It has no place in the “national dialogue”.

After nearly a decade of terrorist and sabotage operations in Egypt, the terrorist Brotherhood is trying to rob the political profits by begging for participation in the national dialogue demanded by the country’s president.

And at the end of last month, the Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, announced during the Egyptian family’s breakfast ceremony that a “political dialogue” had been launched with all powers without exception or discrimination, and the results of this dialogue to him announced. personally, which also coincided with an Egyptian court ruling placing the Brotherhood on the list of terrorism.

Despite what the organization has done in recent years, its horns do not cease to promote what it calls “reconciliation” with the Egyptian state, from time to time by exploiting some files that the group allegedly presses on the authorities can make out.

desperate attempts

The most recent of these attempts was represented in the statement issued by the organization by the “Mahmoud Hussein” front, known as the “Istanbul Camp”, which for months engaged in a violent struggle over money and power with the front of the acting guide Ibrahim Munir in London, on dialogue.

The organization stated that “dialogue is a political tool and a matter of urgency and necessity,” and that “the sincere will to pursue it must meet the conditions for success and continuity, the availability of goodwill and confidence in the first place is. “

A few days before him, the leader of the terrorist organization, Youssef Nada, renewed his call for reconciliation, claiming in a message published by the Ibrahim Munir Front’s “Brotherhood Site” website that “the Brotherhood’s door is open is for dialogue and forgiveness with the current regime, after responding to grievances. “

The desperate efforts by the organization’s leaders to co-opt the Egyptian leadership’s stance on reconciliation were greeted with an official stance that was completely ignored, while the popular rejection was broader.

There is no place for terrorism

In this regard, an official Egyptian official source, authorized to handle this file, said that talking about any role or presence of the Muslim Brotherhood on the scene has become a thing of the past.

The source, who spoke to “Al-Ain News”, added that “the invitation launched by President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi in no way includes the terrorist organization,” and stressed that “there is no place for any of those belonging to this group at the dialogue tables with the Egyptian state. “

At the same time, he made it clear that the invitation to the presidential dialogue is addressed to those who believe in the legitimacy of the June 30 state.

He pointed out that any member of the organization who was not involved in violence or incitement against the Egyptian state could live and practice his life in peace without being exposed to him in any way, which on more than one occasion the president has been confirmed. .

He continued, “To carry out any activity under the umbrella of the organization, such as meetings of Brotherhood families or other forms of Brotherhood work, will be prosecuted in accordance with the law classifying them as a terrorist organization. “

The source stressed that “there is no room to speak, either in public or in secret, with that organization and its leaders, whether at the present time or at any future stage,” adding: “It is’ a necessary part of the current state, doctrine, whose social structure rejects any presence of the terrorist organization, which means that the state leadership and its apparatus can not clash with popular and social trends. “

Pipe drome

In turn, Major General Khaled Okasha, head of the Egyptian Center for Thought and Strategic Studies, said that the Egyptian state had referred this file entirely to the judicial authorities, and it is no longer a political file.

Okasha added in statements to “Al-Ain News” that the organization’s involvement in recent years in cases of terrorism, money laundering and intelligence, in addition to its leadership of the terrorist organizations Hassm and Liwa al-Thawra, it is a file by the judicial authorities are authorized.

The security and political expert described the Brotherhood’s recent attempts to open political channels as illogical, saying: “It is absolutely illogical for the state or Egyptian society to turn to the organization after years of terrorism and incitement against the Egyptian society. ”

Okasha attributed the organization’s renewal to its calls for dialogue and reconciliation with the Egyptian state to its internal crises and the efforts of its leaders to preserve their image before the organization’s elements, as opposed to their efforts to discuss the organization’s crises. to jump, to improve their image on the outside, and to carry an image to international systems that they are still engaging in political action, to deny their accusation of terrorism.

Okasha stressed that “neither the official authorities, nor Egyptian society will allow the organization to play any role again.”

Major General Ahmed Al-Shehabi, director of the National Center for Studies, agreed with him, saying that “at least until the next ten years there will be no willingness on the part of the state at official level or Egyptian society to handle the group. in any way. “

In an interview with “Al-Ain News”, Al-Shehabi expressed his surprise at the recent efforts by the organization regarding dialogue or the search for reconciliation, saying: “How are they seeking reconciliation after harming the whole Egyptian society, and has led to the delay in the revival and development of the Egyptian state with terrorist operations against Egypt in recent years? He stressed, “I do not think at all that the state will accept the existence of this organization . “

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