This interest led me to a passion for darts

Karima Omran, the player of the Saudi Federation of Arrows, who won the bronze medal in the championship of the Saudi Federation of Women’s Arrows in Riyadh. “Okaz” met her to give a close-up photo of her personality, after she came up with her talent until she became famous in her sports field.

• We congratulate you on winning the bronze medal and third place in the 30-meter distance in the Saudi Federation of Women’s Darts Championships.

•• God bless you.

• What does this victory mean to you? Who are you giving it to?

•• First of all, I thank you for hosting and providing this opportunity, and winning means a lot to me as it is my first championship in the 30 meter competition, and I dedicate it to every diligent, whether in darts or any other sports under the umbrella of the Ministry of Sports, and the coming is more beautiful, so God willing.

Interest turned into passion

• Tell us about your entry into the sport of darts?

•• My interest in this game was from an early age by following the Olympics, and it turned into a great passion, and with the changes that have taken place in our dear country and are taking place, I and a large segment of the players had the opportunity to play the game and progress in it.

• Have you encountered problems and challenges?

•• The Wildlife Federation has greatly contributed to overcoming all difficulties by providing training centers at the highest level throughout our dear country.

• How did you develop and train yourself?

•• In the beginning it was by learning the basics of the game and its laws online, then by playing the game in the Jeddah Training Center and Hira Club, as well as at home. Finally, I attended an intensive training course held in Al-Ahsa city under the umbrella of the Ministry of Sport; Represented by the Saudi Arrows Federation, sponsored by the Leadership Development Institute and in partnership with the World Archery Organization.

• What did you learn from darts during your sports career? And what did you add?

•• Patience, perseverance, focus, and many positive qualities that influence all aspects of life on the personal and social levels.

• Who trained you to shoot? Who left the most impact on you?

•• Passion and love for the game first, then the coach of Hira club captain Mohamed Turkman, and finally the international coach Christos Karmiris.

Discipline and self-control

• Are there any conditions that a person who practices darts must meet?

•• Discipline and self-control.

• How did you find Saudi women’s interest in darts?

•• I found it a beautiful and honorable turnout, and it deserves all the support for all age groups.

• Do you have goals you want to achieve in darts?

•• Yes, to be a Saudi Olympic champion and to hoist my country’s flag in international forums.

• Do you practice a sport other than darts? •• Currently my focus is on darts.

dedicated to sports

• How do you combine your work and sport?

•• Currently, I am completely committed to this sport.

• Have you participated in external darts tournaments?

•• No, but soon, if God wills.

• What did you achieve from your dreams? And what’s left of it?

•• Officially practicing my passion for darts is one of my most important dreams, and it remains to complete the march to participate in the upcoming Olympic Games, which represent my homeland, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

• Today the Saudi woman excelled in sports, what is the message you are sending to her? •• Saudi women and all the boys of this dear country unite us with great determination and high potential who only need guidance and care what we see at. the present time of our rational government represented by the Ministry of Sport, which would facilitate and humiliate Many obstacles to reach the highest international levels with honorable results.

Happy calendar

• An unforgettable moment of joy?

•• See the Arrows Association’s tournament calendar for this year with 15 internal tournaments, which gives us the impression of the Ministry of Sport’s interest in developing this game.

• What are your future projects?

•• Saudi Olympic athlete.

• What is the most suitable age to practice darts?

•• There is no specific age for this sport, but the most important component of it is the correct foundation, and to learn the game from an early age.

• Do you support the presence of darts in schools?

•• Yes, under the supervision and control of the Saudi Arrows Federation, to ensure the implementation of the security and safety system for this sport.

• Do you have a plan or proposal to spread the sport of darts?

•• Establishment of academics and events dedicated to spreading the culture of this sport on a large scale.

• How do you see the women’s sports media?

•• First of all, I would like to thank the newspaper “Okaz”, represented by Ms Amal Al-Saeed, for attending and covering the event and conducting this interview with me. to cover the tournament, which is proof of the development and zeal of the women’s sports media in our country to cover women’s sports events.

• What word do you come up with?

•• I am overwhelmed with happiness by the attention our rational government is giving. Represented by the Ministry of Sport and the Games Federation, specializing in the development of this noble sport and all other sports, with my best wishes for our beloved country and players in any sport, all success at all levels.

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