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The UAE is the homeland of tolerance and development, and a fine imprint that stretched to the ends of the earth, with no distinction between race and color, and in all areas the UAE was a pioneer, and managed to sports field to prove the world that the land of Zayed, led by the late, if God wills, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace, is one of the highlights on the map of global, regional and Arab sports .

Everyone realizes that in each of our lives there are examples and examples, which we consider as examples, role models and beacons that illuminate our path to a bright future, for a society in which we grew up and grew up, which we a lot support, attention and care, and the day came that we inevitably had to fulfill his right, and give back the favor. These people aimed to place the banner of their state in the ranks of the advanced countries of the world, and to raise the slogan of giving without borders and without compensation. The important thing is to raise the status of the nation’s youth, all present, and hope for the future.


The late, God willing, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace, a symbol of the nation and the protector of our march, was one of our leading leaders, to whom we are eminently referred, and to who we are proud, cherished and honored, given their fragrant biography, full of achievements, which was a witness to the efforts, giving and sacrifices they made, in which they offered the most precious and precious, and set the most wonderful examples to to serve their country, and their tireless quest, to chart a bright and bright future for their country in various aspects of life.He was, may God rest his soul, the first sponsor of the sports movement in the country, and the chief supporter of sports and athletes, and when the late, God Almighty, his sons, players, would meet, advise them and say: The championships and results and the hoisting of the flag of the fatherland high, will not be achieved without perseverance , devotion, love for the fatherland , make efforts, and translate what the capabilities utilize on the ground, and this is what has been achieved in His reign, since he assumed the presidency of the state in 2004, when he reaffirmed his eagerness to continue playing sports and athletes in the country, in various games, so that the youth of the Emirates would continue to hoist the flag of the nation, in every forum inside or outside.

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Perhaps the thought of the late, so God willing, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may rest his soul in peace, over sports, clearly, with its importance and development in various games, and the regional and international achievements and championships that achieved with it. , which reflected the whole world, an important aspect, and a clear picture of development and progress in other areas, indicating, may God rest his soul, that the UAE’s interest in sport is no less important than its interest in any other field. , and perhaps his encounter with the Golf 21 champions, and his demand that they take this achievement as a first step in the coming journey of achievement, which is the extent to which the state has achieved in terms of civilization and development in various fields reflect. , and to set an example and an example for other young people, by displaying good morals, as he met them amid unparalleled celebrations in the history of our participation in the Arabian Gulf Cup, which took place in started the year 72 in Riyadh.


The achievements of the fatherland during the era of the symbol of the fatherland, may God rest his soul, were not limited to a specific field. Over the course of 18 years, during his glorious tenure, it alternated between political, economic, sport , and others in various spheres of life.During his reign he witnessed a historic achievement by all standards as he ascended Our Olympic team to the London 2012 Olympics, to prove to all that the people of the country are still always been on the covenant. and promise.

Emirati sport, thanks to the support and attention of the late, achieved great successes, and His Highness’ generous generosity towards the athletes of his country represented a driving force that led them to the world podiums and enabled them to achieve his sponsorship of the Gulf, Arab, Continental and international levels His sponsorship of sports and athletes is based on conviction Complete that sport has become a standard for the advancement of nations and the civilization of nations, and that youth the pillar of nation building.

Emirati sport also experienced a great boom, which would not have been achieved without the great interest of the political leadership in it, which would have led to various games, prosperity and development, especially after the great interest in the generation of young people and youths in various games, in order to achieve the necessary development, in an informative and distant prospect for the future. , whether in the short or long term.

to support

The late God Almighty was also eager to support the country’s athletes, coaches and administrators on an annual basis, in a ceremony in honor of the owners of sports achievements, a party representing a holiday for athletes in the country. At Zayed Sports City Stadium, one of the most important stations in the Emirates sport.

The characteristics of youth and sport have also changed, under the protection of Khalifa bin Zayed to his sons, through the construction of the latest sports stadiums and the increase in their area.The basic principle in shaping the personality of all our countrymen, it has always emphasized the building of man, a good citizen, who serves his nation and his country, according to the teachings of our true Islamic religion.


And the generous succession and generosity of the forgiving, God Almighty, towards the sons of the land, has not ceased, and there is no doubt that his thinking in sport has had the greatest impact, as it is from a penetrating and wise thought arose. , and how not, and he is the son of the wise leader “Zayed”, may God rest his soul, In the era of “Khalifa”, the UAE managed to organize the biggest sporting events, thanks to the interests and support of the wise man of the nation for the youth of the country, and in appreciation for the role and position of the UAE in supporting sport, indicating the interest of the political leadership in various sports activities.The personality of the late, God Almighty , has contributed to giving an expressive picture of the UAE sport’s reputation in any sporting event and venue in which our sporting missions participate, whether in regional, Arab, Asian or international tournaments, and other major sporting events. Participation comes through the goal set for us by the Late, God willing, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace, in the context of his acumen on the importance of the UAE to remain present in all sporting events, after it increased the balance of our children, and sport became an important part of the concept of peoples.

Finally, the eye sheds tears, the heart mourns, and we are sad about you passing away, our Sheikh, and we just say what pleases our Lord Almighty, we belong to God and to Him we will return .. May God the dead bless. in the fatherland and the nation with his grace, and place him in his spacious gardens, and inspire us all patience and consolation, Our heartfelt condolences to the people of the Emirates, to the honorable Al Nahyan family, to all our sheiks, and to our Arab and Islamic nation.

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