The lost money … the games of the “comfortable” are a trap for the “greedy”

Written by: Abu Al-Maaref Al-Hefnawi

For a quarter of a century, citizens have not learned from the methods of accusation Several, who have made some crazy and may even reach death, in grief for Lost «Tawhesh Al-OmarAnd sometimes they end up in trouble and quarrels, after looking here and there for someone who “laughed” at them, after convincing them that he was capable of doing the impossible, and investing their money for which they toiled. so that they have a monthly profit that can exceed their ambitions, and after enjoying an amazing profit for a few months. , they are surprised by the interruption of profit, and the flight of those from whom you receive large sums of money of more than millions of pounds, in exchange for their employment, to begin the journey from hardship to bliss, but the hardship is very severe , when they realize that the quorum has robbed them of the desire for life.

Over the past quarter century, more than rest In Egypt, the first and most famous of them was Al Rayyan in 1989, which seized billions of pounds of civilians. In exchange for her employment, she was named Al Rayyan at the time, after her owner, before she verbally developed into the relaxer.

In the Al-Rayyan incident, suspicion began to creep into the hearts of all, who decided not to repeat the experience of the Al Rayyan victims, but with greed they quickly returned, to multiply and then the methods of to develop fraud, which was known as the phenomenon of the rest.The verdict was not only limited to men, but his hero was also women, who gathered hundreds of millions of citizens with cunning cunning.
And the term “enlightened” was originally used to refer to someone whose existence is expanding or who has an abundance of money, without taking into account where this existence and money comes from, and in recent times the name associated with scammers raising money. of citizens, in exchange for their work or trade and investment in them, and then they escape after it is too late. Then the journey began to search for him, and reports were filed against him by the victims, so that the security services moved to arrest them, after seizing hundreds of millions.

A message from the judge

In accordance with the justifications of the sentence against the one who is comfortable in Qena, the person who is comfortable in Qena receives money to employ and invest it in violation of the provisions of the law in exchange for interest with different values Society and answer their complaint and the accused submitted to criminal trial.

The court sent a message to all citizens; By investing their money in national banks, where security and safety and assistance for the national economy can be restored, the court confirmed; That the accused was possessed by lust for money and became unscrupulous, and went on to reassure the validity of the evidence given by the Public Prosecutor’s Office against the accused, therefore it issued a verdict condemning him to cleanse him of the pollution of his crime and to calm the souls of the victims.

With each incident, new citizens’ fear of becoming victims and prey of greed is repeated, but “greed is like nature”, requested by a close family member to use their money, so they are quickly convinced, and give their money and the money of their family and friends to him, because they trusted him at first, but after a few months of giving them the enticing interest, he evaded them, and they could not pursue him, to begin with. the weeping of people and their cry for what they have lost more than their loss of a dead loved one.

Safety warnings

Security, popular, and media circles have warned against al-Mustahirah and his cunning in persuading citizens to invest their money, but in vain. And to obtain sums of money from citizens because they allegedly employed them. The verdict also imposed a fine of 150 million pounds on the accused and forced him to return 266 million and 382 thousand to depositors.

These days, some people have spread stories about the emergence of new people in Aswan, including the car rest, the animal rest, the golden remnant, and others.

The car rest became very famous, not only in Aswan, but in most of the neighboring governorates, and many people started flocking to him from here and there to buy and sell cars, so the comfortable person buys a car whose price is in the market. , for example, is 100 000 pounds, with a value of maybe 150 thousand pounds, And he agrees with the owner of the car to get his price after two months, so he agrees immediately because he gets 50 thousand extra pounds in two months, then sell the car to another for less than 100 thousand pounds, and get the amount immediately from the buyer, until he collected hundreds of millions in the same way, and after The car owners demanded their money, they were surprised to to escape, but when he went out in a video clip he posted on Facebook to tell his victims he did not escape, but that he was afraid of the people surrounding his house.

Another person appeared, who was called, along with the resting beasts, who worked as a tuk-tuk driver, who misled the citizens that he had come to the people of the center and city of Edfu with all save his hamlets and villages from the high prices of meat and that he would lower the price of meat to 100 pounds, and sell cattle at a price less than its price by about 5000 pounds. He was soon able to monopolize the livestock market and make it disappear, after a lot of money, to start a battle between him and the traders.

The person who appeared in the street and through Facebook after verbal accusations also appeared in a video clip of him being present and fine as he appeared to be in possession of a lot of money, and he was apparently indecently rich. with money from an unknown source, which he collected in a short time, after paying part of the value of the cattle. At the time of purchase, a part remains which tells the seller that he will paid, and vice versa, while some said that what he was doing was investing money and trading in antiquities.

Dr. Abdel Bari Suleiman, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law for Postgraduate Studies and Research, South Valley University, says: The investment of funds is for people to raise funds from people, including social ties, with the aim of raising these funds in any form of investing, in addition to these people who play the role of banks and joint stock companies by a monthly or annual percentage that exceeds the benefits given by banks, which leads to weak souls and those who want to attract quickly become rich by to chase after these people and hand over sums of money to them after they have sold their land, real estate or gold jewelry.

He adds that this is a violation of the provisions of the law, as the first section of Act No. 146 of 1988 concerning companies operating in the field of receiving funds for investment, prohibited companies other than those registered in the register prepared for this purpose by the Capital Markets Authority to receive funds from the public in any currency or any means and under any A designation for its employment, investment or participation, whether the purpose is express or disguised.

The first paragraph of Section 21 of this Act provides that “Whoever receives or refuses money in contravention of the provisions of this Act shall be repaid in full or in part to the sums due to their owners, shall be punished by imprisonment and a fine of not less than one hundred thousand pounds and not more than double the money or what he received. He is guilty of it, and the offender is sentenced to return the money he owes to his owners. “

And he continues: The crime of receiving and investing money in Act No. with the decision to repay the money owed to the victim, and this is what distinguishes the crime from investing money for fraudulent crimes, since the first is an offense that is not more than three years imprisonment, and the second is an offense that awaits the criminal. court, and the penalty for committing it is increased, reaching fifteen years and a fine of up to twice the money received, in addition to the repayment of the money to the victims.

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