Successful projects suitable for entrepreneurs. Choose what you want!

There are so many successful projects that suit entrepreneurs, and it’s hard to distinguish between them. Each has its own unique benefits; Therefore, the choice of a project from those projects that have been proven to be successful will not depend on what it entails in itself; We are sure it will be successful, but there will be other factors that control this choice.

One of these factors is personal Entrepreneur himself, and his personal and professional orientations..etc. But what we are dealing with here is not how to choose a successful project that suits entrepreneurs, but rather to refer to some of these projects on their own.

Successful projects for entrepreneurs

We monitor several successful projects suitable for entrepreneurs, as follows.

  • virtual education project

The virtual education project is one of the successful projects suitable for entrepreneurs, and it is a project that is completely suitable for the present time. Especially in a world on the road to automation, and a complete shift towards digitalisation in various fields and at various levels.

There is a noticeable increase in the focus on e-learning, not to mention the emphasis on its importance, as Research and Markets predicts that the size of the online education market will reach $ 350 billion by 2025.

It is not limited to schools and research centers, but companies have begun to take this approach. In the United States, about 77% of companies offer online courses; to help train his staff; With 81% of learners participating in online study for personal development.

One of the benefits of the virtual education project, as long as we include it in the list of successful projects suitable for entrepreneurs, is that it is a socially responsible project and thus promotes sustainability; Absolutely nothing is wasted – even time is handled with the utmost efficiency – no wasted papers, and there is no such equipment whose use can cause any harm to the environment or the surrounding community.

According to e-learning industry statistics, e-learning is 90% more effective than its traditional counterpart; In terms of energy consumption, it is 85% more efficient in terms of carbon dioxide emissions.

Successful projects for entrepreneurs

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  • paper cup project

It’s one of those successful projects that suits entrepreneurs, and it’s a very lucrative project; Some recent surveys estimate the paper cup market size at around 118 billion units annually with a compound annual growth rate of 1.8% to reach 294 billion units by 2025.

Between 2012 and 2017, the number of coffee shops increased by 16% and 28% in the US and the UK respectively.

This fact will definitely have a big positive impact on the paper cups project, which is one of the successful projects that suits entrepreneurs, although the use of these types of cups is not limited to cafes alone.

This trend is expected to increase the annual consumption of cardboard cabinets from the current 2.2 million tonnes to 6.8 million tonnes by 2025, an almost threefold increase.

The United States leads all countries in the consumption of paper coffee cups (136 million cups per day), followed by China (27.4 million), Russia (16.4 million), Germany (7.2 million), Britain (7.0 million) and Australia (2.7) million).

Compared to many other projects, the paper cup project seems to be less expensive, making it a suitable option for those who want to experience entrepreneurship or self-employment.

In addition, the amount of labor required for this project will not be large, which means that the financial burden on the project owner will not be large or unbearable; Therefore, we have included it in the list of successful projects suitable for entrepreneurs.

Successful projects for entrepreneurs

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  • Men’s clothing project

This is the third project in the list of successful projects suitable for entrepreneurs, and unfortunately many do not care about it, even though we are facing a really big market.

The men’s clothing sector, according to Statista, accounted for 33% of clothing revenue in 2020, although global revenue of $ 489 billion decreased in 2020 from previous years due to the emerging Corona virus pandemic, but it is expected to rise to $ 705 billion by 2026.

In 2013, total U.S. retail sales in clothing and accessories stores were about $ 251 billion, and the global adidas group’s net sales were about $ 19.8 billion in 2020.

Per capita spending in Canada is expected to rise from $ 683 in 2015 to $ 768 by 2025.

The benefits of the menswear sales project, one of the successful projects that suit entrepreneurs, are not only limited to the high sales rate, but the speed of profit is also present. No one buys clothes in installments, and the project was originally based on buying and sales; When you sell any piece you will receive the amount in cash and make a profit, or at least you will not be involved in the sale on credit, and you will be far from procrastinating.

Even if the project does not make a profit in the first months, you will only get the money for the sale, which means that cash is always available as long as the sales are always present.

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