Ithmaar: The Investor Expo offers facilities for investors and marketing companies

Ithmaar Real Estate Exhibitions Organization organizes The Investor EXPO, which is the first real estate exhibition to be held after the Eid Al Fitr holiday to test purchasing power in the wake of the global inflation crisis.

Ithmar held a forum for real estate marketing companies last March to prepare for the holding of the exhibition on 13 and 14 May; During the forum, Ithmar CEO Mohamed El-Husseini confirmed the presence of a group of Cairo real estate marketing companies and the governors.

Al-Husseini said the exhibition would be the first real estate destination in Egypt and the Arab world because of the unprecedented opportunities and facilities it offers investors, as well as the exclusive opportunities it offers to marketing companies working on the new capital.

Al-Husseini mentioned the details of Ithmaar’s tour abroad and what was raised at the investor forum in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in the file of Egyptian real estate exports.


Raymond Tghian, CEO of CCR Real Estate Development, said that the exhibition is an opportunity for clients looking for unique projects, and the company also plans to present exclusive offers on its project in the New Administrative Capital during the exhibition activities. offers, and emphasizes that these offers are exclusive and will not be repeated.

He pointed out that the “Front Gate” project is located in a privileged location in the MU23 area of ​​the Administrative Capital and close to the hotel where the exhibition activities are held, which gives the client the opportunity to see the project and the size of its construction, as the construction percentage of the project reached about 30% according to the specified schedules.

He explained that the “Front Gate” project is a commercial, administrative, residential and hotel project in the New Administrative Capital, and it is located on an area of ​​4055 square meters, and it consists of a ground floor and 7 repeated floors. .

He indicated that there are plans to start handing over the project in September 2023 and to complete the handing over of the entire project in early 2024.

He continued: The project is divided to include the ground, first and second floors of commercial activities, and the third, fourth, fifth and sixth floors, administrative activities and clinics with separate entrances to each, and the seventh floor are residential and hotel, and the project will serve the population density in the surrounding areas.

He pointed out that the company started its work in the real estate market in 2018, and owns a precedent for about 100 separate projects, and 2 residential connections, and the company decided to direct its investments to the New Administrative Capital due to the project’s national and investment interest, as it includes promising investment opportunities, facilities for developers and opportunities for clients. Nakheel, the real estate developer, participates in the “Double Two Tower” and “Trio V Tower” projects in the New Administrative Capital, during The Investor Expo.

Sherif El Domyati, head of the commercial sector at Nakheel Real Estate Development Company, said that The Investor Expo is one of the strong real estate opportunities being introduced in the real estate market and has received a strong turnout from investors and clients to attend. , given the diversity of the portfolio of projects presented during the exhibition activities.

He explained that the company is present during the exhibition activities in the “Double Two Tower” and “Trio V Tower” projects, in the New Administrative Capital, in which the company collaborates with strong and leading success partners to compete locally and globally.

The head of the commercial sector at Nakheel Real Estate Development Company indicated that the company has completed the excavation work on the “Trio V Tower” project and obtained project licenses in preparation for the start of implementation strongly during the current year, and the company has the end of this year marketing about 80% of the project, which is according to the operational and marketing plan of the project.

He added that about 30% of the “Double Two Tower” project, which is a commercial – administrative – hotel project, is marketed, located on a total area of ​​9 thousand square meters, and the commercial part covers the land and first floors on an area of ​​4 thousand square meters per floor, representing about 45% of the total area of ​​the project, and the rest of the floors on an area of ​​1350 square meters for each roll, representing 15% of the total area of ​​the project, and the palletizing works and the leveling of the project land are underway.

Home Town Real Estate Development Company is also taking part in the exhibition to announce new payment systems that suit the needs of all customers.

Home Town offers strong offers, through various payment systems represented in four systems, the first of which is the “post-receipt system” by paying 30% in advance and benefiting from a 10% discount on the total unit price, with provided that the first installment is paid one year after receipt. The company offers the “Semi Cash System” by paying a 25% installment, which benefits from a 25% discount on the total unit price, and in installments the rest of the unit price over 4 years.

The company also offers a “cash system” with a 40% discount on the total unit price, “equal payment systems” with a 20% down payment and a 10% discount on the total unit price, and the rest of the unit price is in installments over 8 years.

Dr. Eman Salah, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, said that during the current period, the company aims to expand its customer base and attract new customers by providing the best deals that suit the company’s customers and facilitating the payment process for them. , as the company has also changed the design of the interfaces of the company’s project “Udora” to achieve the highest degree of. The company’s clients admire the designs of its projects and attract new clients.

The “Home Town” real estate development company, launched in 2017, owns four projects in the New Administrative Capital with investments of £ 10 billion, ranging from commercial, administrative and medical, the first of which is the “Zaha”. project, which is the company’s first project in the MU23 area, which is the best and most important location in the new capital, which is a Medical administrative commercial project on an area of ​​7200 m2. The project consists of land and 10 storeys, and its implementation rate is more than 65%. The project will be delivered by the end of this year. The company was able to achieve 100% sales of the phases proposed from the project in the commercial and medical sectors, provided that marketing of the remaining phases of the project will begin during the second half of this year.

The second project is “Lafayette Mall”, which is a commercial and entertainment area on an area of ​​43 000 square meters. The project is located in the best locations of the city center, directly in front of Al-Massa Hotel, in plot no. 1 next to the central station of the Monorail It consists of a ground floor, five floors, in addition to two basements.

The project includes about 600 shops, 85 restaurants and cafes, and also has a children’s play area, an ice skating rink and a dance fountain. The project was designed by DMA Consulting Engineering, and the entire excavation and replacement phase has been completed, and the concrete pouring process started, and more than 70% was sold from the project.

In addition to the “Village Mall” project, this is the company’s third project in the new capital. This is a shopping mall dedicated to restaurants and cafes in the Downtown area. It’s connected to the “Lafayette” project. The project is located on a building area estimated at 22 thousand square meters, with a ground level and 5 floors, and the project includes a complex of 8 cinemas. In addition to a Roman theater, the project includes green spaces covering an area of ​​25 thousand square meters, and excavation work has begun on the project to be delivered by the end of 2023. The capital is directly in front of Al Masa Hotel, which is a commercial shopping center and a restaurant complex and consists of 6 commercial floors in addition to a basement dedicated to parking, and the project units start from 30 meters. While Prime Real Estate Development Company will participate in the exhibition with special offers on the company’s project in the administrative and commercial “Harmont” capital The Downtown area is designed according to the highest international specifications and standards.

Bakr Mohamed, Head of Marketing at Prime Real Estate Development Company, indicated that their participation in this exhibition comes within the framework of the company’s marketing plan during 2022 and within a group of real estate exhibitions internally and externally, pointing out that the exhibition is a strong opportunity for those who want to invest in the best projects in the capital with many exclusive and distinctive offers.

Bakr pointed out that Prime Real Estate Development Company has been working in the Egyptian market for almost 114 years and has about 25 leading real estate and tourism projects in the Red Sea. He pointed out that in the coming days the company is preparing to launch new projects in the capital and the Red Sea with Egyptian-Kuwaiti investments.

The head of the marketing sector added that the two anticipated projects, one of which is an administrative and commercial integrated service project in one of the most prominent locations in the Downtown area in the heart of the Administrative Capital, with a built-up area of ​​10,000 square meters consisting of land and 12 fully finished floors, while the other project is one of the most important tourist projects in Hurghada at sea direct, all details of which will be announced within days.

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