The Kurdish experience in the Euphrates Valley

Ibrahim Aloush

The experience of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) in the Euphrates Valley has shifted from a military parade similar to the parades of ISIS and the Assad regime, to the process of economic control, the activation of corrupt officials and the exchange of experiences with the Assad regime.

The SDF’s announcement a few days ago of its intention to issue a local currency in the Euphrates Valley and the Syrian Jazeera was an attempt to pretend by force, and a step to put pressure on the regime to negotiate with it and protect it from the looming Turkish attack on some of the territories they seized during the war on terror that raged to defeat. ” ISIS ”, late 2017.

The US withdrawal from Afghanistan was a major blow to the morale of the “SDF” and “SDC” (Syrian Democratic Council) and their affiliates who control the Euphrates Valley, after the great shock caused by the announcement by the US President Trump in 2020 of his intention to withdraw from Syria, which he explicitly said. Undoubtedly, the withdrawal from Afghanistan last summer was clear and unequivocal in its intentions, and it embodies the fate of the collaborators with the American forces who fell from the planes and camped at Kabul airport, on the flight of the countries they were with. armed force and the power of American support ruled, and that experience repeated the Vietnamese experience. The year 1975 in all its details, and it repeated the scenes of the Vietnamese related to the planes. his details.

Kurdish officials, such as Mazloum Abdi and Ilham Ahmed, reiterated their reassuring US assurance that the US forces would not withdraw from Syria, and would remain in the protection of Allied Kurdish forces in the Euphrates Valley and eastern Syria, and despite of this repetition their hearts are not reassured, and their political behavior indicates that fear.With their shaky attempts to negotiate with the Assad regime, repeated visits to Moscow, and statements exchanged with Lavrov, offering them protection against the Turks bohemian in return for joining and serving the regime’s forces.

The “SDF” ignores and underestimates the supporters of the Syrian revolution all the time, arguing that it is only an “ISIS” and “Baathist” revolution that is hostile to the national ambition of the Kurds in Syria, and hostile to which is popular. socialist ideas brought up by Abdullah Öcalan, and are very similar to the ideas of Muammar Gaddafi and the “Baath Party” “Especially since Öcalan was Assad’s ally for decades.

The Kurdish experience, despite the great grievances suffered by his cause, yielded the same authoritarian values ​​in the places it controlled. In northern Iraq, two families took over the Kurdish region, for which the Kurdish youth paid their blood, and in the city of Sulaymaniyah, the Talabani family controlled money and power, and in return, the Barzani family controlled money and power in Erbil, the second capital of the region, and they differ only slightly.About the sheikhs and the royal families in the Arabian Gulf, and tens of billions of dollars have been wasted in looting and in illusory projects that seem bright and successful, but they are without foundation, without infrastructure, and without popular participation respecting the will of the Kurds in the region. The successive and current protests in the region are evidence of that failure. All this led to the migration of Kurdish youth from the region to Europe, and the number of Kurds in the recent plight of refugees in Belarus was close to the number of Syrian refugees among them.

Similarly, the experience of the PKK, which dominates the Kurdish movement in Turkey, is no less a failure, especially since the party, after withdrawing from the peace and ceasefire agreements between the Kurds and the Turks, contributed to the return of wars to the Kurdish villages in eastern Turkey, to which the Kurds unfortunately contribute. With both parties, either on the side of the “PKK” or on the side of the Kurdish Village Protection Forces, whose forces arrived in Syria with the escort of Turkish forces to occupy areas in northern Syria, especially the Kurdish region of Afrin, and the regime could re-enter Syria, amid the mutual threat with the Turks Currently occupying the Ain al-Arab (Kobani) region, which a major and important role in defeating ISIS forces.

The turmoil of conditions in the Euphrates Valley is reflected in the Kurdish experiences surrounding it, as well as the efforts of the “SDF” to be better than the Arab population, which merely make them vassals and of no value in issuing military, political and economic decisions in the region, which made the experience in the Euphrates Valley no less bad than the experience. of values ​​and ideas on them, or Assad’s ideas, al-Baghdadi’s ideas, or Ocalan’s ideas!

The current control in the Euphrates Valley has been dominated by the economic aspect. Large investments and promises are controlled by those close to the “SDF,” as well as trade exchanges with the regime, and the Kurdish forces have a larger margin for the population in the administrative aspects, provided no one comes close to the political or military aspects, and this restores the regime’s experience of economic and political hegemony, which ignores other details of daily life, but which brings the powers back to the confrontation is the issue of compulsory military service and the attempt to plunge young people into wars with Turkey in which they have no elegance or camel, except that the carrying of weapons has become ominous for the Syrians and on all sides, Due to the mass destruction caused by the gunmen to all . edge.

The stubbornness of the Kurdish experiment in the Euphrates Valley has become almost fatal. regime’s march became clear. and powerful to exert pressure on it with the escalating Turkish pressure Can this experiment withstand all This pressure, starting with logical solutions that are acceptable to the inhabitants of the Euphrates Valley, get rid of national prejudice, them of looting and the behavior of looting, and reconciliation with the supporters of the Syrian revolution, or will the matter, according to the Russian proposal, end by joining the “SDF” forces to the “Fifth Corps”?

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