Christian penetration elections: money and interventions did not lead!

Antoine El Asmar

There is no cruelty that amounts to the election scene that Lebanon has reached in the last ten days. Bags of money fell from a height. Millions of fresh dollars, the weed that destroys the remnants of social ties, are cultivated in Beirut, Ashrafieh, Tripoli, Batroun, Matn, Chouf, Kesrouan and Jbeil, without causing a well-founded siege. Foreign intervention, which has risen at an unprecedented rate, is on the rise, while Prime Minister Najib Mikati finds nothing wrong with promoting it as a compliment and issuing a fatwa that gives it political legitimacy.

It goes without saying that the area that is most vulnerable and an external desire to penetrate is the Christian area, which is now floating on a sea of ​​money:

A – Including who pays to buy votes, voters and voters. For example, the price of one vote in Beirut First varies between $ 300 and $ 500, while voters receive a percentage for each vote they cast, up to 50% of the total value of the vote.

B – Including the purchase of two candidates, as is the case with two candidates in Akkar, one of whom received two million dollars fresh as the price of his admission to the party list.

C- Among them is what is devoted to the seizure of identities in a phenomenon whose distribution has reached an imaginary extent this year. The party machine pays an unfavorable voter between $ 1,500 and $ 3,000 fresh for handing over his identity and staying home on election day.

E- With regard to advertising spending, it has reached its peak and far exceeded the allowable ceiling. The “Lebanese Forces” campaign, for example, exceeded $ 13 million, between road ads, written and electronic media, and completely purchased stations.

All this financial waste has yet to be seen by the electoral oversight body. His chief, Judge Nadim Abdel-Malik, said his authority was limited to ensuring good governance in the polling stations and their immediate surroundings on polling day, while Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi criticized the commission’s work. personal sensitivity with its president, and praised the integrity of the process, denying the existence of electoral bribery, at a time when the Prime Minister was talking about “Unprecedented amounts of dollars entering Lebanon in recent days,” and ” violations take place during the election phase. ”

But the interventions, the buying of votes, lives, candidates, the media air and the incitement of expatriates, especially those who left Lebanon after 17 October in despair and escape and in search of new opportunities, all that mobilization and struggled failed to achieve the urgently required Christian penetration. Statistics in recent days have not brought the hoped-for news to the masses:

1- The Christian struggle is still going on between the Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Forces. In fact, most of them give the movement an advantage of between two and four points (15 to 18 deputies), despite all the fierce war waged against it since the start of the spark of 17 October 2019, and the more accurate one is to provoke it.

The character assassination tactic had a great effect, but it did not bring the determination he expected and the direction of those behind it.

2- As for the Lebanese Kataeb and the rest of the Christian groups, they are marginal.

Only the true change groups can achieve a breakthrough, if limited, and an eye on them after the election to know what their ability is to translate themselves into change, which has undoubtedly won wide sympathy due to much desire to to take revenge against the system of alliance of militias and the mafia and its deep state that plundered lives and public and private funds through the thirties the previous year.

This digital frustration prompted Western outsiders to take a step back. Diplomatic missions are no longer as excited about the elections as they were in the early days. Withdraw ambassadors in their election activities to a minimum. And cut off the feet of many candidates from the diplomatic headquarters.

At the same time, funding has been reduced from platforms that have filled the world with noise. Here, the advertising companies are preparing to file a lawsuit against the “Towards the Homeland” platform, accusing them of failing to fulfill their contractual obligations, while the twin platform – the opponent, “We Are All Will”, the its effect is reduced. , except for what the Lebanese Phalange can serve in his struggle.

In a nutshell, the 2022 funds are not like other past and dead funds. The Lebanese are confronted with the challenge of true accountability, the challenge of a useful or useful voice, not a punitive vote.

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