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In the past, football was not a stage for investors or for the performance of obscene singing, as we now see. Everyone called it the game of the poor. Because everyone can play and follow it, but it seems to be the opposite with the advent of exclusive broadcasting rights, sponsorship companies and TV subscriptions.

The game used to be played just for fun, but now part of it is dedicated to showing players cars when they come for training, their trendy hairstyles at the beginning of each week and their luxurious lifestyle in their luxury homes.

In fact, it does not hide from the football viewer the huge difference that hard currency has made between the past and the present, and if we do not want to go far in years and days, we will not go back more than 30 years. The sharp drop in the level of football between then and now.

The generation we are talking about watched Maradona and Matthews in World Cup 90 and enjoyed Baggio and Romario at the 94th Carnival, which included the victory of Schmeichel’s battalion and Klinsmann’s companions in Euro 92 and 96 respectively, and perhaps the French World Cup the last breath at the beginning of the end of the time of fun and conviction for all who watched and watched football at the end of the century past.

That time when the quality of football did not differ, not for clubs or teams, the World Cup is exceptional for everyone and the Euro is a tournament that has shown jealousy, we no longer see it among the top South American teams their unbridled desire to take part in at least one match in the European Carnival, whether at the level of Clubs What madness we saw in the League and what splendor we saw in the Calcio, and what excitement the Premier League caused, all this in one hand and the old name of the European Champions League on the other, the European Club Championship Champions League.

We arrived at the year 2000, the beginning of the twentieth century, and if we go back in time to then someone would have predicted the level and quality of the round these days, it would have been said crazy about him, but actually, no one has asked for the astronomical numbers we see these days, whether it was from clubs ‘or players’ salaries or their agents who were a major cause of destroying everything related to football

And in the most beautiful perception we can convey to the reader, says the former international player for Wales and the legend of Manchester United, I played with Manchester for 24 consecutive years and did not raise money throughout my career as the players collect today . over 3 years, if Sir Alex Ferguson wanted to attract a player. What, he watched him for a period of no less than two years until he took the tests in Manchester, so you see him move one or two million euros with a salary that is not considered as astronomical as the figures we do not hear, but now you see a player who has only shone for half a season in any of the minor leagues and then you see him as a player for one of the clubs Top Europeans with a transfer agreement of no. less than 70 million euros and an annual salary of not less than 10 million euros.

There is no doubt that this change that took place was Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid in his first term, the reason for igniting his spark in Europe and the whole world. In the most controversial agreement to date, from Barcelona, ​​Madrid’s first arch-enemy in the following year, with 56 and 65 million respectively, were astronomical numbers that Europe had not yet seen, so the team was later strengthened by the Brazilian phenomenon Ronaldo and the English Prince David Beckham with the presence of their first lover Raul Gonzalez. And the Brazilian legend of left-back Roberto Carlos.

The other reason for this change is the abolition of the Salary Ceiling Act. We all know that this law has been implemented before, but it is not to the extent that the player’s agent becomes the final decision maker in accepting or rejecting the offers available to him, but rather that there is freedom to ask for the salary that suits The player, and of course each according to his skill and importance, which these days is highlighted by the most important factor and which was previously lacking, namely the media.

These numbers later reflected negatively on football to hit astronomical numbers that reflect the poor quality of players, if we ask ourselves a question that goes back a bit, who is Gonzalo Higuain until his transfer agreement reaches 94 million from Naples to the Bianconeri? Is Pogba worth 120 million in his transfer from Juventus to Manchester? Numbers preceded by numbers and followed by others in the astronomical salaries of many players and their agents, which is at the top of Mino Raiola’s list, a name that is enough to repeat the phrase “good words”, no less.

And not to mention exclusively the lack of quality of the game, we must mention the opposite of what these astronomical salaries provoked.which to this day have provided the great addition to all football fans, from here it can be said that the practicing football has professionally provided a lifeline for some of the current big stars, led by Argentine Lionel Messi, the captain of Barcelona, ​​and the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of Juventus, who is living in severe poverty lived. childhood.

Lionel Messi was born into a poor family, and in his childhood he suffered from a disease of stunted growth, and he needed an expensive injection to grow his body naturally, and he was able to treat and practice football after he joined the Barcelona. La Masia ”Academy at the beginning of the current millennium

On the other hand, Ronaldo’s mother wanted to abort him when he was a fetus, because the family could not support another child, before this child became one of the icons of football, and one of the richest players and entrepreneurs on the moment.

In addition to Messi and Ronaldo, hundreds of football stars told their stories of poverty before the “round witch” made them rich, including, but not limited to, the Belgian Romelu Lukaku, the Chilean Alexis Sanchez, the Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Brazilian Marcelo, and many others ..

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