Goal Insider | Music and Ball .. Why choose stars to join Jay-Z Company ?!

“Goal Insider” is a new series focusing on the characteristics of soccer stars outside the world of the round witch, various investments and areas that soccer stars have decided to go off the field, including what suits businessmen, and others are strange and surprising, which we highlight.

Today’s guests are not just a player or group of players, but a business management company that started primarily as a music production company, and later expanded to include a large group of sports stars in general and football in particular.

The company “Rock Nation”, founded by the American rapper Jay-Z, is currently the fastest rising in the entertainment world, but why are the stars rushing to join it, and why is his project different from the rest of the business management companies ?! This is what we’re talking about below:

Foundation and start

The company when it started was a music production, management and distribution company, founded by singer Jay-Z.

In 2008, after her debut, she managed to attract many stars to her, led by Shakira, DJ Khaled, Rihanna, Demi Lovato and other singing stars around the world.

The wide success in the world of singing brought the company huge financial income, which made it expand and went to areas he had never dreamed of before.

Expanding the world of sports

While we talked about success in the world of singing, the company broke into the sports world in 2013 and started with the most popular sports in the United States such as American football, baseball and basketball.

The company’s successes with the singing stars, as well as the founders’ interest in sports, made it somewhat easy for them to enter this field. After all, singing and sports are two industries that revolve around entertainment.

Later, the company was also able to break into the soccer field and gained clear support with the presence of Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku and other stars among its ranks.

More than just good pay

Business management companies in the football world are often judged as the gateway to a profitable and mysterious world, but the company we are talking about has a higher purpose with which it wants to challenge the well-known stereotype.

One of the company’s goals is, of course, as is the case with all business management companies, to strengthen the financial return for all their stars in any way possible.

But according to Michael Yurmark, the company’s president, everyone who joins the company from all walks of life is attracted to it because they see the difference it wants to make in the entertainment world.

In previous statements to Jules, Yurmark said: “Our stars want to be heard and influence everything around them.”

“I was with Lukaku recently as we had the opportunity to meet Sia Kulesi, captain of the South African national rugby team,” he added.

And he added: “Although they play two completely different sports, and both are already legends in their own game, there was a great harmony between them.”

He continued, “To hear them talk about each other’s sports, and the growth that needs to happen in that sport, was so incredible and incredible.”

“For me, there is a big difference between sports in America like basketball, baseball and hockey, and sports like football and rugby in Europe,” he said.

play with adults

As Yurmark emphasized, the company has much bigger goals than just making more money for football and other sports stars.

“The players here in Europe, in my humble opinion, do not have a real voice, and our goal at Rock Nation is to help players use their power to influence the game,” said Yormark.

And he added: “As you can see, our company and our star roster is growing not only in size but in influence as we push our players to participate in the key decision-making at their clubs and at league level.”

All this is happening along with a major movement of changes in the current football situation, as a group of Europe’s top clubs seek independence from the European Union and start their own tournament called the Super League.

At the same time, the International Football Association is studying the possibility of holding the World Cup every two years, and in every corner of the world, clubs and federations are trying to maximize financial profits without taking into account the physical condition of their stars and their stars. need for rest.

There is a lot of concern among football stars around the world that their convenience has become the last priority for clubs and associations, secondary to them, but above the hierarchy of priorities for the stars.

Already playing the current number of games, the stars are technically and physically negatively impacting and exposing them to very serious injuries, so what if they play more games ?!

Being influential, having a voice and a platform through which to be heard in the light of everything that is happening is very important, and achieves a degree of necessity that goes beyond salary and income.

selection process

Rock Nation believes that its role should not be limited to ensuring the rights of its customers and that they receive good salaries, but that they seek to protect everyone who deals with them.

The company has therefore instituted a selective process whereby it carefully selects customers who have been approved for service, and rejects those who may not help protect themselves.

Jormark said: “We want to be a private and ambitious agency. Some children dream of playing for Manchester United, City, Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid, but we also want them to dream of being represented by us. word. “

“It’s not about signing with as many clients as possible, it’s about signing with those who fit our identity and join our culture, who want to be part of something very special and a team,” he said. added.

Advertise in another field

Money and influence aside, the fact that the company is primarily a music production company gives it a very special place in the business process.

The player’s influence and his constant presence on the scene are among the most important factors for his success now. The player may not have a great talent or a great football career, but his constant presence on social media and various mass events is always on the scene.

The singing field is wide and opens new horizons in the entertainment world for football stars, all of which give them a wider field of advertising for themselves.

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