It is a pity that there are those who built their election project under the slogan of the disarmament of the resistance, which was created to protect the homeland

During the two Friday prayer sermons from the pulpit of the Imam al-Hassanin Mosque in Haret Hreik, Ali Fadlallah emphasized that the Lebanese will choose their representatives. ” She will be pregnant for the next four years with the responsibilities and rights that fall on the shoulders of the new council, after the slope that this country has reached and the suffering that the Lebanese are facing at all. levels, which they are no longer able to bear. From here, we renew our call to citizens to take responsibility in the election. Those who represent them should study their orientations well, study their history, their sincerity, their honesty, their ability. to resist the temptations of money and power, their powers and abilities, the extent of their presence at the level of legislation or supervision, and whether they will stand with them and express themselves when faced with crises and problems Com.

He said: “We do not want the Lebanese to make their choices on an emotional or sectarian basis, or in exchange for services provided to them, gifts, special accounts or factional interests, as much as we want them to think of the inspiration of the pain they are suffering and the hope they are striving for by building a nation. ” They want him and us to want him to be strong in his politics, economy and security, and to be able to protect himself, not beg and not beg others who will not give him except at exorbitant prices, a precious country, free from dependence and dependence, free from corruption and waste that has eaten up the green and dry Lebanon and is still far away from the policies that brought about the disasters. The Lebanese must adopt the policy of abolition, exclusion, isolation and marginalization of any of its sects and any of its components.

He stressed that “the Lebanese must be aware that their voices are the most powerful weapon in their hands, so that they do not waste or neglect them, and place them in the right place in which they are first excused by their Lord, and then with the homeland, which it is their duty to preserve for future generations, and that when they cast their vote, their votes therefore decide their future, the future of their children and the fate of their homeland, and I am confident that the Lebanese, who experienced the previous stage with everything that happened in it, is able to distinguish between those who were honest, sincere, eager for the country and its people and did not compromise in all this, and whoever for him and wanted for a dairy cow. who around him, who made him the hostage from the outside, to manipulate him as he pleased. “

He continued: “The Lebanese must not lose sight of the fact that they are determining their options, that there is an enemy hiding in their security and wealth, and that Lebanon always sees an antithesis to its racist project. As he has done before , and I made him fear them after this country was his theater. ”

He stressed that “it is a pity that there are those who built their election project under the slogan to disarm the resistance, this weapon that was found to protect the whole country, and it will remain so … for a time when everyone sees with his own eyes this enemy still violates his land, sea, faces and sovereignty, and does not hesitate to He threatens and threatens his towns and cities, and today he carries out the greatest military maneuver on his borders.Libanon will not be not immune to its repercussions if it does not happen today, in the future, which may soon be … At a time when he is turning his back on Lebanese demands and getting ready to start drilling for oil and gas, even at the expense of our rights and wealth.

He added: “We remain within the framework of this election, to reiterate the need to complete this election, away from the atmosphere of tension and emotion that is feared to be reflected on the ground. We say to those who live in tension that the place because the expression of this tension is in the polls, Another.The elections were created to express the choices of the Lebanese, and not to increase the division and division between the components of the country who have no choice but to live and work together.

He stressed, “We want the post-election phase to be a phase in which everyone dedicates themselves to building a homeland that we do not want to waste, fall apart or beg to meet its needs and minimum requirements, or begs the International Monetary Fund to buy its bread in exchange for bond conditions that could lead to the country becoming dependent on foreign policy. ” We want all Lebanese leaders, whether political or spiritual, to realize that the way to address their concerns and fears they view other sects with suspicion is the return of trust between their parties, but this will not happen through exchange of accusations and high treason, but rather through objective, calm and far-constructive dialogue of The media scandal with which concerns disappear and illusions arise, and we are confident that the Lebanese leaders can then reach a united position that rebuilds the state on solid foundations , which enables the confrontation of crises at all levels, if the intentions are described and each one listens to each other away from backgrounds and prejudices.

And he concluded: “And by moving to Palestine, where the Zionist enemy continues to complete its racist project that led to the Nakba of Palestine, whose commemoration we are living today, we see that it is its aggressive practices towards the Palestinians. continues, either in the permanent siege of the Gaza Strip to subdue it or in his practice of killing and demolishing houses in the West Bank.And the assassination, and the last of his crimes, was the assassination of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh , which refers to the depth of the predicament that this entity is experiencing to the operations that have affected the depth of its entity, and to its fear of the voice exposing its crimes against the Palestinian people.We call on him to continue to defend this cause, whereby only this people achieve their goals and acquire their full and undiminished rights. ”

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