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As bright as the afternoon sun in the Empty Quarter, as soft as a butterfly playing in the middle of a rose-field, flying like a bird singing alone, stubborn as a mother defending her little ones against impending danger, exalted like a tree that rebelled against its roots and hovered to write its name between the pages of heaven, strong as a mountain on which years, winds, rain and storms pass, and it remains solid, free as a breath of air wandering the world. does not know half solutions and is not satisfied with semi-situations, she is like her name, given to him and given to her, they say the man has a part of his name, she also has a large part of her name had, as he had the same part of it, authenticity.

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In art we can talk a lot about Asala as an artist who could create a place of her own. She was not satisfied with a special talent that God Almighty gave her … but her name was a craftsmanship so and her achievement of artistic intelligence .. The queen of reading the audience, keeping up with the times and keeping up with development enabled her to prevent it from fading. Or to fall, as has happened with many singers, Asala was able through an extensive journey of art, to keep for herself her own kingdom at the top, the multitude of competitors, the multitude of tastes and waves, and the multitude with it of what “Asala” offers to maintain its special position, follow 30 albums, and you will find development not only in maturity, feeling or level, but in the flexibility to understand the audience’s taste and at the same time a level of maintaining art that has become like its own registered trademark, a level never forced. compromise in the application of the theory “the audience wants it”, but over time could make the audience “He wants what he hears” in a special mix just for her.

Away from art, the originality of man has played a major role in making her position what we talked about before. People interact with their stars and over time form either a personal barrier between them and the artist they love. , or they interact with him to become a “human” close to them. This person can choose a different image than him. To be issued to people, we know many stars who carry the image that people want to know about them, an image in which they reach carefully painted actions, thoughts and opinions that differ from what they believe in, some of them even deliberately carry unreal images out to gain sympathy or imperfection to acquire the tendency, some of them may even He personally oversee the invention of the rumor, its spread, and its flourishing, to weep later in His denial.Authenticity and over time has a other school for people established. This is one of them. Her pain in all honesty without trying to carry a different image of what she feels, she saw in pain, as in happiness, an opportunity to seek passion for life, even pain gives you an opportunity to feel that you are a human being.

Searching for the reason or secret of this “position” requires more than one article, but I am sure her personal experiences and sincerity in dealing with people will have a parallel line of equal importance to make her successful.

As for the first thing that comes to mind, these are important lessons that I always repeat to myself. The first is from a letter she wrote to her daughter Sham many years ago, in which she said to her, “Like me joy and happiness, you will believe it and it will come true. ” I tried the mixture more than once and succeeded.

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The second has to do with paying attention to the small details of everyone around you.Everyone who approaches Asala, even for a few minutes, notices her care and attention to the small details that make her happy, by the way, no matter how close you are to her is to follow her accounts on social media, you will notice how she cares about the details of her little family, how She is interested in showing love to them and participating in all the details of their lives. You will also find that she may be the only one of her stars who has been interested in communicating with people through direct meetings on her Instagram account, meetings that last longer than an hour in which she reads people’s comments , answer their questions and comply with their requests. Is there another star the size of Asala who has done something like this?

The third has to do with optimism, find what you find and you believe that every bitterness will pass, it is time and it will pass, and because it is time and it will pass, even bad times understand it for your soul so you know its taste, which will give your fuel for your soul for the rest of the days.


The fourth has to do with openness.I described her on one occasion in the introduction to a person interview as as candid as the afternoon sun in the Empty Quarter. She is honest, does not lie and beautify, does not put a filter on her feelings or her tongue, we are human, and because we are human, we sin, what is the problem?

The fifth has to do with discovering yourself, never get bored of discovering yourself and recalculating your bills, do not take age and do not cling to pride in sin, understand yourself so that your mind rests, life is an experience we live once.


Talking about her is like her story that can not end. On her birthday I chose to bring her back every year and you are who you are.

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