The new “FIFA” regulations .. Players’ agents deposit fantasy commissions

Player Agents Make Big Money From Transactions (Al-Araby Al-Jadeed / Getty)

The crisis of the fictitious commissions imposed by the agents of the big players on star contracts will end from July 2023.

Players ‘relatives “the most powerful brokers in most transactions” would also not have the right to make money from the transfer if they did not have a license for the players’ transaction process.

On that date, FIFA will implement new agent regulations that will be approved between June and September 2022, after which the transfer world will take a long-awaited turn for clubs.

And so far, and especially in recent years, clubs have found themselves in front of a long line of agents, demanding commission, which has increased the cost of transfers, with contracting or selling players, as in most transactions it is not limited to transactions. with an agent who wants to harvest as much as possible.From money, but also with a father or a mother or a cousin, they also negotiated without official permission, as it was legal, but after about a year will the rules change.

According to a report by the Spanish newspaper “AS”, the new regulation will be discussed between June and September 2022, and will be applied from July 2023, in which agents will continue to earn money, but not to the same extent as the current one.

In the event that they try to increase their commission by drafting very high penalty clauses of around 500 million euros, it will be considered a legal offense aimed at increasing income illegally and will require punishment.

The new rules will require a fee of up to a maximum of ten percent of the transfer value, if the agent represents the sales club; three percent if it works for the player or for the buying club; And up to six if you work for both at the same time.

It is forbidden to represent the three parties, to avoid a “clear conflict of interest”, as there are cases of agents representing the seller, buyer and player club at the same time, as FIFA will put an end to this.

End of “related” commissions

The body led by Gianni Infantino will also put in hand the third party (mostly the family’s commission), a crisis that has grown incessantly in recent years, and has begun to create serious problems in many clubs, as many remember the Neymar case and his signature to Barcelona, ​​and his father’s acknowledgment that he received up to 40 million euros, as commission of the Catalan club.

Family members will therefore not be able to receive commissions unless they are official agents after obtaining the required licenses, and for this reason this summer may be the last in which parents, like Mbappe, have a significant weight in their sons’ transfers. .

To end this crisis, FIFA will follow the path of money, through a project called “clearing payments”, where the commissions go through a bank and in certain known places, in other words, if the agent lives in Italy or Spain, its currency will be paid exclusively in a place residence.

Is the “super” agent in danger?

With these measures, FIFA does not intend to end the so-called “super” player agents such as Jonathan Barnett or George Mendes, but they will simply make less money as the large commercial currencies, especially those of large star transaction numbers, will mature.

Maybe the new law is not the end of the era of big agents, but from here the problem will arise as the new rules will lead to a serious legal dispute, according to what was confirmed by the same report, by the players’ agents , at a time when European Parliament reports appeared praising the intentions of “FIFA”, where the new Agents Act would be welcome, and it looks like it will be in place for a long time.

Last chance for big commissions

Of course, from now until July 2023, the pressure will begin in most transactions, allowing agents and family members to access commissions without regulatory oversight, so this summer, and next winter market, will be the last to enjoy absolute freedom in the movement of players.

The final regulations to be approved by the FIFA board have already been circulated and are in the hands of the clubs, leagues and federations of countries, which have received all the necessary information before their final approval.

With all the details in place, the agents will scramble to complete their latest big deals, as the transfer of Erling Haaland will not be the last deal, with the possibility that Kylian Mbappe will join Real Madrid, and behind the Frenchman will be more come, as Mercato expects a fierce summer, in which customers and family members will try to collect as many commissions as possible.

And in “FIFA” they want to end the “commission network”, as the agent who works for a year, for example (as is the case with Halland), gets about 50 million euros, but the clubs in which the player who during his early years trained will earn much less due to current FIFA regulations.

At a time when those clubs have provided large sums of money for a few years to help the player become a professional, and they will be content with five or ten million, while those who help him with the transfer, in one year, take 50 million, and this rule will be one of the things that will be dealt with by the new law to ensure a fair distribution of money, and that agents, which are very important within the system, “rational” fees sal hef.

The new regulation will guarantee the rules and standards known to all, as large transactions such as Halland or Neymar, which are hindered by family members or other representatives, will have limits, and will be clearer in terms of the money path, for the clubs to let out a sigh of relief, and for business agents to start a “war,” the end of which is expected: “Goodbye.” For the superagent.

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