After Anwar Wagdy’s death, they entered his bedroom, and when they opened the door, they discovered the shock of a lifetime!

Today, 67 years have passed since the departure of the great artist Anwar Wagdy, who passed away on this day, corresponding to 14 May 1955, after a short life journey, but it was a rich journey despite its brevity.

Where as an actor, producer and director he could engrave his name in the records of senior stars and producers of Egyptian art and film art, and his life was filled with events, successes and experiences, while experiencing a journey of rise and success. that he started all over again until he reached the top and could be one of the influencers in art history. Anwar Wagdy was born on October 11, 1904 as one of the most important stars and filmmakers. and he had a huge artistic project, some of which he achieved and died in his youth before his death.He would complete the rest of his dreams he had planned, and perhaps if fate gave him the opportunity to achieved as he had major global artistic projects, and he was characterized by his great commercial mentality and his ability to make artistic and commercial gains. The great artist had great intelligence and artistic and administrative talents that raised his star and changed from poverty to wealth and from a small comparison in the Ramses Orchestra to the biggest producer in Egypt, where he was always engaged in film development and when he was abducted by death after a sick trip in 1955 before exceeding the age of fifty and without having children.In his apartment he found evidence that he had been planning works of art for many years, including international films. In 1957, with the passing of the second anniversary of Anwar Wagdy’s death, the newspapers published an article in which they indicated that the second anniversary of the death of one of the greatest filmmakers and producers had passed without anyone remembering him. , except for his wife, Laila Fawzy, who was at odds with his family and the rest of his heirs, so she contented herself with celebrating the anniversary with some of her family members with a few verses of Koran and did not go after his grave did not go for fear of clashing with his family. The press at the time revealed what the heirs in Anwar Wagdy’s possession found in his room after his death, where they found 20 film stories he had bought before his death, planning to screen them in 4 films annually within five years. offers without his expectation that death will kidnap him before he reaches his plans. Anwar Wagdy also traveled to Italy more than once during the last years of his life and sat down with Italian filmmakers and talked to them about Egyptian films in preparation for the production of joint films, so that an Italian filmmaker visited Egypt after his death. and Mary asked. Queenie over Anwar Wagdy and burst into tears when he knew he was dying. He has confirmed that he is planning a major joint Italian-Egyptian movie with Italian companies. Anwar Wagdy was also preparing to produce a colorful movie with Farid al-Atrash and Laila Fawzy, and he spoke to Farid about the project, but he left before it was completed.

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So Anwar Wagdy, who gave Egyptian filmmaking a lot before he achieved all his dreams, passed away, and so did the world.

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