The Minister of Transport inspects several projects in Alexandria and Dekheila ports

The Minister of Transport, Lieutenant-General, Engineer Kamel Al-Wazir, conducted an inspection tour through the Port of Alexandria to follow the implementation rates of a number of projects implemented in Alexandria and Dekheila ports, which are within the Alexandria Great Harbor to be implemented. implementation plan, within the framework of the implementation of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s directives to make Egypt a global center for trade and logistics and the development of all ports Egyptian and to restore the power of the Egyptian merchant navy.

The tour began with a visit by the Minister of Transport and Lieutenant-General Ahmed Khaled Hassan Saeed, the Commander of the Strategic Leadership and Supervisor of Military Industrialization, the Rear Admiral Staff of War Ashraf Ibrahim Atwa Mujahid, the Commander of the Navy , and Major General Nihad Shaheen, the head of the Alexandria Port Authority, the dry dock and the mechanical quarry. A number of workshops for technical and marine works, such as car and equipment repair workshops, forging and production workshops.

He also inspected the marine services berth development project, as the project aims at the comprehensive development of the marine services area in the harbor to accommodate the new tugs, to operate the berths and the current and future expansions of the harbor. includes all means of support, catering and firefighting for tugs and marine units parked on the berth.

He then went to the Egyptian Company for the Repair and Construction of Ships affiliated with the Maritime Industrial Authority, where he reviewed his development plan in implementing the political leadership’s prescriptions to restore the strength of the Egyptian commercial navy. And maintenance of ships in terms of surnames (cutting machines, bending and shaping machines, rollers of various sizes, welding equipment of all kinds, fixed and mobile cranes within workshops, dry docks and floating docks to receive all marine units of all lengths and tonnages).

The development will contribute to the benefit of increasing the marine units owned by the bodies affiliated with the Ministry of Transport and others, to carry out maintenance and repairs to it, carried out by foreign companies, and the possibility of to build new marine units. for the bodies attached to the Ministry of Transport and others with the participation of these companies and the development of ship repair and building services for ships visiting the ports of Egypt.

The development of the Egyptian Shipbuilding and Repair Company works to save repair costs and increase the technical efficiency of workers

As well as providing the expenditure for the repair and construction of marine units and increasing the technical efficiency of workers and the weight of their skills and experiences due to friction with companies engaged in the repair, maintenance and construction of ships work, in addition to building marine units with different tonnages to serve the various sectors operating in the maritime field, including (sea locomotive tensile strength 70 tons and more, and launchers Pilots, rail boats, anti-pollution boats of all kinds), ro-ro and casting vessels to tonnage exceeding 50,000 tons and lengths greater than 200 meters, as well as the manufacture and supply of parts for marine units being built, repaired and maintained.

The Minister stressed that the restoration of the strength of the Egyptian commercial fleet will be through the establishment of serious partnerships between the state and the private sector, and the exploitation of the capabilities of the current infrastructure of the state to build all marine units , to develop and maintain. Serving Egyptian Ports Confidence in Egyptian Industry.

Subsequently, the Minister of Transport investigated the implementation of the national project, Tahya Misr multipurpose station in the Alexandria TMT port, in the presence of representatives of the Egyptian Group for Stations, project consultants and heads of executive companies. The first in Egypt and the successive dates of the arrival of other equipment to the station’s ground.

The information technology system of the station and its operating dates were explained, with an explanation that 100% of the requirements for the pilot operation of the general cargo area were prepared. The executive companies and the project consultant presented the timeline for utilities, service and administrative buildings, dredging works and stone protection works for sidewalks.

The position of the coordination measures with the Customs Authority regarding the management and installation of radiological examination devices, the customs release of equipment, the information technology system and the executive procedures taken to register the company in the MTS system and withdraw a dealer number was offered.

Establishment of a sewage treatment plant

The position of coordination with the Alexandria Port Authority regarding the connection of utilities to the boundaries of the station and compliance with the requirements of environmental matters through the work of a sewage treatment plant and coordination with the Traffic Department regarding the equipment for the industry of the berths, and the connection and integration of the station’s information technology system with the Port Authority system, was referred to the marketing plan that The company undertakes in preparation for the operation of the station, coordination with shipping companies, and the issuance of tariffs for general merchandise and cars.

The Minister, accompanied by the head of the Alexandria Port Authority, also inspected the project to establish a logistics area on the Nubaria Canal, which aims to increase the land area of ​​the Alexandria Port by a logistics backyard on an area of ​​273 hectares, connected to multimodal transport, in order to maximize capacity and storage space and activate transport.The river and the maximization of the possibilities of rail transport by connecting to the railways currently in port and reduce the traffic load and transfer it to the logistics. backbone directly connected to the coastal axis, where the aforesaid area is connected to the port of Alexandria according to Republican Decree No. and the implementation of cleaning, backfilling and improvement of land properties was initiated with the knowledge of the General Authority for Roads and Bridges.

The Minister of Transport was also informed about the implementation rates of a number of other projects being implemented in the ports of Alexandria and Dekheila, such as the project to build bay 85/3 for the handling of timber and grain, of which the implementation rate reaches 96 has. %, which will contribute to increasing the port’s capacity to keep up with the increasing demand for timber and grain goods with a trading card 5 million tons annually.

As well as the follow-up of the implementation rates of the project to build the salt-sluice bridges, which includes the construction of 2 overhead bridges that allow passage in both directions and the construction of a railway bridge that allows passage in both directions. 2 containers instead of one container, as well as increasing the convenience of road and rail traffic.

Establishment of a multi-purpose and container terminal at berth 100 at Dekheila Harbor

The project to establish a multi-purpose and container terminal at dock 100 at Dekheila Harbor was also continued. The project consists of a bay 1800 m long, 18 m in depth and a floor area of ​​660 000 m 2 , and it will be able to receive 4 ships of 240 m in length and a ship of 400 m in length.The project aims to increase the handling and storage capacity at Dekheila Port by 9-11 million tons (containers) and 6-7 million tons (general freight and grain) annually.

The project to establish a dry mass terminal at Dekheila Harbor was also followed up, which consists of a 1150 m long berth, 15 m in depth and a floor area of ​​200 000 m 2, and will 4 ships can receive. of 240 m long.The project aims to increase the handling capacity and store grains and grains in the harbor.Dekheila with 6-7 million tons annually, to meet the growing demand.

The implementation of the project to build the unclean foundry behind dock 90 at Dekheila harbor was also monitored at a cost of EGP 1.6 billion. The project aims to increase the capacity for handling and storage of unclean castings at Dekheila port by 2.5-3 million tons annually, in accordance with the highest environmental standards and in a way that reduces the pollution due to the handling of this type of goods limited.

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