “It is no coincidence that two hearts meet, each from a land. Nor to emerge from shaky relationships at the same time. God sends a light to man, and if he follows it, he will achieve happiness. ”
Anas Bukhash reminds his two guests of the blessing of their being side by side, by suggesting the opposite scene: What if death appears, with what words would you choose farewell? They are crying. He cares about the issue of high esteem, and he misses some people. A person gets busy and forgets to say thank you for the blessings. But Brady does not forget that he is in life with a reason, to keep his family. He carries his brother, the deceased actor in a terrible traffic accident, Issam Braidy, on his conscience, and with his presence in him, he faces life. Since the separation, he has been a different person. He married Prem Al-Saeedi, and his pain was relieved.


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