Aoun calls on Lebanon to “revolutionize election money”: Cancellation not possible

Aoun: The moment has come for accountability (Hussein Beydoun / Al-Araby Al-Jadeed)

Lebanese President Michel Aoun called on the Lebanese to participate massively on the eve of the parliamentary elections, tomorrow, Sunday, and “the revolution behind the isolator over the election money, and to be free behind the isolator for a few minutes, so that you win your land and live in it freely and with dignity for the rest of your life. “

The Lebanese president added in a television message tonight, Saturday, that “the ballot box revolution is the cleanest and most sincere revolution,” and addressed the Lebanese by saying, “Rebel against anyone who sees you as mere commodity! Rebellion against political blackmail Rebellion against moral decadence and loss of values! Rebellion against those who stole your money and deposits! Rebellion against those who hindered, and still every step can protect the rest of your rights or expose the thieves! Rebel against those who incite and seek retaliation and perhaps civil war. “

He continued: “The moment of accountability has arrived, and the moment of determining options, and accountability is always at the ballot box,” noting that “your responsibility today is great, so that the path of dismantling the complex system of corruption, which has controlled the joints of the country for decades, does not stop for decades, and holds the corrupt and thieves responsible. ”

Aoun especially warned the youth, “against a new lie and a dangerous heresy, which concludes that it is possible to abolish one component of our society without affecting the stability and calm of the country, “and added that” all this thinking is rioting and civil war. Its components and all its children, and attempts to isolate have already been tested, and drowned Lebanon in a sea of ​​blood and tears. ” He asked, “Is anyone willing to let his children and grandchildren live with that fear, and that pain, and that tragedy?”

On the eve of the election, the Lebanese president supports his ally, “Hezbollah”, with this warning, which he believes there is a focused campaign against it, internally and externally, to remove it from the Lebanese equation and to disarm it. dropped, noting that the party’s Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah, took refuge from this gate to mobilize his supporters and his entourage to encourage them to vote hard.

It is known that Nasrallah has also announced that he will support his allies in the elections, on which the Free Patriotic Movement and its main representative, Gibran Bassil, Aoun’s son-in-law, depend, to curb his parliamentary losses and to make the greatest possible preserve. number of parliamentary seats in view of the marked decline in its popularity.

And the Lebanese president continued: “Michel Aoun, who has spent his life fighting for Lebanon’s unity and sovereignty over every inch of his land and sea, and the first to present a national defense strategy, will not today or any day allows this sovereignty to be touched, or sold on the black market, Or it becomes an object of bargaining or barter.

The issue of Syrian asylum (the Lebanese authorities insist on describing them as displaced persons) is not lost on Aoun’s word, which is placed in the field of election investment. He said: “The rights of the Lebanese people are a priority, and our country is no longer able to bear the burdens of asylum and displacement, and we reject any form of integration and settlement.” “.

Aoun called on the Lebanese to “stand up against the traffickers of the people and the nation. And to shut your doors before them and declare, ‘Our conscience is not for sale! We are not for sale!’ , recalls, “Whoever buys you today at a cheap price will sell you tomorrow at the most expensive price.”

It is worth noting that these elections are witnessed by unprecedented voter turnout, as candidates, especially from traditional political parties, including the party affiliated with the President of the Republic, the “Free Patriotic Movement”, large sums of money and US dollars spent in cash despite the economic and monetary crisis to win votes in the face of a battle of sizes par excellence.

The polls open to voters at 07:00 a.m. from the military, its military mechanisms and security forces.

Lebanese territories, especially those of a biased nature, are tonight witnessing popular car rallies and rallies hoisting the flags of the parties of the government to express their support and to confirm that the votes of the voters are their leaders and candidates for the parliamentary elections, while the Lebanese army conducts mobile patrols to maintain security, noting that the Ministry of Home Affairs and Municipalities has issued a circular closing all nightclubs, restaurants and bars from tonight to Monday morning.

Tomorrow, Sunday, 103 lists will compete at the level of 15 constituencies, after going through three rounds of voting, the first and the second, related to the by-elections on Friday and Sunday in 58 countries. 63%, and the votes will be counted tomorrow with the general election taking place on Lebanese soil.

The third round of elections took place in Lebanon last Thursday and was intended for employees participating in the election process, and their turnout reached 84%, knowing that the three rounds recorded significant violations, the most serious of which is that these employees are not sufficiently familiar with the understanding of the electoral mechanism that would This leads to chaos at the polls.

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