Warner Music’s Global Acquisition of Music Channels Completed

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Media Council, confirmed that the global media community that Dubai founded more than 20 years ago is still growing and flourishing, in light of the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE The ruler of Dubai, who has made Dubai an essential platform for launching ambitious media projects and a major center to attract creative ideas and creative talents from around the region and the world .

This took place on the occasion of the completion of the acquisition of Warner Music Group, a global entertainment and music recording group, of “Music Channels”, the leading digital music and entertainment company in the Middle East and North Africa, and a subsidiary of the “Qanawat” group, which was launched in 2001 from Dubai Media City.

supportive environment

His Highness said the acquisition represents a new success in addition to the many successes stemming from the supportive environment that Dubai has provided for entrepreneurs to launch and enable their leading projects in the media, such as other sectors set out to launch it on the path to success, while taking advantage of Dubai’s attractive investment environment to attract heads of state Funds and transactions that enable them to expand their business and go global in record time, which Dubai emphasizes its continued provision of all elements of support to companies of all sizes. , including high-level infrastructure, flexible legislative frameworks, and a partnership-based approach to business.

sustainable growth

The acquisition is expected to promote the sustainable and comprehensive growth of the media sector as a whole, especially the Arab content industry, and will give a strong impetus to the components of the media community in all its categories, consolidating Dubai’s position as an advanced media center, and improving the emirate’s competitiveness to attract more large Arab and international media companies.

The deal is one of the largest of its kind in digital music and entertainment in Asia, Africa and Europe. The agreement will help to promote the development and support of Arabic talents and elevate them to world level, and will also create many jobs, as the workforce in “Music Channels” is expected to grow by more than 100% in the next phase.

Media business environment

The size of the deal is consistent with the success the Qanawat group of companies has achieved since its inception in Dubai Media City. Through its strategic presence within the largest integrated media business environment in the region, it has been able to develop and expand its business to more than 20 countries, including branches in Riyadh and Cairo. And Casablanca, Tunisia and Algeria, and has become the largest distributor of digital entertainment and music content in the Arab world and Africa, and in 2021 the network of entertainment and music channel content achieved more than 200 billion views and visits via digital broadcasting platforms , including Apple Music YouTube, Spotify and Anghami, in addition to social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, and more than 145 million videos have been uploaded by social media users.

Under the acquisition, Music Channels will continue to operate as an independent company within the Warner Music Group, under the supervision of CEO Adnan Al-Obthani. “Music Channels” will act as the main distributor for “Warner Music” in the region, which will benefit from the extensive distribution network of “Music Channels” and its network of relationships with more than 1,100 creators from around the Arab world.

unifying efforts

Adnan Al Obthani, CEO of Music Channels, said: “We strive to maintain our position as a digital distributor and pioneer in creativity, development and marketing in the Middle East and North Africa, with a portfolio that largest and best Arabic entertainment and music content around the world. Warner Music Group.

He added: “We have worked hard for over 20 years to build an integrated distribution network and to develop our business, supported by the leading infrastructure and stimulating business environment for Dubai Media City, in addition to the community of creators that embrace it. Our new partners in supporting the business of our creators Warner Music Group have a long-term vision for the development of the sector in the MENA region, and we are confident that this new chapter in our story represents a world of great opportunities for innovators will unveil, as well as our entry into new spaces of creativity.Business, including meta-first, NFT, and other creative fields.

Arabic content

Majid Al Suwaidi, Director-General of Dubai Media City, said: “Dubai Media City has been working for over 20 years to provide the potential for growth and success for companies and talents in all fields of media through an integrated media environment, which also includes Dubai Studio City, Dubai Production City, and the in5 media business incubator. Today, the three cities include 3,000 institutions and 34,000 specialists, who have contributed and continue to contribute to the advancement of the media sector in the emirate, which today is a source of Arabic content to various parts of the world.

He added, “We are eager to develop this environment to continue the path of excellence and leadership, thus contributing to the consolidation of Dubai’s position as a destination for major media companies, and an incubator for talents and competencies that the UAE and the Arab world as a whole. “

Great opportunity

Alfonso Perez Soto, Head of Emerging Markets at Warner Music Group, said: “Through this agreement with Music Channels, we have a tremendous opportunity to bring promising talent from the Middle East and North Africa to the Arab audience around the world. feed a whole.

Chairman of the Dubai Media Council:

• «The global media community that Dubai established more than 20 years ago continues to grow and prosper».

• The acquisition consolidates Dubai’s position as an advanced media center and incubator for major international companies and talents.

• One of the largest deals in entertainment and digital music in Asia, Africa and Europe.

• Music revenue in the region for the year 2021 will grow by 35%, the highest worldwide, according to the World Music Report.

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