How did the Western media cover the attack on Abu Aqleh’s funeral?

Western media commented on the Israeli occupation forces’ attack on the funeral of Al-Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Aqleh during her funeral on Friday in occupied Jerusalem.

Dozens of Palestinians were injured when Israeli occupation police attacked Shireen Abu Akleh’s funeral procession to Mount Zion Cemetery.

Before that, the occupation police surrounded the French hospital from which the funeral procession took place, and as soon as it moved, they attacked the mourners with batons and blocked its launch.

Undo and fix

In this context, international news agencies and newspapers refused to accept the Israeli version of the violence that took place at the funeral of Shireen Abu Aqleh after some Western media claimed that the occupation police clashed with the Palestinians who took the journalist to her final carried. resting place.

Reuters news agency was subjected to a deluge of criticism after it said Israeli police “collided with the funeral attendants” before the agency deleted the first headline, and published another in which it said that “the occupation police the mourners of the funeral of a murdered Palestinian journalist. “

And the International News Agency, through its official Twitter account, stated that it had deleted a video clip containing a “wrong” description of the violence that took place at Shireen Abu Akleh’s funeral.

Palestinian Jerusalem

As for the French newspaper, “Le Monde”, it said that Shirin Abu Aqleh’s funeral was disrupted due to violence by the Israeli police, so that his coffin was turned over without falling.

She pointed out that the occupation police had the courtyard of the St. Joseph stormed into occupied Jerusalem, where Abu Aqleh’s body was to arrive, while thousands of Palestinians waited to express their condolences, convinced she had been killed by Israeli army fire.

She said the occupying forces assaulted the bearers of the coffin as one of them received at least ten blows with clubs in the ribs and shoulder, and a kick in the buttocks, before falling to the ground while the coffin tilted obliquely. of 45 degrees, but did not fall.

“This march is a reminder of reality,” she said. “Israel may consider Jerusalem as its undivided capital, but since occupying its eastern part in 1967, the Palestinian population has gradually increased. The holy city is now 40% Arab (25% in 1967) and the Old City is 90%. It’s hard to always speculate on what this city can move, and what it can bring together outside the defense of the Islamic holy sites at Al-Aqsa, but this Friday it revolves around the remains of a 51-year-old Christian woman who has no political or played a military role. For two decades she told the misery, small and great, of the occupation of the territories and lived among the people in the lounges and bedrooms. “

Palestinian flags

In turn, the French newspaper “Liberation” said that the Israeli occupation police violently assaulted those who hoisted Palestinian flags during the funeral of Al-Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh.
The newspaper commented on the attack, saying that “sometimes the war continues even after death,” noting that “the entire courtyard of the French hospital is decorated with Palestinian flags, enough for the Israeli security forces, who are already the flag of Palestine the previous day from the home of The Journalist raised by her grieving compatriots.

And she continued: “In the Holy City, the police are eager to confiscate any of the flag of Palestine, on the orders of the Israeli Attorney General, who believed that waving flags to serious disturbances in public order can lead, although the government and the Supreme Court declared in September that it was not illegal. “

She said that when the coffin was completely covered with black, white, green and red, the occupying authorities banned the removal of this emblem, while the Palestinians complied with it and did not surrender, as their vote was Shireen Abu Aqila, for more than twenty years.

“The most surprising”

The American newspaper “New York Times” said that the Israeli occupation police assaulted the people who carried the coffin of Shireen Abu Aqleh during her funeral.

And the newspaper believed that the occupation of Abu Aqila, described by the New York Times as “the most important historian of the Israeli-Palestinian war, has turned into one of the most prominent victims of the conflict in recent times.”

The newspaper pointed out that a “battalion of the Israeli riot police” attacked a group of mourners who found the coffin with the body of Mrs. Abu Aqila wore, which caused them to almost put it down.

She continued, “The police intervention caused shock and condemnation in both Israel and abroad, as the attacks on mourners were considered appalling, regardless of their motives.”

She described the incident as “the latest and perhaps most surprising in the most violent period in the occupied territories, outside the scope of an overall war, for several years.”

“Palestinian flags banned”

As for the British newspaper The Guardian, it said: “Israeli forces attacked the funeral procession of an American-Palestinian journalist who was shot dead this week, kicked and beat people with batons, causing her coffin to lose balance and almost to the ground. ”

And she continued, “The Palestinian flags – which are rarely seen – have been raised in public by thousands of people who bypassed roadblocks in occupied Jerusalem to join al-Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh’s funeral on Friday. mourners sang the Palestinian national anthem. “

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The newspaper claimed that the Israeli occupying state prevented the hoisting of Palestinian flags in public places, and often prevented people from raising them in rallies and demonstrations in occupied Jerusalem.

The newspaper quoted Rima Baqla, a Palestinian sociologist from Jerusalem, who attended the funeral as saying, “It is unacceptable to attack her coffin and despise the funeral. Sherine has been covering the story of Palestine since she’s. ‘ “A girl was and always has been to liberate Jerusalem. I believe Shirin succeeded in liberating Jerusalem today, where the Palestinian flag was carried in the hands of thousands of people on their way to burial.”

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