The election should not be held with hatred, and the story of depositors’ money is not through populism, but through serious representative work

Representative Ibrahim Kanaan confirmed that “today we are at a crossroads and building the future requires a good choice in the forthcoming parliamentary election, for the representative to perform the legislative and national oversight function required of him, and to be on the side of his people. , their concerns and obsessions, and success in this work gathers presence, prestige, a name and a reference, to be Evaluation of the representative on election day, which is the day of reckoning, according to his commitment to these standards and requirements.

And during a meeting at the invitation of the Baskinta Commission in the Free Patriotic Movement, he considered that “elections should not be out of disgust, instinct and hatred, because they do not build a nation, and that restorative depositors “money does not come with populism, hubra, slogans and arrogance in front of the cameras, without follow-up, standing and serious parliamentary and legislative work, to decide what to decide, and to do what is not compatible with the interests of the state and its people and threatens the entity and identity of Lebanon.

Canaan asked, “Is it permissible to continue in the same vein after what we have seen of collapse and migration?”, Noting that “the parties have a responsibility, the voter has a responsibility, and civil society “has a responsibility. Who was before them, and does the same, or even worse than them.”

He focused on that “what is required is the arbitration of reason and conscience, and look at what secures the interests and future of our families, our children, our society and our country on election day,” and asked “Is it permissible to our necks to the traders of politics or because he is not the son of so-and-so without considering to what extent he meets the required standards in the light of what we have achieved? ” Is it permissible to make fatal mistakes similar to what happened before? ”

He pointed out that “forgive me if we do self-criticism”, and our voice should not be based on a wave, passion and wishful thinking, with the future of the country and our children at stake, and every day a tragedy which follows a tragedy, in light of health needs, interruption of medication and other essential matters.

Canaan also stressed that “perhaps there are many things, if circumstances allowed it, we would have done it differently. But that does not mean despair and stop the struggle to achieve it. Hope and the will to work for the state to restore and build so that young men and women in Lebanon have the future they aspire to. ”

He also asked: “Who would have thought that the Syrians would withdraw from Lebanon at a time when they called General Michel Aoun mad when he struggled for it?” And after a long struggle, and after the state comparison and the hardening of the national will and meeting with each other changed, the Syrians withdrew from Lebanon. For example, we dreamed that General Aoun reached the presidency, but it happened after struggle, and to a Christian reconciliation, from which the quotas did not arise. but rather the building of the state and the restoration of the Christian faction that can create national unity in Lebanon, not isolation. Out of 50 delegates with the Christian voice, and about whom the Christian, national and Maronite patriarchal comparison complained in frustration, it seemed. that it can be addressed. ”

He added: “When we worked in the Finance and Budget Committee, and we reached the impossible acquittal, and we determined how to spend $ 176 billion in Lebanon with boldness and clarity, no lawsuit was filed against us. “We do not blame everyone, others, let us all work together after the election to rebuild the country, especially since the homeland is not based on permanent conflict.”

In addition, Canaan explained that “the Free Patriotic Movement’s list in the northern Matn includes 5 candidates, and we will strive to win 5 parliamentary seats. To achieve this, a massive vote is needed to achieve these goals.” He won in 2005. and 2009 sessions with 6 deputies out of 8, and in 2018 with 4 deputies. He does not need anything to win again. “

He addressed the electorate by saying, “I promise you that I will continue as you have always entrusted to me. My conscience is clear, and I have never held the class for its blindness.” Metn and Lebanon.

He argued that “the confrontation of corruption is not through slogans, but through reform legislation, and we have worked on many of them, including illegal enrichment, the recovery of stolen funds and others. The problem is implementation, so we want accountability, by an independent judiciary, selected from the judiciary. As long as the authority Politics appoints and shapes the judge, and he can not be free, despite the rebellion of some exceptional judges. ” And he said: “We want a parliament in relation to the next phase, and you have to choose the right people for this task. “There is a need to send statesmen to parliament, not a dakjaniyah who puts their interests at the expense of the nation, its people, its economy and public finances.”

Canaan recalled that “Lebanon has been without financial accounts since 1993, and has spent everything spent without audited accounts. We discovered this shortcoming when we received the Finance and Budget Committee in 2009, and we have a legislative and regulatory body. waged war, which led to the reconfiguration of accounts and they became in the Audit Bureau.Since 2019 it has fallen asleep This file needs to wake up, and we promised that we will work in the next phase to strengthen this legislation, and governments and the executive to implement and hold accountable. “

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