Ryan .. and the birth of the man who was

Man was merciful to his fellow man, before he discovered the means of destruction by which man displaced the sons of his kind. Man was a man when in nature he protected the boys of his kind, and his instinct was pure and healthy. invent the machine and worship it without the Creator, to make his heart hard and hard so that tears dry up and he sees nothing but money, power and tyranny … Instead of defending his children against the claws of predators , man turns himself around. in a “predator” that his children eat, ascend above the earth and look at the sky in search of planets Another in which terror is sown..and not saturated with blood .. Was the fall of the child Rayan in the well needed for man to regain his humanity, and was the Corona pandemic necessary for man to discover his humanity? Was it necessary for the scholarship to come? This is the norm of life, and the law of the universe in the return to the origin, and in the return to the truth. Man is flesh and blood, and a feeling that can not be produced or transformed into a machine which is consumed and sufficient, does not feel hurt, and expresses pain and sadness .. This feeling was common in the pandemic and then It was renewed with the accident of the Moroccan child Rayan .. so this child announced the birth of man what he was.

The world will not forget the scenes of the rescue of Moroccan child Rayan, who has fallen into a deep pit in a rugged mountainous area, in Chefchaouen, northern Morocco, since the afternoon of Tuesday, February 1, 2022. Where ‘ a camera is lowered. in the pit and the development of the child Ryan’s condition and health status followed, and millions of the world’s population followed the rescue efforts directly, for several hours, without stopping, and from different angles, and in front of hundreds of journalists and international media correspondents who undertook a pilgrimage to the site. The accident, and thousands of Moroccan citizens who came to the scene from distant cities to provide support and assistance and to volunteer in rescue operations. The world will not forget the scenes of the youth. and volunteers from children trying to go down to the well and anxiously waiting, in vain, forcing rescuers to dig.

The drilling operations also continued, without interruption, and tirelessly, with clear efforts made by the civil protection staff, the Royal Gendarmerie, the Auxiliaries, volunteers, the local authority and the general public in the province of Chefchaouen and the districts, in order to rescue child Rayan who was in the depths of the well for more than seventy hours …

What has raised hopes for the survival of the child Rayan and his rescue is the camera that drops into the pit and sees the child move, indicating that he is still alive, and the tongues rose in supplication, and the images of the child spreads on social networking sites, which transcend the national territory outside Morocco, we see international channels, such as Al Jazeera Mubasher broadcasting the scene to save the child, quoting from a Moroccan website, and other channels covering the news broadcasts, as well as national channels, which have turned the child Rayan into a global issue.

This event demonstrated the high spirit of the sense of shared responsibility that Moroccans have. Everyone is thinking of solutions, and a large number of young people are expressing their desire to go to the well voluntarily, and many suggestions and alternatives are being made to speed up the rescue operations. The child, Rayan, has become a child Everyone has’ a symbol of hope and a symbol of future struggle to provide advanced means and proactive plans for such sudden emergencies.Child Rayan has become a source of strength for the young Moroccan inventor to create new technologies in the future to a to be support and help in such disasters .. Rayan has become a sign of the unity of Arab peoples. And Islamic, as the child Rayan showed the depth of passion that unites the Arab peoples, and the occasion showed a high spirit of work, patience, sacrifice, a sense of responsibility, solidarity, generosity and cooperation … this values ​​that make people great and give their members the energy to work.

Yes, we may have a lack of advanced resources, because we are a nation that did not invent artificial intelligence technology, but we do not have a lack of hope, patience, sacrifice and grace, we do not have a lack of solidarity and cooperation, these values ​​are what work miracles, whether attempts succeed or fail, God’s fate is inevitable, as He wants God to be, and what He did not want, He does not have, and Moroccans are a people who believe in God’s decision. They work for reasons and spare no effort in work. , but God’s will remain above every other will, and this declares the dominance of supplication for the child Rayan for preservation and salvation .. On social media, supplication is a weapon. the believer, and to give reasons is a definite necessity.

Moroccans and the entire Arab and Islamic nation have shown a high spirit of brotherhood and sacrifice, and the incident of the child Rayan will be a motive to raise the challenge in the future in the face of this type of disaster, and it will just be by developing education, industrialization and joint action among Arabs to overcome many challenges facing Arabs Today, above and beyond material abilities, the hand is short and the eye is insightful, but the determination is high, the souls is great, and the youth are all hopeful and ambitious to work for a better tomorrow.

The incident of the child Ryan … while in the pit, provides eloquent lessons for mankind in silence, patience, sacrifice and mercy, and represents all the children of the world languishing in camps, shelters and streets … who must mobilize all energy to save them, and for a world free from wars and conflicts. There is a lot of work waiting for us to achieve tolerance and genuine international cooperation in the face of crises that threaten humanity.

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